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(Okay, so I’m starting a little “series” thing. I’ve got ideas for all of the Potter-Malfoy kids and I’ll be releasing drawings and headcanons of them. I hope you enjoy!!)

The first of the Potter-Malfoy kids I’d like to introduce you to are Anita and Lyra, the oldest. 



  • I imagine there’s lots of muggle-born kids who are given up because of their parent’s thinking their demonic or whatever 
  • + there’s no way any magical government would let them just grow up in foster homes bc they may give off bursts of magic which is multiple kinds of dangerous
  • + since there’s not a humongous wizard population, there’s the possibility that there’s a huge international wizard foster home/orphanage. 
  • I imagine it’s quite multicultural and if a child ends us spending most of their childhood there, it is made sure that they keep their language and culture intact.
  • there are of course kids of other blood statuses, but it’s probably about 75% muggle-born
  • So, on another note: Harry and Draco get married fairly early (about 2000, when their both 19.) 
  • because there’s a huge rush to do things after the war. 
  • everyone who was caught up in it have this urgency in their lives after feeling like they could lose everything in a blink of an eye. 
  • So all these kids go into their adult lives doing things in a rush. they go after their jobs, move back to be near their families, travel, get married etc.
  • Harry and Draco move back to Grimould place bc, even though Harry has shit memories there, he feels the need to continue making it a place full of love. Something it wasn’t when sirius was there. 
  • + since it has (yet again) gone into a bit of disrepair Draco slaps on an apron and cleans the entire fucking house with the help of Molly (bc what are household spells ??? How do those ???)
  • also when Molly gets over Draco’s past and gets to know him she fucking lovES him
  • So Draco + Harry have only been married for a year when they decide they want kids.
  • the big house was so quiet and they both want to be parents so badly, to be the fathers they never had.
  • so they travel out to this international foster home and decide they want a new born child to be their first, so that they can get the “whole experience”. They go through all the background checks and procedures to make sure they’re fit parents.
  • from there on it’s a waiting game
  • they’re notified in December of 2001 that the home has acquired two children from a woman who had given birth days ago + Draco and Harry immediately drop everything to rush down there

Anita + Lyra specific:

  • They’re twin muggle born girls from Morroco and they’re beautiful
  • Draco and Harry fell in love with them instantly and adopt them within the week
  • Draco is absolutely adamant about naming all their kids after constellations as the Black family tradition goes. Thus, Lyra (Narcissa) and Anita (Lily) are decided on.
  • Harry’s totally fine with and suggests that they just take the Malfoy name but Draco’s just like ??? are you insane ? your famous and my family’s nearly extinct ? They’ll have both our names and can decide if they want to go by one or the other (or both) ??
  • They’re identical and after having an extremely hard time telling them apart, Draco goes and buys these head bands, one with flowers and one with stars. Anita is given the flowers and Lyra the stars
  • They’re just bursting with magic from day one. So much so that Draco + Harry are constantly cleaning up things they’ve shattered. But they love it, really.
  • Draco is a stay at home dad bc he can’t stand working at the ministry for another second
  • they try their best to keep their culture with them and buy tons of muggle books to learn Arabic and teach the girls Arabic
  • Harry is “bābā” and Draco is “daddy” 
  • Anita is very soft and says ‘OH!’ (which turns into damn! as she gets older) every time anything is dropped or she accidentally breaks something. She insists on helping cleaning or cooking. She’s a bit shy and smiles with her nose crinkled. She’s incredibly smart but can get herself into mischief and is a bit too good at lying for Harry’s comfort
  • Lyra is a bit more reckless. She’s always laughing and snarking and getting into trouble. But she wears her heart on her sleeve and is so easy to read. she’s also a bit of a whirlwind of emotions. She empathizes so hard with everyone around her that it’s hard for her not to get frustrated 
  • Lucius - who already had an incredibly hard time warming up to the whole Harry and Draco idea in the first time - absolutely flips out when he hears that they’ve adopted muggleborns 
  • + Draco is just not fucking having it though. 
  • and in a heated argument tells Lucius that he’d chose “his girls” over his “shite father” any day and that if Lucius he has a problem with his granddaughters than he has no business coming around Draco’s family ever again because they will not stand that kind of prejudice anymore
  • therefore, the only of his friend’s kids he can allow around L + A is are Blaise’s. (bc Blaise’s mother was nOT here for Voldemort in the first place and neither really was Blasie when push came to shove. ive got about a billion head canons about Blaise’s mum. Someone ask me some day )
  • Narcissa on the other hand is thrilled when Draco tells her she’s a grandmother. She adores them and spoils them with Andromeda. (bc after the war Narcissa stopped giving two flying fucks about the constricted “perfect pureblood” mess she grew up in and for once in her life is just her god damn self, fuck everyone else.)
  • She eventually brings Lucius around. And though, Draco still holds bitterness about the whole situation, he gets past it after Lucius does.
  • Lucius also comes to adore the girls and continues to try to buy them things that are waaay too expensive and grand + Draco is just like “no no no no no. you’re not giving 3 year olds two of the latest broom models. Those are for full grown professional quidditch players for Merlin’s sake!” 
  • Draco is wonderful parent but is very helicopter-esque about the kids getting hurt or doing anything remotely dangerous 
  • while Harry likes to do the whole “living room wrestling” and “foot races through the mud” sort of thing.
  • They eventually create a sort of back yard for the kids at Grimould (sort of like the suitcase world Newt had but obviously smaller) for the kids to race around on their (toddler sized) broom sticks
  • They’re both Slytherins and like a scarier more lowkey Fred and George
  • Mcgonagall has a mini heart attack when she see’s their names on the list of first years (bc what thE FUCK THOSE TWO ARE MARRIED WITH chILDREN)
  • they both decide to go with “Potter-Malfoy” in whole half bc they love people’s expressions when hearing it but on their quidditch jerseys Anita has Potter and Lyra has Malfoy. Anita is a beater and Lyra is a keeper

Gillian Anderson, December 2, 2001 Cracked Xmas benefit for The Trevor Project, which focuses on crisis intervention and suicide prevention for LGBTQ youth.

