Extremely Rare Viking Gilt Freya Mount, 9th-10th Century AD

A parcel-gilt silver plaque pendant with facing seated figure, probably the goddess Freya, modeled in the half-round; the hands raised to grip lateral ribbed strands of hair, the garment formed as two crossed bands on the chest, the knees prominent and feet placed together; emerging from each strand of hair a feline with curled tail, ribbed body, foreleg curled over the neck, notched fingers and triangular face with lappet and snubbed snout; loop above the head, three holes to the edges.

The figure represents a seated female accompanied by two cats. In the Icelandic poem Gylfaginning (The Deceiving of Gylfi), Freya is said to be seated in her chariot drawn by two cats. Her hall in heaven is called Sessrumnir, meaning “with room for many seats.” She is also associated with a high-seat from which prophecy is made, similar to that of Odin.

A World of Warcraft piece I did for Blizzard some time ago, featuring the new Hunter Mount!

I’ve been playing this game on an off almost since it’s release, and it’s probably my favorite game ever. I still like to log in and just walk around those beautiful environments sometimes, accompanied by the fantastic music.
So this was a big deal for me and I’m really happy with the outcome, even though it’s not the kind of image that I usually do. It was really a blast to paint :)

Hope you like it!

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