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why baby gays shouldn’t watch the l word

Hello I have seen a lot of people take interest in The L Word because of the reboot and I am here to tell you *not* to watch it under any circumstances if you’re a baby gay / looking for good wlw representation.

  • The L Word’s non-white representation is basically a joke. Actually that’s putting it nicely. It does have some black characters - Bette and Kit are main characters, Tasha joins in later seasons - and it also spends about five minutes on a storyline on Bette’s mixed race heritage in the first season. 

    But the show also cast Sarah Shahi (who isn’t Latina) as Carmen (who is Mexican) and Janina Gavankar (who also isn’t Latina) as Papi (who is Latina.) Brown women aren’t interchangeable @miss Ilene Chaiken.

  • It’s got biphobia out the wazoo. Alice (another main character) is bisexual but her friends spend way too much time making jokes about her picking a side? In general, her bisexuality is just treated like a joke. If you’re bi, stick caution tape all over The L Word and walk the other way.

  • It’s also incredibly transphobic. The entire Max storyline is so horrid and so offensive I’m lost for words. Like, The L Word aired at a time before being transphobic would have caused a huge firestorm (2008/9 seems like forever ago) but even then it was atrocious for its time. There’s nothing good to say about Max’s coming out storyline, really.

  • Bury Your Gays. As a show with a majority bi / lesbian cast of characters, if The L Word was going to kill anyone then it was always likely to be a bisexual or lesbian character (not that there aren’t a few ugly straight dudes who could have got the chop, mind you.)

    Anyway, I won’t spoil it if you don’t know and for some god forsaken reason you still plan to watch the show after reading this, but it kills off two of its gays. Heartbreaking circumstances that are likely to affect you, especially if you’re a baby gay.

So there you go. Yes The L Word has more bi and lesbian women than any other show! Sometimes it’s extremely funny! it also isn’t afraid to let a lesbian touch a tiddy (all these other shows are Shooketh)!

I watched it when I was first coming out because there was literally nothing else to watch (Emily hadn’t even come out on Pretty Little Liars.) But now there are other, better things you can watch that are much less likely to fuck you up, okay.

Please hmu if you’re a baby gay looking for better rep or if you have better suggestions. I’m sure that we’ve all watched enough shitty wlw content to figure out what’s decent between us. 

1. Kelsey - Metro Station

2. Dirty little Secret - The All American Rejects

3. Welcome to my Life - Simple Plan

4. All these Things I hate - Bullet for my Valentine

5. 1985 - Bowling for Soup

6. She’s a Lady - Forever the sickest Kids

7. The Anthem - Good Charlotte

8. Pieces - Sum 41

9. Thnks fr th Mmrs - Fall out Boy

10. Year 3000 - Busted

11. The Great Escape - Boys like Girls

12. You and I - Anarbor

13. Last Resort - Papa Roach

14. Situations - Escape the Fate

15. I write Sins not Tragedies - Panic! at the Disco

16. Red Flag - Billy Talent

17. Coffee Shop Soundtrack - All time low

18. The Rock Show - Blink 182

anonymous asked:

Do you have any tips for how to study histology? I'm about to begin and really nervous!

Every picture tells a story

Thanks for your question anon!

There is a short answer to your question - and that is that there is no magic bullet that works for everyone. You have to find what works best for you. Having said that, I have never been one for short answers so here is something much more lengthy that will hopefully help you.

It isn’t a trick or a mnemonic. It isn’t a method to improve your memorization capacity. It is merely a shift in the way you think about histology. For many, a simple adjustment in the way you think about the subject can bring into focus a whole new world from what was once was vague pinky purpleyness.

Think of it like this. Every histological image you look at is a work of unique biological art. Instantly recognizable by experts (even at high magnification) based upon the patterns, shapes and colors of its constituent connective tissue and cells.

Take another look at the pictures I posted above:

I bet you recognized the Mona Lisa from a highly magnified shot of those brow-less eyes? Or the album artwork for Abbey Road by the Beatles from a close up shot of that pedestrian crosswalk? Or Pink Floyd’s Dark Side of The Moon from that ‘prism’?

Those patterns are instantly recognizable - iconic.

Histology is the same (except the club is more exclusive). Every image has unique features that make it what it is. Can you instantly recognize the cartilage of the ear in its highly magnified state? Maybe not, but with practice you will be able to.

The first time you saw Mona Lisa you probably had no clue who she was but seeing her image in countless magazines, art class, on TV, in museums made even the tiniest details of her face instantly recognizable.

