2001 forever

George Harrison, 1987, photographed by Peter Figen. Photo © Peter Figen.

“George [Harrison] was a good and humble man who believed in the power of love to overcome all adversity. He lived his life without asking anything for himself, and his courage to quietly remind us that God created a world for peace and compassion has had a profound effect on all of our lives.” - Billy Corgan, 2001

“George [Harrison], too, was a dreamer. He believed in making the world a better place, and with his idealism, activism and, most of all, his music, he did exactly that. He lived a life of quiet dignity and today the world is a lesser place.” - Mike Mills, 2001


George Harrison, screen capped from Living in the Material World

“You know, just go ahead, George, go on and fly away, babe. Just be free, and… and go. And we’ll… we’ll see you down the line. And… just leave, go to someplace nice. We’re gonna be all right down here. And then… then he went out. And that was it.” - Living in the Material World

* * *

“There was a profound experience that happened when he left his body. It was visible. Let’s just say, you wouldn’t… you wouldn’t need to light the room… if you were trying to film it. You know, he, uh… he just… he just lit the room.” - Olivia Harrison, Living in the Material World

The last weeks of George’s life, he was in Switzerland, and I went to see him and he was very ill. And he, you know, he could only lay down. Um… and while he was being ill and I’d come to see him, I was going to, uh, Boston, cos my daughter had a brain tumor. And I said, ‘Well, you know, I gotta go. I gotta go to Boston.’ And he goes… it's the last words I heard him say, actually. And he said, uh… 'Do you want me to come with you?' [laughs] [in tears] Oh, God. So you know that’s the incredible side of George.
—  Ringo Starr on George Harrison, Living in the Material World

This Day in Disneyland History: April 27

On this day in 2001, Rocket Rods closed forever.  In 1998, only a month after its grand opening it closed for refurbishment for three months before reopening. On  September 25, 2000 it closed once again for refurbishment that was supposed to last until Spring 2001, no work was ever seen on the attraction in this time.  Later they announced that it would never re-open.