“Serenity” by Godsmack

Faceless (2003)


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The Darkness - “I Believe In A Thing Called Love” from 2003s “Permission to Land”

“I don’t have a washing machine so I’m always down the launderette. I made this skirt myself, it was stitched together from an old pair of jeans and started out knee lenght, but just got shorter and shorter. I found the patches in the market. I customise a lot because I like to look different." 

- Amy Winehouse interview session at Launderette, Camden Town (2004).

LIBERIA. Monrovia. June 25, 2003. One of the most influencial weapons in the rebel forces are the 12.7 belt-fed anti-aircraft guns, mounted onto the backs of pick-up trucks. LURD forces advance on the capital during the Siege of Monrovia (2003). Second Liberian Civil War (1999-2003).

Photograph: Tim Hetherington/Magnum Photos