So my first tips for learning histology are:

1. Pattern recognition. Learn to see those unique histological patterns that make that tissue that tissue. Patterns don’t lie.

2. Expose yourself. Not in the Friday night nudity get arrested kind of way. But expose yourself to as many images of the same tissues as possible. Pattern recognition skills only improve with plenty of varied (look at different slides not the same one) practice.

Very soon you will see that the Pancreas and Parotid gland are as different as a Da Vinci and a Van Gogh.

But remember, histology is not just about identifying tissues…which brings me to my last piece of advice (promise).

Every one of the images above tells a story…

a. Mona Lisa’s story

Some say that Mona Lisa is Lisa del Giocondo a member of the Gherardini family of Florence and Tuscany the wife of wealthy Florentine silk merchant Francesco del Giocondo. The painting is thought to have been commissioned for their new home, and to celebrate the birth of their second son. Others say that this is actually a Da Vinci self portrait which explains the fact that the more I look at this painting the more I see her more masculine features.

b. The Abbey Road story

Did you know that Paul is not wearing any shoes? Or that the VW Beetle car was owned by the guys in the flat opposite Abbey Rd studios? After release of the album the cars license plate was regularly stolen! It is now on display in a museum in Germany. The distracted man in the image is an American tourist in London, his name is Paul Cole. He died in 2008 forever immortalized on this iconic album sleeve. And stoutly disliked the music of the Beatles. [Whether Mr Cole was telling the truth or lying is debated, either way it is a great story and I feel there is a novel in this somewhere…]

c. The Dark Side story

The spectrum (missing indigo) from the prism is said to represent the magnificent light shows the Floyd wowed crowds with at their live shows. But at the same time it could be a rainbow…which feeds the theory that if you start playing the album at the same time as you start watching The 19439 Judy Garland classic ‘The Wizard of OZ’ the lyrics sync with the events on screen. Full version here. Maybe there is something over that rainbow?

d. The Ear story

The ear is pretty flexible. Those jug handles protrude from the sides of our head and are at risk of being torn off every time a kid pushes his/her head into a tight space where a head is not meant to go. Think about how many times a dog or cat does this. To avoid this, those black filaments you see make sure that the ear bends and springs back into its original position - they are elastin fibers. Like those in the waistband of your pants. The cells are chondrocytes, beady eyes peering at you. they make the cartilage matrix which is lightweight (so our heads aren’t overly heavy), flexible (so the ears can bend) but really strong (so they can take some abuse before they get damaged).

So my second tips for learning histology are:

1. Learn the tissue’s story. The reason the patterns exist in the first place is because the components play a distinct functional role in that tissue that make that tissue that tissue. If you make this link between structure and function histology will make much more sense.

2. Enjoy it. If you enjoy science/biology/medicine then embrace histology. It is the story of your body. How it is put together, how it works. It is not often you get to gaze into the building blocks of your own soul and marvel at them in full vivid color. And for those of you who don’t have that insatiable curiosity about how your own body works then…maybe…maybe medical science is not the wisest career path to venture down.

I wish you the very best of luck with your studies in histology.


Spoiler Alert: The Impossible Project has merged with Polaroid and will be releasing new film and cameras tomorrow! Many have already figured this out by now and I just wanted to point a few things out because many people are disappointed that “this is all”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but standard Polaroid film was on the edge of being gone forever in 2008. The entire point of The Impossible Project was to continue making standard, integral type film for Polaroid cameras. Without chemicals being made any longer, it was not possible for them to simply pick up where the Polaroid company left off. They had to recreate every aspect of the film in order for it to produce images. I received some of the very first test packs of this film and it was a mess. It took a while to get a hang of shooting differently, but at the end of the day, I was still able to use my SX-70 camera and looked forward to them developing new films. These days people still don’t understand that Impossible was doing everything they could to make the best film they can. If they could have just picked up and made film the same exact way, they would have done so. From 2010 until today, I’ve continued shooting their film. Every batch seemed to create a better quality film and in some cases, results has nearly identical tones to the beloved Time-Zero Polaroid film. Their black and white surpasses the quality of Polaroid 600 B&W by a long-shot. This to me, is amazing. That brings us to today: They aren’t bringing back packfilm, Time-Zero chemicals aren’t going to magically reappear, film isn’t going to be cheaper, there isn’t going to be 10 photos in the pack and it’s still going to take longer than original Polaroid film to develop. When I hear that people are disappointed, I am confused. What did you realistic think would happen? Impossible has never promised to do any of these things. They have owed us nothing from the beginning. They are more passionate than any of us. It’s their life continuing the production. So be grateful as to how far they have come. Be excited for what may come of this re-branding, possibilities we do not know can happen…But please manage your expectations. The fact that “Polaroid” is returning to it’s roots in the film world should be exciting. Analog is staying strong in 2017! This hype is totally justified.


