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Favourite films since your birth year meme

I was tagged by @papabarnacle thanks!!! This was really fun and surprisingly difficult lmao

1999: ten things I hate about you
2000: American psycho
2001: Harry Potter and the philosophers stone
2002: lilo and stitch
2003: love actually
2004: I, robot
2005: Charlie and the chocolate factory
2006: the holiday
2007: ratatouille
2008: the dark night
2009: cloudy with a chance of meatballs
2010: tangled
2011: the help
2012: 21 jump street
2013: pacific rim
2014: captain america winter soldier
2015: the martian
2016: deadpool
2017: logan

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As we wind up, he tells me why he loves acting. “I think it’s valid, I like it, I think there’s great depth to it in terms of looking at the world, looking into people’s lives, trying to get to the bottom of what people do and why they do things.”


Eurovision winners performing the opening act at the Eurovision Song Contest


The Bloody Crumpets’ First and Last Performances with Emilie (Part I)

Lady Joo Hee - 2006 Performance on WGN  /  13/1/2006 - Chicago, Illinois – 19/4/2008 - London England
(6 Performances)

Aprella - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 20/3/2010- Brisbane, Australia
(152 Performances)

Lucina - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 6/10/2008 Paris, France
(30 Performances)

Captain Vecona - 26/5/2007 - Wave Gotik Treffen, Leipzig – 27/4/2008 Munich, Germany
(34 Performances)

Veronica Varlow - 5/12/2007- Essen, Germany – The Asylum Experience - 18/6/2008, Mesa, Arizona (but picture from 21/6/2014 in Mountain View California)
(303 Performances)

*Note - Only full concerts were counted, not book readings or TV performances

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ok i thought maybe dan had been watching phil since 2008, but 2007? dear lord its been 10 years

dan started watching phil’s videos when he was 15 years old…. 15 (fifteen) ………

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Where did u get ur url from? or how did you come up with it?

The year is 2008, possibly 2007. I’m 12 years old and on the family computer, about to sign up for Quizilla. “I want a REALLY unique name,” I say to myself, looking down at the list of possible names I’ve prepared. “Nothing fandom related, and nothing with numbers or extra letters tacked on the end. Something super special that can only be ME.”

I type my first suggestion into the box. “Username already taken,” the website says. I shrug and try the next one. “Username already taken,” it repeats. With increasing worry, I go through my whole list, only to have them thrown back in my face because some other lucky duck got to them first. Soon I’ve reached the end of my list. All the usernames I could think of have already been taken.

“What am I supposed to do now?” I ask myself sadly. “All the names I wanted are taken and I can’t think of anything else…” But I’m a determined kid, and I don’t give up easily. “There has to be SOMETHING I can use as a cool username,” I say desperately, glancing around the room, hoping inspiration will strike. Something on the floor catches my eye and I look down.

There’s a tattered catnip packet lying next to my chair, a gift I had purchased recently for my cats. I stare at it thoughtfully for a few seconds before shrugging and raising my hands to the keyboard. “Eh…I guess it’s worth a shot.”