2008 is old right

this post might be kinda long but

i dont know how to feel about self insertion stuff like a vast majority of people find it cringey?? like i could see where theyre coming from but like.

when they hear self-insert of x reader people automatically think “cringy underdeveloped mary sue OC/canon character shipping” and i totally get how people can get annoyed by the fics where it rushes into romance in the blink of an eye. honestly that bothers me too; at least make it a slow burn if youre gonna go down that way

but its like..
its actually pretty sad that self insert is so strongly associated with romance?? when at the base of it it really doesn’t have anything to do with it. i think the hetalia x reader boom on deviantart back in the day is what gave it its current cringe culture status. a lot of people find it weird and creepy and immature 2008-age cringe that 13 year old girls eat right up because of their self-indulging romance-curious hormones

but it’s totally different when you have comfort characters :(

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Life is Strange: Time Gaps?

So, I’ve played through Life is Strange a good thousand or so times in anticipation for the last episode where we finally solve this mind-fuck of a mystery. Considering this is a game about time travel, we should be paying close attention to- well, time. But if you’re as bored, depressed, and obsessive as I am- you will notice a lot of what we come across doesnt really add up. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Let’s start with the death of William. Chloe states in episode 1 that her father died when she was fourteen years old. Therefore, the year would be 2008, right?

Well, here’s Max on the day of the accident. Those drawings on the table look rather familiar, though. Where have we seen those before?

Oh, yeah, that’s right; back in episode 1 while looking through Chloe’s room. But wait- the date in the bottom right hand corner says that this picture was drawn on July 28, 2007.

And let’s not forget about poor Bongo. If you revisit his grave during episode 4 in the alternative timeline, Max will comment on how she wishes she could of saved him, but that happened before her chance to “save” William.

Then there’s Kate. In “Chaos Theory,” we find a bus ticket in her gym locker dated October 2, 2013. 

When Max finds the ticket, she wonders if Kate was planning on running away. And I mean, who could blame her? There’s just one problem.

Why would Kate plan on running away when the party hadn’t even happened yet?

And then there’s just this huge clusterfuck with Chloe and Rachel.

According to Rachel’s Blackwell Student File, Rachel should have/would have just turned eighteen years old a few months prior. On her “Missing” poster, she’s 19.

This page, torn out of Frank’s log book states that “Bulldog” (Chloe) borrowed money from him on September 30, 2013 (this is also ironically the only time she is mentioned in the few pages we have torn out). Chloe and Max, depending on your choices, pay Frank back on Thursday- October 10, 2013. What the fuck did she do with three grand in a week? 

Ah, okay. That makes sense, she had repairs done on her truck…about a week after paying him back, on a day that hasn’t even happened yet. (Please note that this isn’t the due date).

Then we have a memo from the exact same auto shop with the exact same receipt number in the upper-right hand corner; written by Rachel.

Granted, this could all be nothing more than mistakes made by the developers. But these are a lot of mistakes, some of them (such as the receipt for the car repairs) should be obvious- and this isnt even all of them.

If any of this has already been mentioned, I do apologize. I didn’t see anything on it, but I figured it would be cool to share with you guys.