2003 maybe

I can’t believe I managed to make a gif in like 1 hour only?! woah, I’m proud of myself lmao.

FMA Envy Week - Day 3: FullMetal Alchemist 2003 Canon + The Past (maybe??)
I’m not that much into the 2003 anime serie, I like FMAB and the Manga a way better, but I wanted to draw Human Envy at least once in my life. it was totally worth it in my opinion.

also an extra:


You know that feeling when you are getting a little nostalgic for an old internet hang out.. Like… Oh… Idk… GaiaOnline for instance? (literally what I am talking about)

And.. You just kinda wonder back in and take 10 seconds to look around at all the changes from the early days… (I’ve been a member since … pfft… maybe… 2003 or 2004? I dunno, it was around 6th grade when I joined) … I have not /really/ logged into my account for the past 4-5 years…

And I am just instantly overwhelmed by all the ads, the ‘click here to buy thing!’ buttons, ect.. x-x; Wtf. I knew it was started to go downhill quick about 7 or 8 years ago when I graduated highschool… But.. Damn. That and I am sure gold inflation is absolutely absurd… I don’t even /want/ to know how expensive shiz is on the Marketplace… Or even what happened to the few characters the site had that actually had a story going… >3>;;;

Anybody else occasionally peruse this site? xD I’m curious.. Did you guys kinda give up on it like me..? Or did you actually ride the roller coaster this site essentially is? xwx’

help with finding a video game

when i was little there was a polish game that i played that my parents called sammy sercurity which i’m guessing is not what it was actually called since that doesn’t bring up anything relevant on google

this was back around maybe 2003-2005 and it was about a mongoose (i think) that would collect gems to open doors and run from lions and use bees against the lions and sometimes there were scorpions and teleporting platforms 

if anyone has any knowledge about this game please inform me somehow i need to know

…I saw masaya90′s and got tempted to do the same. Thought it’d be cool to see how my fav childhood characters have grown in my styles :o 

Guys, we already know the costume department can drop the ball. Everyone remember the Regina/Killian flashback in 5.11? Neither Regina nor Killian’s costumes were the same from 2.09, which they should have been.

I can totally see a post jail, post waiting for Person in Tallahassee Emma Swan wearing skinny jeans (even though skinny jeans weren’t a thing in 2003/4?). Maybe they pass for leggings? Who knows. A wardrobe screw up is way more likely than Emma suddenly going on a weird road trip (in the UW her Bug is burnt up, and in real Storybrooke, no way she is randomly leaving Killian right after getting him back!). We have no indication that they’ve gotten out of the UW by 5.20.

The glasses, the pristine Bug, the file in her hand, a scene where she’s BUYING her leather jacket? I bet this is her first case or two as a real bailbondsperson, really picking herself up from the lowest point of her life. What better parallel could they draw than Emma finding the strength to save her pirate, the way Killian found the strength to save Emma in 5.11?

Swan Song…Firebird? Dying…Resurrection? Titles always have double meanings. Emma rising from the ashes of jail, Killian rising from the ashes of death, like a Phoenix.