2007 was a great year


Oh yes, Baccano! This stands out as one of the best shows of 2007, which was a great year for anime. Some describe Baccano as fun, others as a masterpiece in terms of writing. I call it thrillling. Baccano tells three stories simultaneously, mixing the characters and the time lines and yet never being confusing. That’s what makes it stand out, really. With a huge cast of characters for only 13 episodes (and 3 OVAs), Baccano does a great job at fleshing each of them out and their unique sides. Baccano is a tale about gangsters, immortals and the mafia getting mixed up together, where everything is more than it seems. Rewatching it makes you go :“aha” as you understand more and more about this intrecate story that keeps you just as thrilled the second time around. I also love how the anime starts with the bold statement that there’s no hero of this story and that it all spins together, flows perfectly together. The characters are also great, though: there’s Jacuzzi Splot, the whiny gang leader that seems a crybaby but can actually kick you ass, Firo Prochenzio, who wants to join the mafia and can also beat you up, Miria and Isaac, the most adorable and loveable thiefs ever, the psycopharic Ladd Russo or the calm and calculated Luck Gandor and oh so many more. These guys make the show so easy to watch despite its strange story telling. And one more aspect: the production values are top notch! The animation stands up as wellas today’s, with great fight scenes and coreographies, as well as beautifully animated blood. Music-wise too, this show rocks with some jazzy vibes that match he atmosphere perfectly, and the opening fits the entire anime perfectly!! I really wish more people would watch this show! @fairytailloverland @candyforever123 @shoujoinsights please watch it!!!

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A $7 million, comprehensive census of African elephants has found that the population decreased by nearly a third between 2007 and 2014.

The Great Elephant Census was conducted over three years, and set out to effectively count every savanna elephant in 18 countries in Africa, accounting for 93 percent of the savanna elephants in those countries. The conclusion — that the population declined by 144,000 animals in just seven years — is sobering.

The results were published in the journal PeerJ.

“If we can’t protect the world’s largest land mammal, the prognosis for wildlife conservation is bleak,” says Mike Chase, the lead scientist on the project and the founder of an elephant conservation group based in Botswana called Elephants Without Borders.

African Elephant Population Declines By 30 Percent

Photo: Elephants Without Borders

I know it is not Thursday, so it is not the classical throwback thing, but since I’m kneedeep in memories of Vegas… I miss “Quark’s bar” in the Vegas Hilton, they had the best cocktails :D

Oh warp core breach and borg sphere, you were (not quite but almost) enough to bring 3 people to their knees ;-)



2007 was such a great year for me i was so ugly but didn’t care i loved high school musical and spent all of my time watching those movies i didnt even know WHAT the internet was @god take me back to simpler times