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For Black History Month: black principals in “Phantom of the Opera”

  1. Phantom: Robert Guillaume, Los Angeles (1990-91)
  2. Phantom: Norm Lewis, Broadway (2014-15)
  3. Carlotta: Patricia Phillips, Toronto & Broadway (1993, 2003-04, 2006, 2008-09)
  4. Carlotta: Angela M. Caesar, Restaged UK Tour (2012-13)
  5. Carlotta: Danielle White, Las Vegas (principal 2008, 2006-12)
  6. Christine: Lana English, Johannesburg and Pretoria (2004)
  7. Raoul: Jordan Donica, Broadway (2016-17)
  8. Piangi: Thabiso Masemene, World Tour (2011-16)
  9. Piangi: John Whitney, US Tour (2001, 2004-10)
  10. Piangi: Marcus Desando, World Tour (2004-05)
  11. Phantom: Derrick Davis, Restaged US Tour (2016-17)
  12. Phantom: Nicholas Nkuna, Johannesburg and Cape Town (2011-12)

(some comments: for many South Africans the term “coloured” is preferred if there’s different heritage involved, and Lana English would be considered coloured. But in the US and UK that is considered slur and usually avoided online. Just be aware of the distinction. Read more about that here.

Also, there’s been so many wonderful understudies that I did not get to list here, especially for the role of Carlotta, but also for Piangi, Meg Giry and Madame Giry. Only understudy on the list is Nicholas Nkuna, as he played the Phantom. The others are not forgotten, only left out because of Tumblr’s photo limit)

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Thierry Henry, Forward, Henry has received many plaudits and awards in his football career. He was runner-up for the 2003 and 2004 FIFA World Player of the Year awards; in those two seasons, he also won back-to-back PFA Players’ Player of the Year titles. Henry is the only player ever to have won the FWA Footballer of the Year three times (2003, 2004, 2006), and the French Player of the Year on a record four occasions. Henry was voted into the Premier League Overseas Team of the Decade in the 10 Seasons Awards poll in 2003, and in 2004 he was named by football legend Pelé on the FIFA 100 list of the world’s greatest living players. 

In terms of goal-scoring awards, Henry was the European Golden Boot winner in 2004 and 2005 (sharing it with Villarreal’s Diego Forlán in 2005). Henry was also the top goalscorer in the Premier League for a record four seasons (2002, 2004, 2005, 2006). In 2006, he became the first player to score more than 20 goals in the league for five consecutive seasons (2002 to 2006). With 175, Henry is currently fifth in the list of all-time Premier League goalscorers, behind Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Wayne Rooney and Frank Lampard. All of his Premier League goals were for Arsenal, giving him the record for most goals in the competition for one club, until it was broken by Rooney in 2016. France’s all-time record goalscorer was, in his prime in the mid 2000s, regarded by many coaches, footballers and journalists as one of the best players in the world. In November 2007, he was ranked 33rd on the Association of Football Statisticians’ compendium for “Greatest Ever Footballers." 

Arsenal fans honoured their former player in 2008, declaring Henry the greatest Arsenal player. In two other 2008 surveys, Henry emerged as the favourite Premier League player of all time among 32,000 people surveyed in the Barclays 2008 Global Fan Report. In 2009, Henry was voted the best Premier League player of the 2000s. Arsenal fan and The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey mentions Henry in the tribute song "Highbury Highs”, which he performed at Arsenal’s last ever game at Highbury on 7 May 2006. On 10 December 2011, Arsenal unveiled a bronze statue of Henry at the Emirates Stadium as part of its 125th anniversary celebrations.

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Fuck yourself, Marco Asensio is better than Messi was and he's going to be better than messsi is, sit down

I’m so confused right now, what even the hell is this,,,,,,

You want to talk about Messi and what he achived by the age of 21? okay, let’s talk about Leo then.

While Barcelona began a gradual decline, the 19-year-old Messi established himself as one of the best players in the world during the 2006–07 campaign. Already an idol to the culés, the club’s supporters, he scored 17 goals in 36 games across all competitions (note, that he’s 19 years old here)

On 10 March 2007, he scored his first hat-trick in a Clásico, the first player to do so in 12 years. Again, note that he’s only 19 years old and let me show you Madrid’s starting lineup.

Impressive to score a hattrick against that team huh.

To continue: He was frequently compared to compatriot Diego Maradona, Messi proved their similarity when he nearly replicated Maradona’s two most famous goals in the span of three (!!!) weeks.