Good or bad, here’s some creative “Phantom of the Opera” promo posters and slogans focusing on the Phantom and/or Christine rather than the logo mask.

  1. “15 haunting years” (Broadway 2003)
  2. "Tonight belongs to…” (Broadway and US Tour 2008)
  3. “Romantic legends live forever” (Toronto 1994)
  4. “Danke Hamburg!” (Hamburg 2015)
  5. “Surrender to the music of the night” (West End 2003/04)
  6. “Phantom: Be seduced” (Las Vegas 2006-12)
  7. “Be seduced” (West End 2016)
  8. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 2007)
  9. “London’s most haunting love story” (West End 200?)

To my knowledge, poster number 2, 4 and 6 used random models instead of actual leads, while the other feature people who’s played the role.

This is a victory.

This is a victim winning, a victim claiming that what happened was not ok. It was a girl willing to forget what happened. Willing to let it go with the less intervention possible. But a man decided that her body wasnt her enough. She is too famous, she is too public, she is too friendly, she is too close, and at the same time she is not enough to respect, her body not so glorious, her ass not hers enough. Here we have the normal, typical white man. Thinking that he CAN, even when he MUST NOT.

This is a man who couldn’t believe his actions had consequences coming from… A GIRL. So he decided he wasnt going to take it. He wasnt going to get fired for touching a girl, cause at the end of the day, she is just a girl. He made this girl relive what she’s been through during years. And today is over.

This girl he thought, wasnt a girl, was a woman. A woman who stood up. Who fought, with so many odds going wrong for her. With a terribly depicted image in a yellow, trashy, disgusting media, who was wondering if her ass was or not worthy of touching instead of condemning the actions of a man who placed his hands over other person’s body.

This woman stood up, with her amazing team, and shut them all up. She gave her unchanging, unbreakable, uncanny statement, once and once and once again.

We saw a mother weeping for her child, asking herself if she raised her wrong because her daughter is too kind? This is the world we are living in. In one where VALUES are being ostracised and we are doubting if they are what we need because society know none of them.

Media doesnt know about generosity, love, boundaries. Its our place to make place for it.
Taylor Swift opened a path for us, alongside with other incredibly powerful women who are shaping that path, for us to speak up. To let them know, its NOT okey, we are NOT going to take it.

One dollar, she didnt want to ruin his economy. He did that for himself.

She wanted to show that being civil, being correct, being a human being, is as cheap as one dollar.
One dollar that represents that man can throw fits for whatever reason, but woman are not going to take it.

Taylor Swift made me proud countless times,
she is the most generous, loving, caring and outstanding woman I know. Im proud to call her my best friend, Im proud of having an idol speaking up for every time a girl got harassed, for every woman that got her body or mind assaulted by a man.

Taylor Swift is not taking your shit. She never did and she never will.

No matter what media has to say, she will stay true to herself, and to us, her fans. forever.

I love you @taylorswift , since 2008
and forever.




Hi Taylor,

I’m turning 16 this year and with that comes my monumental sweet sixteen party! I have decided months ahead that I am going to have a great gatsby inspired dance party and with a great gatsby party comes the importance of the outfit. While surfing the internet trying to find a dress that would fur-fill my dreams, aka sparkly, beaded, gold, fringe, etc, I remembered your AMA 2015 performance outfit. This is the holy grail dress. Stunning. All of a sudden a crazy idea popped into my head, I have multiple Taylor Swift dedicated platforms so why don’t I use them to reach out to you to ask for a favor of a lifetime. Would you be willing to lend me your dress for my sweet sixteen party taylor? I would be heaven blessed if you even read this or considered. I promise to be the perfect borrower and will not spill or break a single bead off of it. You’ve been my biggest mentor since 2008 and I’m forever grateful to have you in my life. I know if I’m ever down or need anything you’re there for me through music and through the family I’ve built from you, aka swifties! I would be blessed if I could share my big moment with you. If you do ever see and you’re like um no that’s no problem at all! But something I’ve learned from you is to take chances. :) I love you to the moon and back Taylor

Thank you!,
Leia B.

(Ps if you wanna stop by the party hmu and I’ll give you the deets taylor :)! ) @taylorswift