2002 faq

anonymous asked:

Where can one make S-JIS art?

[Notepad++] is generally a pretty reliable all-purpose text editor. Its style editor allows you to change its font, making it easy to just screencap from the program itself.

You’ll need to install the [MONA] font, since it’s built from the ground up for SJIS art. That links to Sourceforge, which is the only place I’ve been able to find it, but SF isn’t the most reliable site, so if someone else has another place to install the font, drop me an ask.  

If you’re using a US keyboard, I’d recommend keeping the [SJIS byte map] on hand, so you can just copy and paste what you need.  After that, you can just do whatever you want with it. Screencap it and post it on Tumblr, bind it to a macro for your Discord bot, whatever.

If you can read Japanese, or have a tendency towards self-loathing, I also have a copy of [ASCII Art Editor], in full Japanese, from 2002, available, on MEGA.