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Top 10 Daisuke Takahashi programs (competitive)

I’m gonna be honest here. I, like many other people and aunties out there am a huge Daisuke Takahashi fan. In fact, he is the definition of figure skating to me and there will be no other skater like him, ever. And this is a good thing. It makes him special and he is hopefully inspiring juniors to find their own skating personality and achieve their own brilliance; Tatsuki Machida and Shoma Uno are probably the most notable examples and I’m sure more will follow. How do you describe a skater like Daisuke Takahashi? Experts, bloggers and fans have already done this, numerous times. It is pointless for me to start painting a picture of him because it would most likely end up being an unworthy attempt. His skating speaks for itself and I am merely trying to pay a tribute to (imo) his most notable programs. So yes, you read that right; this is a subjective Top 10 Daisuke Takahashi programs. 

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Has Kent Parson won two Stanley Cups?

(In which I agonize uselessly over the Check!Please timeline as it relates to one Kent V. Parson)

Disclaimer: this is weird because it’s based heavily on real dates in NHL history, but of course Kent is a fictional character, so when he gets drafted first or wins the Stanley Cup, he displaces real people and teams in a way that kinda makes my head spin when I think about it too hard. To construct this timeline, I relied heavily on this timeline, on the Kent Parson page of the check!please wikia, on the Kent Parson tag here at Everything!Please, and on googling a bunch of real NHL stats, so thanks to those who already did a lot of this work. 

  • Kent was born July 4, 1990
    • OR WAS HE???
    • Okay, he was. But it would make more sense if he was born in 1991, and Jack as well (Ngozi says here that she at first couldn’t decide between the two years, but ultimately lands on 1990 as seen here–Seguin’s number is 91 and he includes it in his signature as most players do, which is why she would have been confused staring at the number 91 when she really meant 1990).
    • BUT
    • The entry draft in which Kent and Jack were supposed to participate is explicitly stated as being in 2009
    • NHL entry draft eligibility is for players who “will be eighteen years old on or before September 15 […] of the draft year” (from wikipedia)
    • So Kent and Jack (July and August birthdays respectively) were both eligible for the 2008 draft… and I can’t think of a convincing reason that they would have both deferred a year
    • Basically all I’m saying is that this timeline is a little wonky straight off the bat based off the hard dates of Kent’s birthday and draft class, and this also makes the rest of the timeline a little weird, but artistic licence (let’s not talk about Jack’s NCAA eligibility) so it’s fine

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Jensen Ackles

Happy birthday to our talented man

Jensen Ackles was born in March 1st, 1978

1996: Wishbone -  Michael Duss 

1996: Sweet Valley High - Brad

1996–97: Mr. Rhodes - Malcolm

1998–2002: Days of our Lives Eric Brady 

2001: BlondeEddie G

2001–02: Dark Angel

Alec McDowell / X5-494

Ben / X5-493

2002–03: Dawson’s Creek - C.J.

2003–04: Still Life - Max

2004: The Plight of Clownana - Jensen Ackles

2004–05: Smallville - Jason Teague

2005:Devour - Jake Gray

2007: Ten Inch Hero - (Boaz) Priestly

2009: My Bloody Valentine 3D - Tom Hanniger

2010: Batman: Under the Red Hood - Jason Todd / Red Hood

2010: Tron: Evolution - Gibson

2010: Jensen married to Danneel

2011: Supernatural: The Anime Series - Dean Winchester

2011: The 3rd Birthday - Kyle Madigan

2013: Jensen became a father

And these are his biggest steps:

2005 - 2014: Supernatural - Dean Winchester 

2005-2006: Season 1

2006-2007: Season 2

2007-2008: Season 3

2008-2009: Season 4

2009-2010: Season 5

2010-2011: Season 6

2011-2012: Season 7

2012-2013: Season 8

2013-2014: Season 9


That’s it! Happy birthday to Jensen Ackles ♥ 

                                  Patrick Chan Watchpost

9 y.o. Patrick

2003/2004LP (Backdraft OST) 

2004/2005SP (La Represion)  LP (Backdraft OST)

2005/2006SP (La Represion) LP (Guitar and Violin Conccertos)

2006/2007: SP (Gourmet Valse Tatare) LP (The Four Seasons)

2007/2008: SP (Exile to snowy west/In the bamboo forest)  LP (The Four Seasons)

2008/2009: SP (Tango de los Exilados)  LP (Selections from Rachmaninoff)

2009/2010: SP (Tango de los exilados) LP (POTO)

2010/2011: SP (Take five) LP (POTO)

2011/2012: SP (Take five) LP (Concierto de Aranjuez)

2012/2013: SP (Elegie in E-Flat Minor) LP (La Boheme)

2013/2014: SP (Elegie in E-Flat Minor) LP (The Four Seasons)


Requested by kuank

After leaning that Cleber was one of the deceased players in the Chapecoense plane crash, I went to check if any of Atleti’s current players had shared the locker room with him, and happens that Tiago and Koke played with him during the 2009/2010 season

Moya played with him in Mallorca during the 2008/2009 season.

“I played that match. RIP. What a tragedy!”

Everybody agrees that he was a great guy, and everybody has great memories of him. He will be deeply missed.

Winner of the 2009/2010 UEFA Europa League with Atleti. 

Rest in Peace.

Why Season 10 can't be about the Croatoan Virus...

I apologise for lack of evidence… It’s hard to find things with the dates on, so if you happen to know anything that would indicate the date, then please tell me, or send me the pic. Many thanks! :D

Season 1: 2005

Season 2: 2006

Season 3: 2007

Season 4: 2008

Season 5: 2009

I’m you from the tail end of 2009. Zach plucked me from my bed and threw me five years into the future.


Season 6: Should be 2011….

Season 7: Should be 2012…


Season 8: Should be 2014…

Ah… I see the problem now…


Season 9: 2015

Season 10: 2016….

Ladies and Gentlemen….. Season 10 can’t be about the Croatoan Virus, and 2014 happening like it should have…

Or can it? Remember….

Doesn’t have to be 2014, right? It just means we’ll end up with Lucifer riding Sammy’s arse in a white suit…. I mean, Dean didn’t say yes to Michael, Cas is loosing his grace, and, well, who knows, maybe Sam will be desperate and free Luci from Hell to turn Dean back to human. Who knows….

To all the sad and depressed football fans, football changes every day. Don’t forget Barcelona came 3rd in 2008 and had to play UCL play-offs for 2008-2009 season, lost some of their friendlies to easiest opponents, struggled at the beginning of the season but in the end, they won the sextuple. It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.