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Rövarekulan - Velvia 100 exp* by Magnus Joensson
Via Flickr:
I will definitely return to this forrest for my image of October and try to catch some of the swirls there at Rövarekulans nature reserve =) Hasselblad 500c/m – Zeiss Distagon 50mm CF FLE f/22 @ 25 sec – Fuji Velvia 100 exp 2007. Polarizer. Rövarekulan 2016.10.19


I’m in the laughing mood?

whoever makes me laugh the hardest wins best answer……………. guys I’ve had a hard week, I need a good laugh!!!!!!!


8 years ago today (10-03-2007 ) 19-year-old Lionel Messi scores his first Hat Trick against Real Madrid