During a Copa del Rey semi-final against Getafe on 18 April, he scored a goal remarkably similar to Maradona’s goal in the quarter-finals of the 1986 FIFA World Cup, known as the Goal of the Century. Messi collected the ball on the right side near the halfway line, ran 60 metres (200 ft), and beat five defenders before scoring with an angled finish, just as Maradona had done. 

We all know that goal, don’t we?

but let’s go on.

After Ronaldinho lost form, Messi became Barça’s new star player at only 20 years old, receiving the nickname “Messiah” from the Spanish media. Note his age if you need.

His efforts in 2007 also earned him award recognition; journalists voted him the third-best player of the year for the Ballon d'Or, behind Kaká while international managers and national team captains voted him second for the FIFA World Player of the Year award, again behind Kaká.

In his first uninterrupted campaign, the 2008–09 season, he scored 38 goals in 51 games, contributing alongside Eto'o and winger Thierry Henry to a total of 100 goals in all competitions, a record at the time for the club.

During the Clásico on 2 May 2009 he assisted with a chip his side’s first goal and scored twice to end the match in an emphatic 6–2 victory, the team’s greatest-ever score at Real Madrid’s Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

And to end this- At 22 years old, Messi won the Ballon d'Or and the FIFA World Player of the Year award, both times by the greatest voting margin in each trophy’s history.

Asensio reaching all of this by his next birthday? Unlikely.

You can take several seats. Think before you compare.

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The Lore of Filthy Frank

Part 0: Before Chin Chin

On June 15th 2008, a college student by the name of George “Joji” Miller started a YouTube channel under the username “DizastaMusic” where he posted vlogs of him and his friends’ quirky lifestyle through the years 2008 and 09. At this point in time, the universe was in a stable, normal state.

Part 0.5: Omniverse

Joji stopped posting videos after “Never trust a horse.” Sometime between the years 2009 and 2011, there was an apocalypse caused by the arrival of a dark deity, that deity being Chin Chin.

Note: In the alternate reality of the show, the universe is some kind of multiverse (dubbed the Omniverse by certain characters) where everything is divided into multiple universes known as “realms,” which in turn are divided into dimensions. Planet Earth alone was divided into many Realms, but most of it ended up on Realm 6.2, which is where the majority of the videos take place. In the Omniverse, there exists an element named Chromosomes, which is a measurement of time, currency, and sustenance.

When Chin Chin arrived, he infected Chromosomes throughout the Realms. Most humans died, went into hiding or found a way to flee the Omniverse altogether, which caused most Realms to become abandoned.

Pictured: Pink Guy, the most iconic Lycra entity.

Most of the humans who decided to stay within the Omniverse were infected by Chin Chin’s chromosomes and mutated, becoming a species known as Lycra People, weird beings who cannot generate their own Chromosomes. Since any living thing in the Omniverse requires Chromosomes to survive, most Lycra People prefer to stay close to some unmutated humans, since they can generate their own Chromosomes by performing the most cancerous acts possible. Since Chin Chin now rules the Omniverse, he requires all of the unmutated humans to sacrifice a certain amount of Chromosomes to him every day.

Part 1: Filth

Pictured: two unmutated humans, Filthy Frank (right) and Pookie (left).

The two unmutated humans that the series revolves around are Filthy Frank and Pookie. Filthy Frank has befriended many different Lycra People who feed off of the Chromosomes he produces by performing cancerous acts on the DizastaMusic channel, after George Miller handed over ownership of it to him in 2011 after Chin Chin entered the Omniverse. Pookie is a cringey internet rapper and weeaboo so he produces plenty of Chromosomes for himself as well.

Pictured: George Miller under his identity as PinkOmega cooking some dumplings.

As for the original owner of the DizastaMusic channel, George Miller has gone into hiding, posing as one of the Lycra People to get by. He continues to follow his passion for making music under the pseudonym PinkOmega.

After his entrance into the Omniverse, Chin Chin would disappear for 2000 Chromosomes (approx. 2 years in Earth time).

Pictured: the first appearance of Filthy Frank on the DizastaMusic channel in 2011.

Filthy Frank used the DizastaMusic channel inherited from George Miller to generate Chromosomes for himself and his Lycra People allies by posting videos of him doing cancerous things on YouTube. These videos provided a Chromosome gold mine and as a result, many Lycra People set out to hunt Frank down for the intense amount of Chromosomes he was generating daily.

Pictured: one of the many villainous Lycra People Frank encounters in the series, Weeaboo Jones, hailing from Realm 9.12.

Part 2: The Return of the Dark Lord/The First Sacrifice

Pictured: The Dark Lord Chin Chin in his first physical appearance in the series.

2000 Chromosomes after Frank inherited the DizastaMusic channel (2013 in our time), Chin Chin reappears and demands Frank for his daily sacrifice of Chromosomes. Since Frank missed a day, Chin Chin abducts one of Frank’s Lycra allies, Salamander Man, and demands a ludicrous amount of Chromosomes in return. This leads into the first Chin Chin Sacrifice, where Frank reached out to his viewers in our universe for them to perform cancerous acts and sacrifice personal belongings to sate the Dark Lord.

Note: In the original cut of the first video Chin Chin appears in, Frank reveals he holds another unmutated human captive in his cupboard to generate Chromosomes for him on the side. It’s unsure whether this fact is canon anymore however, as Frank deleted this version of the video and reuploaded it with the Chromosome slave edited out on the request of one of his friends, who was unhappy with his portrayal in the video.

Pictured: one of Filthy Frank’s fans sacrificing the legendary 1st Edition Holographic Charizard Pokemon Card, which goes for $150-$274 on eBay currently.

After submitting his fans’ sacrifices to Chin Chin and Salamander Man demonstrating his Ass Flute skills, Chin Chin lets him go and returns Frank to his normal schedule of daily Chromosome sacrifices, with an annual mass sacrifice from his fanbase that would go on in 2014 and 2015.

Part 3: The Third Sacrifice/The Rice Fields/The Fake Realm

After the demise of Dade, one of the two Chocolate Men, in 2014 (3000Ch) as well as the annual fanbase sacrifice of that year, when the time of the 2015 (4000Ch) sacrifice came, Frank delivered them too late. As a result, Chin Chin sends Frank to Realm 0: The Rice Fields and transports all of Frank’s Lycra allies to a fake realm, with a fake version of Frank (the Frank in the Rice Fields will now be addressed with real!Frank and the Frank running TVFilthyFrank will be addressed as fake!Frank). real!Frank was carrying Salamander Man’s flute when he was sent to the Rice Fields, and upon playing it, Salamander Man finds him and is now trapped in the Rice Fields along with him. Together, they begin journeying out of it and back towards home.

Meanwhile in the fake realm, fake!Frank continues posting videos to a new channel, TVFilthyFrank as normal. Most of real!Frank’s friends are convinced by his facade, but Pink Guy and Red Dick, two of real!Frank’s closest allies, know what’s going on.

Pictured: Pink Guy and Red Dick making gourmet Sriracha Shrimp during Meme Machine.

Pink Guy and Red Dick come to the realization that in order to lead real!Frank to the fake realm, they must use the scent of Red Dick’s Sriracha Shrimp. They begin cooking it, and as planned, real!Frank and Salamander Man detect the scent and understand their plan. Both of them trek towards the fake realm now.

In the end of fake!Frank’s latest video, “I HATE VEGANS,” a vegan Lycra Person he encounters detects that he isn’t the real Filthy Frank. fake!Frank initially denies this, but gives up and says that “there will be a war.”

Part 4: Where We Are Now/Chin Chin Sacrifice 2016

This war fake!Frank alludes to is the event that will happen when real!Frank finds his way to the fake realm and confronts fake!Frank and Chin Chin. As the 2016 Chin Chin Sacrifice hasn’t happened yet this year, I have reason to believe that this confrontation will be the 2016 (5000Ch) Chin Chin Sacrifice.

Inspired from “My understanding of Filthy Frank’s lore.” on /r/FilthyFrank


Greats Of The Game - Carles Puyol, Central Defender

Mainly a central defender, he could also play on either flank, mostly as a right back, and was regarded as one of the best defenders of his generation. 

A one-club man, he served as the longtime team captain for his only club Barcelona after taking over from Luis Enrique in August 2004, and went on to appear in 593 official games for the club and win 21 major titles, notably six La Liga trophies and three Champions League.

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Exactly nine years ago, we witnessed something special.

Season 4 - Episode 1 - “Lazarus Rising

38 : 20

He walked through a barricaded door without a single touch.

He walked as his presence engendered thunderstorm and lightning.

He walked as the lamps exploded above him.

I’m Castiel ” he said.

I’m an Angel of the Lord ” he said.

I’m the one who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition” he said.

We saw his wings, we looked into his eyes, and suddenly, we knew.

Suddenly, he was here.

Haunted Places in Romania (according to Wikipedia)

Argeș County

Trivale Forest in Pitești - There is a legend about a maiden, daughter of a rich landowner, who loved a poor servant of her father. Her father found an old rich man for her to marry, but during the wedding day, she ran with the servant in the forest. Her father found them and killed her lover and then decapitated her. It is generally accepted that the two scary things about the forest are: the decapitated ghost of the bride and the people going into the forest to do satanic rituals.

Bacău County

Zarifopol Mansion in Filipești – Called by locals “the House of Evil”, the mansion is the site of several reports of paranormal activities: indistinct voices, bizarre sounds, steps, cold currents that “walk” through walls.


Bazilescu Park – Also known as Nicolae Bălcescu Park, Bazilescu Park is located in Bucureștii Noi neighborhood. Within the park is the Summer Theatre, built in 1953. During the night, in the area can be heard strident sounds and the cough of a man (whereof it is said that belongs to Bazilescu), coming from beyond the columns of the derelict theatre.

Central Girls School – Inside this historical building and its courtyard have been reports of strange sounds, cold breeze and fetid odors, but were also seen levitating objects, doors and windows that open and close without any human intervention.

Chiajna Monastery – This ruined monastery has its root somewhere in the 18th century, during the rule of Alexandru Ipsilanti. It was a big monastery, with thick walls, reason for that the Turks “confused” it and assaulted it. Moreover, some historical sources show that between its walls died of plague the Metropolitan of Wallachia, Cozma. The land and the building have never got to be sanctified. For these reasons it was abandoned, and the monastery’s bell was thrown in the Dâmbovița River, people blaming it cursed and leaving it in ruins.According to locals, the bell can still be heard ringing on full moon nights, many audio records proving this fact. Moreover, it is said that on one of the walls near the entrance can be glimpsed the face of a beautiful lady, which is said to be Ancuța, the daughter of Mrs. Chiajna, who would have been killed on the orders of her mother after she ran with her beloved without her mother’s approval. On top of that, in the area would have been several murders and numerous mysterious disappearances.

Cișmigiu Hotel – The building was closed in 1970 and reopened in 1990, when it was converted into hostel for students of the Faculty of Theatre and Film. Legend says that in a weekend, when all the students were away on vacation, a young woman from Moldova was raped and then thrown into the elevator shaft. She died there, after three hours she desperately cried for help, with no one to hear her. Many say that her screams can still be heard.

Hospital of the Posts – Previously housed in the building behind the Stavropoleos Church, Hospital of the Posts was a site of organ trafficking. It is said that, especially in long winter nights, can be heard on adjacent streets groans and cries of those who died in hospital beds.

“House of the Devil” on General Praporgescu Street – The house, which now looks degraded, is distinguished by the ivy that covers it entirely. It is the site of two tragic events: in the interwar period, a man would have killed here two women, and within a few years, a young woman would have committed suicide.Some say that on full moon nights on one of the walls of the house can be seen the number 666, symbol of the devil, and here would live a demonic entity full of hate and anger, that can be felt from afar.

Orphanage on the French Street – Legend says the house, located at number 13, is haunted by no less than 203 children’s spirits. In this orphanage were brought homeless children, even by its owner – Stavrache Hagi-Orman. He kept the kids in unimaginable conditions, without water and without food. After dozens of children died of starvation, the orphanage was closed. Locals reported voices of children crying “Water, we want water!”.

Vernescu House on the Victory Avenue – It is named by locals “Cellar of the Devil” (Romanian: Hruba lui Scaraoțchi). Here still operate a casino. It is said that in the past century, several players committed suicide inside the house after they lost the entire fortunes at roulette. Reports indicate three ghosts that haunt the house. They shake the furniture, cause air currents and sometimes even appear on the hallways of the building. Passers also reported strong odor of sulfur in the building’s yard.

Witches’ Pond – According to the legend, the pond located in Boldu-Crețeasca Forest, having a diameter of only 5 m, is the place where Vlad the Impaler was beheaded. It is said that after the 1977 earthquake many trucks unloaded debris in the pond, with the aim of stoppering it. Within weeks, the debris disappeared in its waters, although the pond has a depth of only one meter and a half. Locals say that many times when pregnant women didn’t want the child went to the pond, bathed and ridded the pregnancy. Even the animals would be scared of this place: there would be no frog or any being that lives in the pond, and the animals don’t drink water from there. The pond is famous for the gipsy witches that gather each year to Sânziene, St. George and St. Andrew to practice their magic rituals. Near this eye of water have been observed over time strange phenomena, like globular lightnings or storms started suddenly. The pond never change, doesn’t dry, doesn’t expand, whether it rains or is drought. In a video from mid-90s is shown a strange phenomenon: in midsummer, on an area of some square meters it snowed, immediately after a woman from the stunt team was terribly amused while trying to put a helmet on the head of a mannequin that portrayed Vlad the Impaler.

Călărași County

Călugăreasca Forest – It is a forest of mulberry trees, where it is said that the wind never blows. Here, people say that existed a monastery of monks, but they were killed by the Turks, and the place was made one with the earth by the pagans. The last monk killed by the Turkish army threw a curse upon them. So that, after death, the spirits of those who have defiled hands with the blood of the monks returned in thickets of Călugăreasca, from where they never found the way out.At the edge of the forest are also a lot of crosses, which legend says that stand sentry as the pagans’ spirits can not escape. People are reluctant to seek the thickets of Călugăreasca due to the curses, and the only safe place in the woods was the large white cross that reminds about the monastery and that protects those who pray next to it when the night catches them in the grove.

Cluj County

Bánffy Castle in Bonțida – Dubbed “the Versailles of Transylvania”, the castle is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a young servant who paid with his life because he revealed that his mistress deceived her husband. Another variant is that the place is haunted by the ghosts of those who died in Bánffy during the Second World War, when the castle was converted by Germans into a military hospital. Legend says that there were often seen sinister shadows that seemed to be of some soldiers, while through walls were heard strange noises, groans, sounds of footsteps or indistinct voices.

Hoia Forest – The forest near Cluj-Napoca has long been known for the mysterious events that take place here and was even cataloged as a gateway to another dimension. Dubbed “the Bermuda Triangle of Transylvania”, the forest is one of the most active areas of the world in terms of paranormal phenomena. Legends would have occurred, it seems, after a shepherd disappeared into the forest along with his 200 sheep and no one managed to find neither he nor any part of the flock. It was only the first mysterious disappearance that took place in the forest. People who accidentally pass right through active areas report skin burns, redness, irritations, headaches, amplified sensation of thirst, anxiety, sensation of fainting. Hoia Forest became famous in the world after on 18 August 1968, military technician Emil Barnea photographed in the Round Glade (Romanian: Poiana Rotundă) an UFO, the photos being among the few of this kind genuine, according to experts. Numerous accounts of villagers reported unexplained physical sensations, observations of various shapes and colors lights, strange shadows, voices and human faces. The local vegetation is often bizarre. The trees have strange shapes, even human faces can be depicted from their trunks. In 2000, Alexandru Pătruț, President of the Romanian Society of Parapsychology, caught a strange phenomenon in the forest, around the Easter: a kind of sap flowed profusely from the top of the trees. Next day, everything was dry. He also reported strange sounds of ambulance sirens, tire exploding and even cuckoo clock. The forest was included in top 15 most haunted places in the world by the American magazine Travel+Leisure.

Constanța County

Tomis Nord neighbourhood from Constanța Supposedly, the neighbourhood is haunted by a woman who was decapitated by her husband who believed that he was cheated on.

Dâmbovița County

Bride’s Trinity on DN7 – On national road DN7, near the town of Găești, there is a monument called Bride’s Trinity or Margareta’s Trinity. Here it is said that on 24 September 1936, Margareta Ștefănescu died in a car accident, even on her wedding day, and since then the place has become cursed.  In the area have occurred a lot of fatal crashes, even if the road is straight and with maximum visibility. The road was “baptized” by locals “the Road of Crosses”. In the road tragedies are involved especially men. For example, only in 2008–09 in that place 12 young men died, mostly unmarried. Likewise, there were several reports of a silhouette of a woman dressed in white near the trinity.

Dolj County

Radovan Forest – Dozens of people, especially men, have drowned over time in Lake Fântânele of Radovan. Locals put numerous tragedies on account of the curse of a bride, who legend says that in the 1940s hanged herself in the forest surrounding the lake. Her story has two versions: one, according to that a young Moldovan woman arrived in Oltenia with her family, would have committed suicide after her husband was beaten to death on the night of the wedding; the second version says that she has committed suicide after, even before the wedding, would have been raped by a kulak that employed her. Locals say the bride haunts the road near the forest, and the passers are advised to move quickly and try to simply overlook any sound or appearance, otherwise the bride will lead them in the heart of the forest, from where they won’t ever return.

