The Western Jackolope (also jackalope) is the last surviving Jackolope species in the world, the others having been hunted to extinction. 

A large and rare species that looks like a Jackrabbit or a Hare with antlers. They are born antlerless but both the male and female grow antlers as they sexually mature. 

It is unknown why the females grow antlers and they tend to be much shorter than the males but the males use them to fight for sexual territory and packs of females. Unlike deer the Jackolope retains its antlers for the duration of its life and does not shed them.

They are pretty popular as mounts since they are rare but seem to have a pretty sustainable population in the Mojave. There is no season or limit on them and they were prized by the Native Americans for their antlers to use in tool making. 


Hiking toward Base Camp on the lower slopes of Everest


Hours upon hours of archaeology and digging later, finally, my 600 shards are complete and Eche’ro is mine!

I’m not entirely sure if it’s available for every player or if you have to have archaeology to see the quest, but I picked the quest up for this from the archaeology trainer in Dalaran and it currently has a 10 day duration left on it for anyone who many not have known about this yet.  Hope it’s there for everyone!

But like… What even is this thing. XD

‘Riddler’s Mind-Worm,’ and holy crepes were people ever a pain in the butt in Kun-Lai, standing on top of the paper I needed to collect, all in a group on their mounts, throwing down mailboxes.  For shame you trolls.  This poor Lovecraftian eel monster almost died of loneliness before I could give him a home!  But, we are together now.  <3