2008 champs

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Thoughts of an absolute champion, challenges of a 20 year-old: (translation)

[Yuzuru Hanyu who turned 20 on the 7th of this month (Dec), was asked: What does it mean to be an adult?]

Y :  To have a sense of responsibility for one’s own actions.  To be able to think properly ‘what should I do’ and act on it.   That is what I think a man should be like.   If I imagine, it’s Tatsuki-kun.

Machida (after Worlds 2014):  “I’ve skated for 20 years and this was the best fight.”

[His rival, Tatsuki Machida, a skater and a person of expression who does not waver.  Well then, if you persevere along your own path, will you be able to become an adult?   Is Yuzuru Hanyu an adult?]

Y : No.  I’m a child.  I still don’t have a sense of responsibility for my actions.  In many things, I’m wilful, self-centred…. like 'I hate this’ or 'I want to do this’, I am very stubborn.

[Scenes from: 8 Nov Cup of China (after collision with Han Yan during 6-min warm-up), 29 Nov NHK Trophy 4th place, 13 Dec GP Final champion.]  

Y : 'Olympic champion’, said every time, isn’t it?  Olympic champion-kind of performance, that kind of performance.  But it’s not related. 
But from now on, it will always follow me.
As a skater, I still want to continue with this wilful/self-centred state.  Because I don’t want to change my own belief.  I want to go on being wilful, stubborn, someone who hates to lose.

Y : What I dwell on is 'what do I want to do, what should I do’.  For that competition, think about what I want to do, is that possible or not, this is most important I think.

[It is not only the passing of time that will make a child into an adult.]

Y : I think that by skating, human nature will get polished.  There is 'hard work’, a lot of 'winning and losing’, a lot of 'frustration’, a lot of 'happiness’.  Amidst all this, experiencing many different things, to be an adult that is me, to say firmly “I have grown up!”… I want to become a human being that can be proud of that.

[Things that change when you become an adult, things that don’t change even when you become an adult.   That answer can surely be found in skating.]

[Japanese nationals 2014- Hanyu senshu is now warming up, with Coach Orser watching over him.   If you remember, in 2008, it was in this place that Hanyu-senshu made his debut in the nationals and took his first step towards being the Olympic champion. (t/n Yuzuru was the Japanese Junior champ in 2008 and was invited to compete in the senior nationals for the 1st time.)  Since then, 6 years have passed.   Hanyu-senshu’s new challenge will begin from here in Nagano.]

 (Yuzu’s words are in bold)

– Translated by me.  Not 100% of video, some narration is summarised or left out.  If there are mistakes, I apologise.  Please let me know, thanks!

– I love his wisdom, confidence and honesty.

reasons why the MARO parade of champions is special
  • same venue every year that, when updated, only changes the ballroom panels and chandeliers slightly
  • no backdrop behind the stage, we used to have a black curtain but one guy fell behind the stage into the curtain at the 2008 parade of champs so that was the last year we had that
  • in recent years, champions have danced out to hit songs from popular artists such as Ke$ha and Nikki Minaj
  • the roll-clap side-step thing while dancers are waiting to do their step (credit to Kevin Broesler for the tradition of that choreography)
  • we always wait to have one big parade of champs with everyone at the end on Sunday, not individual ones on each day
  • there’s at least 4 or 5 former and/or current World Champions in the parade every year
  • there are literally so many people packed into this ballroom and even the hotel staff are clapping along side-stage and kids and teachers and families are practically touching the stage because they’re so close
  • there is always a fire marshal  that threatens to kick everyone out of the Marriott because its so crowded”
  • etc. ???