2001 is the year

A sticker declares the existence of flying saucers from the window of a car parked on property near Jamul, CA, October 15, 2000, purchased by the Unarius Academy of Science to serve as a future landing site for ‘space brothers’ from other planets. According to the academy, a spaceship carrying 1,000 alien scientists from the planet Myton will arrive on Earth in the year 2001, landing on a raised landform that was once part of an Atlantean continent in the Caribbean Sea. If humans are spritually ready, a total of 33 flying saucers from different planets will land in a towering stack near Jamul, CA to create an international university and introduce new technologies to save planet Earth from self-destruction.

This YG Mess

Some things you should know:

  • In S. Korea, “scandals” from the kpop industry are used to cover up for political turmoil in the government. (e.g. GD’s scandal, Bom’s scandal, other dating scandals, etc.)
  • Based from CL, Dara and Taehyun’s letter, it’s safe to say that the decision was not theirs.
  • Before you start blaming Yang Hyun Suk, know that Yang Hyun Suk has not been the CEO of YG Entertainment since 2001. Since GD was 13 years old. He’s only the face of the company, not the one making the decisions.
  • YHS’s role is Executive Music Producer. This means that all he does is produce music and looks over artists’ training and performances. That’s about it.
  • His brother, Yang Min Suk is the CEO of YG Entertainment. He’s the one in charge of managing the company.
  • However, 2NE1’s disbandment and Taehyun’s departure does not depend on their decision. It depends on YG Entertainment’s Board of Directors. All decisions about management and financial issues goes through the Board.
  • The fact that 2NE1 was preparing for a comeback clearly shows that YHS gave them the go signal. The fact that Taehyun was given a hiatus until he finds the right time to produce music again, clearly shows that YHS does not want any of his artists leaving/disbanding. He can be annoying and difficult music production-wise and yeah even personality-wise, but he’s not stupid to drop two things at once. He’s a hiatus person, not a disbandment person.
  • YHS and his brother only own 23% (the CEO with only 3.9%) of the company and 77% goes to various investors and shareholders. This includes various companies and some YG artists. Since the brothers only own a small percentage, they can’t decide on their own like what they did back in 2009-2011 - unless they own more than 50% of the shares.
  • Older YG stans and VIPs will most likely notice, but management started going downhill since 2014. That’s because with BIGBANG’s success, more and more huge investors came and now the brothers have to compromise with them whenever a decision is needed.
  • I’ve seen the “favoritism” argument being thrown around. The truth is: NO ONE IS SAFE UNDER POOR MANAGEMENT. Not even BIGBANG. BIGBANG was about to be disbanded in 2011 (pretty much due to all the scandals) but got saved because of their win at MTV EMA (thanks to the VIPs). So don’t ever think BIGBANG had it easy. Also if they were “protected” then why are they still the members labeled as a “druggie,” “murderer,” “pervert,” etc. They even have to go on television to clear their names. BIGBANG, 2NE1, Winner, iKON, Blackpink, Lee Hi, AKMU - everyone has their share of poor management. All of these artists have to sometimes fight for their solos (BIGBANG for instance), ask permission to release an album, ask permission to do a collaboration (like MOBB), ask permission to be in a variety show, etc. These artists would probably ask Yang Hyun Suk but even if given his approval - it still has to go through the higher-ups.
  • YG Family is dead? No. I don’t think so. The company may not be marketing it anymore, but you could see that the artists still support and interact with each other - even to those who left. Se7en is still friends with BIGBANG and 2NE1, Dara, CL and Bom still support Minzy, Winner and iKON are close friends, AKMU and Lee Hi are close.
  • Bottom line: Because the brothers sold a large percentage of company shares, they somehow lost control of YG Entertainment. The only way to get back to the old management is if the brothers and the artists buy more shares than the investors. It will be hard to buy back the company because the company is worth more than it used to.

