2007 choice


The dresses Tessa has worn for Rhumba throughout the years, all wildly different from each other and yet reflecting a Latin ballroom flavour.  What do we think she will do next season?

1. 2005/2006 OD.  There could be some rhumba in there.  The OD was Latin rhythms including the rhumba as an option.  Very… everything costume.

2. 2007 Worlds, CD.  Clearly before the 50% rule of the last few seasons, LOL.

3. 2011 4CC, FD.  Their FD, while not including the compulsory, did include a rhumba section.  Followed the pink/orange choice of 2007 and looked better in motion than in pictures.  

4. 2011 Worlds, FD.  My favourite, this dress had a lot more detail than could be seen in motion.  Tessa discovered a sleek high ponytail worked very well for the genre.

5. 2011 TEB, SD.  She also wore this dress to two other competitions that season.

6. 2012 Nationals (she wore the dress also at the GPF).  Both skates were relatively disastrous for them.  This was the only time Scott did not wear solid black. Originally these costumes had been worn during the previous off-ice season for shows.

7.  2012 4CC or Worlds.  A bold departure from her other looks in both cut and in material, that seemed particularly polarizing for fans.

8. Bonus 2011/2012 practice dress, which was an altered version of her 2011 Worlds dress.  Clearly not following the 50% rule, LOL.