2002 helbig

Not With You: Chapter Three.

Written with carrotskoalasandbooze. All parts of the story can be found on both of our fic pages. Odd numbered chapters are posted on my blog and evens on Nicole’s.

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I am nothing, if I’m not with you.

First Kisses and Sudden Realizations


“Oh come on, Helbig!” Mamrie calls out with a loud laugh. “Stop pouting!”

The whole group turns their attention to a very much pouting Grace Helbig. She’s angry and pissed off and just in a bad mood all around. But it’s hard not to be in a bad mood when all you’re thinking of are bad thoughts. All the possible scenarios that can come from this stupid thing everyone wants to do.

But most of all, Grace is scared.

“Yeah, Helbig, stop being a paranoid buzz kill.” Grace scowls at Pearl, who just looks like she doesn’t give a shit. She has never really cared for Pearl in the first place, but she does care about Hannah.

Maybe she is the paranoid one of the group. Who knows? But she doesn’t care, because today the whole gang has decided that it would be fun to go cliff diving.

Cliff diving.

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