I keep on telling people that there’s a bigger picture in this, but some fans fail to see things in a mature way. For others, it’s just my fave vs. your fave vs. Yang Hyun Suk. Stop being petty with the fanwars and educate yourselves first.


Portraits of Halo

15 years ago today (Nov 15, 2001) Halo and the Xbox were released. At first, i didn’t pay the console, or the game, much mind. I had my doubts about Microsoft and this relatively unknown shooter brought over from the computer world, so i figured i’d give the system a pass for the time being. Over the next few months though, i kept hearing good things about Halo. It got rave reviews in the magazines and a few people i knew played it non stop. But still, i held off. Then one night, i stopped by my friends house to hang out for a bit. After a while, he asked if i wanted to play some games and suggested we dive into a few levels of Halo, Co-op.

We played the first 4-5 areas straight through and about 30 minutes in, i was completely hooked. I can’t overstate the amount of joy and fun i had. Headshotting grunts, driving the warthog off cliffs while blasting the horn, and watching groups of Covenant scatter and curse at me in their alien language as i chucked a grenade right in the middle of them, had me smiling from ear to ear. And playing it all with a friend, cooperatively (which was something i had never really done before), brought the experience to a completely new level. The controls were tight, the AI was fantastic and the levels were massive. I couldn’t ask for much more when it came to gameplay.  

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People give Kojima a lot of shit for goofy plots but conveniently forget he basically called most of the last 5 years way back in 2001.

The bit about the internet enabling everyone to cultivate their own internet ‘group’ that are all in total agreement and never have to experience the viewpoint of anyone else was completely right and wouldn’t fully take from until around a decade (if not more) later.

Computer bots are more like humans than you might think, having fights lasting years

Researchers say ‘benevolent bots’, otherwise known as software robots, that are designed to improve articles on Wikipedia sometimes have online 'fights’ over content that can continue for years. Editing bots on Wikipedia undo vandalism, enforce bans, check spelling, create links and import content automatically, whereas other bots (which are non-editing) can mine data, identify data or identify copyright infringements. The team analysed how much they disrupted Wikipedia, observing how they interacted on 13 different language editions over ten years (from 2001 to 2010). They found that bots interacted with one another, whether or not this was by design, and it led to unpredictable consequences. The research paper, published in PLOS ONE, concludes that bots are more like humans than you might expect. Bots appear to behave differently in culturally distinct online environments. The paper says the findings are a warning to those using artificial intelligence for building autonomous vehicles, cyber security systems or for managing social media. It suggests that scientists may have to devote more attention to bots’ diverse social life and their different cultures.

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17-year-old Matthew Hardman from North Wales had developed an overwhelming fascination with vampires. Not only did he believe that they existed and that they fed on human blood, but he also believed that if he were able to become a vampire, he could become immortal. In September of 2001, Hardman met a 16-year-old girl online. When they decided to meet up, Hardman accused her of being a vampire. Initially, she thought he was just kidding around. At least until he grabbed her neck and pushed her mouth onto his neck, exclaiming “bite me!” “I was really afraid because he had this lunatic look in his eye,” she said about the bizarre event.

His obsession would reach calamitous heights just two months later. On 22 November, Hardman broke into the home of 90-year-old widow Mabel Leyshon, who lived in the same neighbourhood as him. When Hardman was younger, he often delivered papers to Leyshon. On that fateful evening Leyshon was sitting in her armchair watching television. Hardman crept into her home, and attacked her from behind with a knife. He stabbed the elderly woman a total of 22 times in the chest – one wound was eight inches long and nine inches wide.

Once Leyshon was deceased, Harman proceeded to mutilate her body and drain her blood into a saucepan; he then drank the blood. Furthermore, he sliced open Leyshon’s chest and removed her heart and placed it in a saucepan. Following this brutal attack, Hardman positioned two brass pokers at her feet in a cross shape. Additionally, a candlestick was placed beside her body as well as on the mantelpiece. Hardman was found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonment.