Triple H and Ricochet

How strange it was to come across this photo. I’m not 100% sure this photo was in 2005, as I had a camera for years that always put “01/01/2005″ as the date even though it was like, 2007, but given Ricochet’s hair, it’s possible that it was indeed 2005.

Triple H, a superstar reigning in the WWE as the leader of Evolution, the King Of Kings, posing with someone who would someday become a global superstar and international threat, Ricochet. Two incredible superstars who had no idea what either of them would one day mean to the world of wrestling beyond what they’d already accomplished.

IRAQ. Al Anbar governorate. Al-Karmah. October 29, 2005. Marines escort suspected insurgents, including Ali Muhammad Said, accused of leading a mortar team in attacking Camp Delta. 

For most of 2005 to 2007 it was considered the most violent city in Iraq. Unlike neighbouring Fallujah, it has no wall around the city, so anti-American insurgents were able to move freely in and out of the areas. Attacks on coalition forces were a daily occurrence in this city, with aerial mortar attacks, as well as small arms attacks almost daily on coalition patrols, convoys, and American Bases.

Photograph: Yuri Kozyrev/Noor for TIME

‘Battlefield 2: Modern Combat′

[XBOX / X360 / PS2] [USA] [MAGAZINE, SPREAD] [2005]

  • Game Informer, October 2005 (#150)
  • “Nobody in their right mind wants this battle to end”
    Yeah, right? Well, at least in the case of the original Battlefield 2, which still has a strong userbase, who kept the match servers running after EA officially closed theirs two years ago!