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Ruben Fleischer to Direct Lionsgate’s ‘Jekyll’ Starring Chris Evans
“Gangster Squad” director Ruben Fleischer is set to direct Lionsgate’s “Jekyll,” the studio’s new take on the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Chris Evans …
By Justin Kroll

“Gangster Squad” director Ruben Fleischer is set to direct Lionsgate’s “Jekyll,” the studio’s new take on the “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” Chris Evans is attached to star.

Based on the six-episode BBC One Television mini-series from 2007, the show followed a modern-day descendant of Jekyll who begins to exhibit the trademark split personality. The father and husband abandons his family, without explaining why, and lives in a fortified basement with a psychiatric nurse as his ally. When they strap the doctor to a metal chair, she watches him transform into an alter ego who rages, shows heightened strength and speed, and can also be a charming, flirtatious scoundrel as well. The two personalities try to coexist, even though one doesn’t remember what the other does while in control of the body.

Bullet Points

Hey, Tumblr! I wanted to tell you about Bullet Points, my new favorite canonical Marvel AU, so that maybe I can convince you to love it too! So I have prepared a summary and picspam! I had not even heard of Bullet Points until I found someone on the internet saying there should be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points. And then I read Bullet Points, and oh my God, does there ever need to be Steve/Tony fanfic set in Bullet Points.

(Don’t worry, I have written some, because I try to be the change I want to see. But there needs to be more!)

Bullet Points is a five-issue limited series from 2007 by J. Michael Straczynski and Tommy Lee Edwards. It’s definitely of interest to Steve/Tony fans, or at least to Steve/Tony fans who are willing to do a bit of work with the timeline to get them together. But I am pretty sure Steve/Tony fandom will like the premise.

You see, Bullet Points is a universe where skinny Steve Rogers is Iron Man in World War II. And he survives World War II. I knew you were interested.

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Matt Czuchry interview with Haute Living

Q. How did it feel to film Gilmore Girls again?  

A.The energy surrounding the project was something so incredibly powerful, unique, and pure.  I say “pure” because ever since we wrapped the original series in 2007, fans of the show have wanted more from this world they loved so deeply.  And although their voices were very passionate for a very long time, it looked like new stories were never going to come together.  And then… it happened.  Something once thought impossible, became possible.  How many times can you truly say that in life?  And on top of that, it came together in such a perfect and special way.  The original creators returned to write all four scripts and direct all four movies.  All the cast members came back.  A lot of original crew members worked on the project.  So, it is new stories born from this very pure place of love from the fans; and in turn, everyone who worked on creating these stories was fueled by this unique energy of something that was once thought to be improbable, coming to life. 

Q. The show has die-hard fans; a cult following. How have the fans reaction been so far?  

A. I went to a “Gilmore Girls” reunion at the Austin Television Festival in June of 2015.  At that point there was nothing in the works in terms of any potential new “Gilmore Girls” project.  When I attended the packed event, I was most surprised by how many NEW fans were in the audience at our panel.  The vast majority of fans in the crowd saw “Gilmore Girls” for the first time around October of 2014 when Netflix released all seven seasons of the original series.  So as I sat on the panel in Austin, I was absolutely gobsmacked regarding the deep connection this series has had over several generations.  This fan base is incredibly rare and speaks to the impact the original series has had/continues to have on countless fans of all ages.  Now, imagine telling that multi generational rabid fan base that there is going to be new material released very soon for them to sink their teeth into… the excitement when the new movies were announced was just mind blowing.  And that enthusiasm has only increased exponentially as the release of the series gets closer and closer.  The fan’s outer worldly passion speaks to the timeless nature of these stories and characters.  

Q. Are you happy with the ending?  

A. I am not going to talk about the details of the ending right now.  That is for Amy and Dan to talk about because it is their ending, not mine.  I am very protective of Amy and Dan since they trusted me by sharing the last scene and last four words with me before the release of the series.  I know fans are really excited about the ending.  As they should be, and they will certainly have a LOT of passionate discussions about the ending.  I guarantee that.  But this special and unique series is about the four movies in their entirety.  It is about the journey.  It is about all of the stories and all of the characters.  Every single character, and there are a LOT of characters in these movies, has at least one great moment if not great moments on top of great moments on top of great moments.  And that is just remarkable when you think about something on this scale.  These four movies when looked at in their entirety beautifully capture where the characters have been, were they are now, and were they are going.  What Amy and Dan have done after so much time has passed since the original series aired and under this kind of microscope of pressure is really inspiring to me.  And that blueprint, the four scripts, really deeply inspired everyone on set.  There was this feeling like, “okay, Amy and Dan have hit this one out of the park.  Now it is time to do our part to make this shine.  We have to step up and get this right for Amy and Dan, for Warner Brothers, for Netflix, and for the fans.”

Q. Lauren Graham and Kelly Bishop seem to think that Edward Hermann had a ghostly appearance on set. Did you experience that too? 

A. I worked with Ed on “The Good Wife” as well as on “Gilmore Girls.”  So, his loss was felt very specifically for me as I had a connection with him that spanned many years across two very different and very important projects in my life.  At the “Gilmore Girls” reunion in 2015 there was a seat left empty on the stage for Ed.  And in these new stories, Richard Gilmore’s passing is a driving force throughout.  So in many ways the reunion was a tribute to Ed and the new series is a tribute to Ed as well.  Further, it speaks to how life can change so rapidly in such a short period of time.  Here we are doing a new series of “Gilmore Girls” and a vital member of the troupe is no longer with us to add in his brilliance.  Yet, his absence from this new series is so deep and profound that not only did his passing affect what we were doing on set, but I believe that Ed’s passing will make fans who watch this series realize just how precious life itself is.  And that is Ed’s gift to this new series… that is what he has done for us… how life must be enjoyed in the moment because that is all we have, just this moment.  And I think that thread in the series will be one of the most powerful aspects of the new material and has potential to ring in fans hearts for years to come. 

Q. Netflix is bringing back many shows. Do you like working with the network? 

A.From my experience Warner Brothers and Netflix could not have been better in terms of shepherding this particular project.  Most importantly it starts with their passion for these stories.  They believe in these stories, they believe in the people who create them, and they are in tune with how much fans love these stories.  And then, the studio and Netflix made people feel great about the individual contributions made by everyone on the project.  And lastly, in my experience, they know how to steer from the edges and guide the project in a way that enhances the creative chemistry of the project.  Chemistry is a mysterious thing, it is tough to put your finger on it.  And most people, I feel, undervalue chemistry on a project.  I will just say that when you have that right chemistry, on a sports team, a set, at any workplace, etc… that is when the next level magic happens.  And it is so hard to have all the pieces fit together in a way that provides for the right chemistry.  And I feel in every sense this project had that next level chemistry, that magic.  And that is why I am very confident that fans are going to be grateful for this new series of stories… because of that ever so hard to define chemistry.  And that begins with Warner Brothers and Netflix understanding how to push the right buttons at the right time