Bulzești commune Villagers talk about the “creatures by the hill”. A long time ago, the village was moved because of the strigoi. According to a villager:“The evil spirits haunt us at both day and night. Nobody dares to go up the hill because of the vampires. A neighbour has paralyzed many years ago when he bumped into one of the evil spirits. He couldn’t find his peace and does bad things to all those around him” The Romanian poet Marin Sorescu, born in the commune, mentioned the legend in his poem “Dumneata”: One night, here, by the fountains,| Where homes are rare, due to the ghosts |Who they say have showed around |And the people were strained to put houses there, for the ghosts to have their place.(…)

Iași County

House of Gavril Buzatu on Manta Roșie – In this house from Iași lived Gavril Buzatu, “the last executioner of Moldova”. The house was the site of several killings and atrocities. It is reportedly haunted by strigoi about people think would be the thieves beheaded by Gavril Buzatu. During the night can be heard howls of beast or human, followed by roars of laughter. Here can be seen strange lights that “run” through the mansion, especially during the winter. A former tenant reported a black creature running through the nearby forest. Likewise, were seen flames lighting up suddenly in the abandoned salons.

Lungani Hill – It is said that the hill that separates the villages of Goești and Brăești is haunted by thousands of ghosts of soldiers from the World War I. Locals reported white lights, silhouettes of soldiers descending from the cemetery into the valley, at night, late after 12 o'clock. On the other side of the hill, in the commune of Lungani, peasants saw headless people who went on the road or even the devil in the body of child or cat.

Maramureș County

E58 near Cicârlău – The area is known by drivers as one where many accidents happen. The accidents are attributed to a ghost which is said that comes out from the crops and scares the drivers. In the 1930s, a young woman named Pălăguța, envied by women for her beauty, was accused of witchcraft and beaten to death. Old people speak about a kind of animal with very long legs which haunted the village in Tuesday nights. It is said that appeared after midnight and went to houses where women violated the church rule. Women would have been hit in the temple and died or remained paralyzed.

Prahova County

Iulia Hasdeu Castle in Câmpina – Bizarre by its architecture, Iulia Hasdeu Castle was built by writer Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu in the memory of Iulia Hasdeu, his daughter, who died at age 19. It is said that the castle was built in accordance with the indications received during some seances, from his dead daughter. Locals say that during the night, Iulia Hasdeu can be heard playing the piano, in father’s applause.


Greats Of The Game - Zlatan Ibrahimović, Forward 

Began his career at Malmö FF in the late 1990s before being signed by Ajax, where he made a name for himself. He signed for Juventus and excelled in Serie A in a strike partnership with David Trezeguet. In 2006, he signed for rival side Internazionale and was named to the UEFA Team of the Year in both 2007 and 2009. In addition, Ibrahimović would finish as the league’s top scorer in 2008–09 and win three straight Scudetti. In the summer of 2009, he transferred to Barcelona, before moving back to Serie A football the following season, joining Milan in a deal that made him one of the highest-paid players in the world. He won another Scudetto with Milan in the 2010–11 season. He joined Paris Saint-Germain in July 2012. During his four-season stay at PSG, Ibrahimović won four consecutive Ligue 1 titles, three Coupes de la Ligue, two Coupes de France and was the top scorer in Ligue 1 for three seasons. In October 2015, he became PSG’s all time leading goalscorer. He finished his PSG career with 156 goals in 180 competitive matches. 

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Greats Of The Game - Rio Ferdinand, Central Defender

Played 81 times for the England national football team between 1997 and 2011, and was a member of three FIFA World Cup squads. He is regarded by many to be one of England’s greatest ever players and he is one of the most decorated English footballers of all time.

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that love has taught me to let go, that i am beautiful and loved for me, that love is beautiful, faults and all, i learned when you let go of your heart, and trust love everything comes back 10 fold. i also learned that my heart is capable of so much overflowing love, and so much overflowing pain, yet love has made me so full of life, so alive, that to endure the pain to receive the reward is well worth the long journey i’ve had to travel, will continue to travel to meet my destiny


1) Suit by World, 2003, Auckland.

2) Man’s shirt, 2005-06, Turkey.

3) Ensemble, 2008-09.

4) Granny knit outfit by Luke Sales, 2009, Sydney.

5) Man’s shirt, 2009, Japan.

6) Man’s ensemble, 2010-11, France.

7) Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week, Fall/Winter, 2015.

8) Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week, 2016-17.

9) Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week, Spring/Summer, 2017.

10) Mercedes Benz China Fashion Week, Spring/Summer, 2017.