2008 is old right

hopepunk asked:

yo harrie i saw you posted on twitter about the first legend of zelda being super dated a couple of days ago and ive been meaning 2 ask this, and i hope this doesnt come off as aggressive or tryin 2 start a fight, but im actually super interested in hearing abt Why u think that, bc i thought it aged p well, and also i just like hearing ppl criticize generally revered games lmao

WELL for a start, when I played it uhh? when did the gameboy micro come out that was around 2008 right?

I was about 12 years old then, roughly the target age group for the game. I borrowed it from my cousin and I got incredibly bored and never even reached the first dungeon, and started playing Link’s Awakening instead iirc.

So in that respect, it definitely hasn’t aged well LMAO

Games these days have narratives, or really fun game mechanics.

But unless you put a lot of time into LoZ you neither find out the story nor do you get to do anything fun, and at least for me I don’t want to put time and effort into a game unless it captures my interest first!

I shouldnt have to work to find a reason to like a game, you know?

Like, this is very much a result of its age. When it was made, it was probs the most narrative based game of its time, but since then not only has every zelda game improved upon what it did, every other game in the industry has too

Like its gameplay itself is alright in concept, except like. it takes a lot of work to get anywhere, and it’s not rewarding work either.

I think if I remember correctly what happened with me was like, I went west instead of north, only managed to find some rupees, and died like three times before I lost all interest because I’d made literally no progress and had no idea where to go.

I felt a lot less like I was encouraged to explore like I’ve heard people say, and more like I was punished for not knowing what I was doing.

Like now that I’m older and have access to the internet and zelda communities, I know how the game works and how to find things.

But when I was a kid, I did not, and the game was not nearly as enjoyable as Link’s Awakening which is essentially the same game but improved.