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can you believe The Jonas Brothers invented being in love with their song “Lovebug” which came out in their third album, A Little Bit Longer, released August 12, 2008 with Hollywood Records.

Solar System: Things to Know This Week

From images to virtual reality and interactive simulations, NASA offers plenty of ways to explore our solar system – and beyond – in 3-D.

1. Step One: Get the Glasses

Many of the images and interactive features require special glasses with red and blue lenses.

2. Breaking News (Virtual Reality Edition)

Big news from 40 light-years away (235 trillion miles). Our Spitzer Space Telescope revealed the first known system of seven Earth-size planets around a single star. Three of these planets are firmly located in the habitable zone, all of them have the potential for water on their surfaces.

No glasses required.

This image was created by combining two images from STEREO B (Feb. 24, 2008) taken about 12 hours apart, during which the sun’s rotation provides sufficient perspective to create a nice 3-D effect.

3. Free-Range 3-D Exploration

Our Eyes on the Solar System app allows free exploration of Earth, our Solar System and thousands of worlds discovered orbiting distant stars. And, you also can explore it all in 3-D!

Under visual controls just check 3-D, pop on your glasses and explore.

4. Your Star in 3-D

The STEREO (Solar TErrestrial RElations Observatory) mission studied the sun in 3-D with twin satellites.

5. National Parks in 3-D

The Earth-orbiting Terra satellite’s Multiangle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides 3-D views while orbiting Earth, including some great shots of our National Parks.

6. Get in the Pilot’s Seat

Take a look inside the cockpit of our high altitude ER-2 aircraft as it descends for landing at Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. This month, scientists used used the aircraft to collect data on coral reef health and volcanic emissions and eruptions. Flying at 65,000 feet, above 95 percent of Earth’s atmosphere, the ER-2 has a unique ability to replicate the data a future satellite could collect. Data from this mission will help in developing a planned NASA satellite mission to study natural hazards and ecosystems called Hyperspectral Infrared Imager, or HyspIRI.

7. Moon Views

The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter creates 3-D images from orbit by taking an image of the moon from one angle on one orbit and a different angle on a separate orbit.

This stereo scene looking back at where Curiosity crossed a dune at “Dingo Gap” combines several exposures taken by the Navigation Camera (Navcam) high on the rover’s mast.

8. Martian 3D

Our Mars fleet of rovers and orbiters captures the Red Planet from all angles - often in 3-D.

9. Saturn in 3-D

The Cassini spacecraft’s mission to Saturn is well-known for its stunning images of the planet and its complex system of rings and moons. Now you can see some of them in 3-D.

10. Want More? Do It Yourself!

Put a new dimension to your vacation photos. Our Mars team created this handy how-to guide to making your own eye-popping 3-D images.

BONUS: Printer-Friendly

Why stop with images? The Ames Research Center hosts a vast collection of 3-D printable models ranging from the moon craters to spacecraft.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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For Black History Month: black principals in “Phantom of the Opera”

  1. Phantom: Robert Guillaume, Los Angeles (1990-91)
  2. Phantom: Norm Lewis, Broadway (2014-15)
  3. Carlotta: Patricia Phillips, Toronto & Broadway (1993, 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09)
  4. Carlotta: Angela M. Caesar, Restaged UK Tour (2012-13)
  5. Carlotta: Danielle White, Las Vegas (principal 2008, 2006-12)
  6. Christine: Lana English, Johannesburg and Pretoria (2004)
  7. Raoul: Jordan Donica, Broadway (2016-17)
  8. Piangi: Thabiso Masemene, World Tour (2011-16)
  9. Piangi: John Whitney, US Tour (2001, 2004-10)
  10. Piangi: Marcus Desando, World Tour (2004-05)
  11. Phantom: Derrick Davis, Restaged US Tour (2016-17)
  12. Phantom: Nicholas Nkuna, Johannesburg and Cape Town (2011-12)

(some comments: for many South Africans the term “coloured” is preferred if there’s different heritage involved, and Lana English would be considered coloured. But in the US and UK that is considered slur and usually avoided online. Just be aware of the distinction. Read more about that here.

Also, there’s been so many wonderful understudies that I did not get to list here, especially for the role of Carlotta, but also for Piangi, Meg Giry and Madame Giry. Only understudy on the list is Nicholas Nkuna, as he played the Phantom. The others are not forgotten, only left out because of Tumblr’s photo limit)

Every time I go out there [in the garden at Friar Park], I think he’ll just pop out from behind a shrub, like he used to.
—  Olivia Harrison on her late husband, George, and gardening, Daily Mail, 12 May 2008

Carles Puyol, Central Defender

Mainly a central defender, he could also play on either flank, mostly as a right back, and was regarded as one of the best defenders of his generation. 

A one-club man, he served as the longtime team captain for his only club Barcelona after taking over from Luis Enrique in August 2004, and went on to appear in 593 official games for the club and win 21 major titles, notably six La Liga trophies and three Champions League.

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Inbox: Charlie Atlas

Groundbreaking filmmaker and video artist Charles Atlas’s “The Illusion of Democracy (2008–12)” is now on view at the Museum as part of our Inbox series showcasing new acquisitions. In this installation, Atlas shifts his focus from human bodies to numerical figures, with the numbers 1 through 6 animating a constantly expanding and contracting universe. Intricately choreographed projections shed light on the hidden pervasiveness of the mathematical algorithms that fuel our tech-driven society. The work is on view through July 30. 

After the Beep.


Pairing: Lin-Manuel x Reader

Summary: All of the in-between moments of a relationship, captured in the one-sided monologue that is voicemail. 


This has been sitting in my drafts for over a week whoops.

This isn’t the Untitled Garbage Fic that I’ve been rambling about but hopefully it will hold you over until that one is post-able.

Basically, I wanted to start getting words flowing again for the first time since we finished WYCH and that manifested in me choosing the absolute worst format for telling a narrative story. Honestly, this may or may not be the dumbest thing I’ve ever posted like @ becca why would you think this is a good structure for a fic? 

I hope you get a kick out of me fumbling my way out of writer’s block lmao.

Also ps shout out to @fragmentofmymind​ for being great at all times and for reading through this monstrosity for me (and providing that gif), she’s super awesome and super talented and if you aren’t following her already then honestly where have you been??

Word Count: does it even matter? the format on this is weird I’m so sorry.

The number you are calling cannot be reached. Please leave your message after the beep.

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How Republican Healthcare Grants to States Will Work*
  • Paul Ryan: Here you go, Mississippi. Here's $5 billion to spend on healthcare. You choose how to spend it.
  • Mississippi: Thanks! I think we'll spend $4 billion on unnecessary building projects submitted by our political contributors.
  • Paul Ryan: Great!
  • Mississippi: That area along the shore would make a wonderful place for some upscale condos. And some kind of medical clinic thing too.
  • Paul Ryan: It's up to you!
  • Mississippi: We'll need to get rid of the people already living in houses along the shore, tho. They'll sue but now we've got the money to fight them. Plus they're black. It's Mississippi...
  • Paul Ryan / Mississippi: LOL LOL LOL
  • *In 2007, Republican Governor Haley Barbour did this with federal money intended to rebuild homes for Hurricane Katrina victims:
  • http: //www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2008/dec/12/hud-barbour-under-fire-for-diverting-money-from/

anonymous asked:

Where did u get ur url from? or how did you come up with it?

The year is 2008, possibly 2007. I’m 12 years old and on the family computer, about to sign up for Quizilla. “I want a REALLY unique name,” I say to myself, looking down at the list of possible names I’ve prepared. “Nothing fandom related, and nothing with numbers or extra letters tacked on the end. Something super special that can only be ME.”

I type my first suggestion into the box. “Username already taken,” the website says. I shrug and try the next one. “Username already taken,” it repeats. With increasing worry, I go through my whole list, only to have them thrown back in my face because some other lucky duck got to them first. Soon I’ve reached the end of my list. All the usernames I could think of have already been taken.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I ask myself sadly. “All the names I wanted are taken and I can’t think of anything else…” But I’m a determined kid, and I don’t give up easily. “There has to be SOMETHING I can use as a cool username,” I say desperately, glancing around the room, hoping inspiration will strike. Something on the floor catches my eye and I look down.

There’s a tattered catnip packet lying next to my chair, a gift I had purchased recently for my cats. I stare at it thoughtfully for a few seconds before shrugging and raising my hands to the keyboard. “Eh…I guess it’s worth a shot.”

Being a fangirl is never easy
  • Me: Oh my God this fanfiction is amazing! I love it so much! The story is original, well written, it's about my OPT and it's a slow burn! I can wait to read the next chapter!
  • Fanfiction: Last update : 12/08/2008
  • Me: No... Please no! I need to know how it ends! They didn't even kiss yet! You can't do this to me! * cry of frustration *

Visual history of Thomas the tank engine’s design.

  1. The original wooden model Rev. Wilbert Awdry made for his son. It’s loosely based on the LNER J50 class. He made it sometime in the early 1940s, a few years before the first Railway Series book, Three Railway Engines (1945).
  2. Rev. Awdry’s first illustration of Thomas.
  3. Reginald Payne’s illustration of Thomas from the Railway Series Vol. 2: Thomas the Tank Engine, published in 1946. Payne reimagined Thomas as an LB&SCR E2 class.
  4. Rev. Awdry’s scale model of Thomas, built for his home layout sometime after 1970. This model and others Rev. Awdry built are preserved at the Talyllyn Railway in Wales, a preserved narrow gauge railway Rev. Awdry helped promote and volunteered at.
  5. The original model built for the television series, which premiered in 1984. It’s a custom-built design, and faces were cast in resin. As only the eyes could move, the face was swapped to a different expression between shots. The design more closely resembles the illustration rather than the locomotive Thomas is based on.
  6. The new model for Thomas, built for the movie Thomas and the Magic Railroad, 2000. This one is made mostly from brass, has newly recast face masks, and brighter eyes.
  7. The updated Thomas model with a CGI-rendered face, from season 12, 2008. In this experimental season, models and CGI animation by Nitrogen Studios were mixed together, with people, animals, and the characters’ faces being animated.
  8. Full CGI render, used since the show went full CGI in 2009. It includes a number of minor visual touches to make him more resemble a real locomotive, like a proper cab interior, underworkings, etc.
He thought that everyone, as a matter of course, should have themselves regularly overwhelmed by nature. He used to say that all unused buildings should be knocked down and gardens put in their place.
—  Olivia Harrison on her late husband, George, and his love of gardening, Daily Mail, 12 May 2008