2001 drawing

My side of an art trade with @liluvar!!! Her oc Taxi is so cute and I knew I’d have to draw her omg..!! I’M SORRY THOUGH I REALISED HER DRESS IS SUPPOSED TO BE DENIMISH AFTER MAKING THE LINEART so it’s very ruffly and flowy, I hope you don’t mind ;u; 

I had a lot of fun with this though! Thanks for doing this art trade with me~ We gotta do this again someday! <: 

Lithograph by Klaus Voormann: George in the ocean of waving grass (via voormann.com)

“The last time I saw George was in summer 2001. He invited me to come to Austria where he stayed at Gerhard Berger’s house in Going. Even though all these cancer therapies had left their marks, behind his hearty laugh and his bright eyes one would have never suspected a seriously ill man.

We were having a break after a walk, resting in the grass when suddenly he looked at me and said: ‘Do you know that it has taken me many, many years until I realised how special these meadows with their soft grasses are to me? Somehow I feel we have a very close relationship. I just love the seemingly endless meadows with their long and soft grasses and the waves they make when the wind is blowing. It’s like cherishing the wind of life rather than struggling against it all the time.

So, Klaus, when I’m gone, all you have to do is stand in a meadow, feel the waving grass and I will be close to you.’” - Klaus Voormann, voormann.com

Day 6 - Holidays

And there really isn’t a better holiday I could think of! UFO Day is actually celebrated on two dates; once based on the first time a UFO was reported by a US pilot, and the other marks the anniversary of the Roswell incident in 1947.

I’m not sure which Ronaldo would go for; possibly both(!) depending on whether the mysterious crash in Roswell actually happened on the Earth of Steven Universe.

Poor Peridot, though… all this alien paraphernalia!