I think it affects me because of my own struggles as a teenager. I don’t know if I would have used a hotline at that time, so I know what it feels like to be stranded, to not be able to pick up the phone and not trust that that’s gonna help and to not trust there will be somebody trustworthy on the other line that understands. I think it just reminds me. Just a constant reminder of what that was like. If it is about growing up in a town or in a family that is intolerant of one’s inner self, whether it’s a parent or friends or the neighborhood, I mean, it’s like, that is supposed to be your safety. That is supposed to be where you learn who you are and learn what you stand for and learn that everything is okay so that you can find that place and then go out into the world. And if it’s a bad place, there is no safety and there is judgment and there is fear, and the potentiality for a very difficult and shaky and confused and lonely life is there. So nipping it in the bud really early is a real good thing.

George Harrison, 1991, photographed by Terry O’Neill

“People can sing every note he played” By Bob Geldof

The Telegraph, 1 December 2001

“There aren’t many people whose passing can make the entire planet feel sad. But George is one such person. I first met him when I was eight. My sister had taken me to a hotel where the Beatles were staying and we snuck in.

They were very cute, answering their fan letters - something I’ve never seen since in the pop industry. Paul was terribly friendly. Ringo was kidding about. But George was grumpy which was perfect because that’s how you expected him to be.

You could tell he was thinking, ‘Why won’t these kids get out of here.’ He was always the reluctant Beatle. Though he looked amazing, with that beautiful smile and those canine teeth, he thought all the screaming adoration was nonsense.

Once when the Boomtown Rats were starting out and we were going through that he came backstage at a concert we were doing in Oxford and I asked him, 'Do you miss it?’ and he said, 'Absolutely not.’

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Olivia and George Harrison, Ireland, 15 January 2000

Photo © Harrisongs Ltd.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, flowers and messages of concern and compassion for our ordeal. Your kindness and love were a great help and a desperately needed contrast to our unfortunate experience. We would like to wish you and your families a happy new year and hope it will be be peaceful and loving one. We hope to see you again soon. George, Olivia and Dhani Harrison (Om Shanti).” - A card sent by the Harrison family after the horrific attack on their lives at Friar Park on 30 December 1999 [x], quoted in Billboard, 15 December 2001 [xx]

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Ok but do Canadians actually have bagged milk or...?

my friend

my brethren

my dude

let me tell u a story 

picture this: it’s the middle of december in 2001. this is my first winter in Canada and there’s snow everywhere lining the sidewalks, on top of roofs, houses, cars. on the streets the snow has turned into gross wet, grey slush. i’m holed up at home 

its a hellish -15 degrees celcius outside (for all ur americans thats really cold. really really cold) but my mom insists we go grocery shopping cause we have no food left in the house 

so we go. i wear my 5 layers of clothing and drag my freezing young ass to Food Basics. we go to the dairy aisle. 

“mom are we getting milk?” i ask

“yeah pick one up,” my mom tells me

I grab a large plastic bag filled with 3 smaller bags of milk

“what…” i whisper to myself, wondering what on earth this is. is this what white people do to their milk? i wonder to myself

“mom what is this?” i ask in amazement. 

“bagged milk,” answers my mom, taking it from my hand and putting it into our cart. “we must live like them now, minnie. we must conform. we must drink…bagged milk.”

The Beatles with Fats Domino in New Orleans in September of 1964

“At first we played the music of our heroes. Little Richard, Fats Domino, Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, The Everly Brothers, Ray Charles, Carl Perkins – anything we’d ever liked. But we still needed more to fill those 8 hour sets. Eventually we had to stretch and play a lot of stuff we didn’t know particularly well. Suddenly, we were even playing movie themes, such as ‘A Taste Of Honey’ or ‘Moonglow’, learning new chords, jazz voicings, the whole bit. Eventually it all combined as something new and we found our voice as a band..”- George Harrison, excerpted from  “George Harrison: Behind The Locked Door” by author, Graeme Thomson

“An Elvis Presley and Fats Domino fan, he {George Harrison} bought his first guitar at 13 from a schoolmate and began jamming with McCartney after they met commuting to and from their high school, the Liverpool Institute.” - Excerpt from “When He Was Fab, PEOPLE Magazine,  17 December 2001

“I’m In Love Again” was the first “rock ‘n’ roll” song that George Harrison heard.”- Seven Decades Of Fats Domino

RIP Fats Domino thank you for all the incredible music you have left us with and for being a hero and a pioneer to so many.

I’ll Be Home for Christmas

For @justbeachy81 because she’s a savage who watches Christmas movies before Thanksgiving 😘 ❤

Set mid-season 9, shortly before Trust No 1

December 2001

The strands of colored lights draped across the Douglas fir bathes the living room in a prismatic glow, twinkling off the tinsel, awash in the warmth from the logs crackling in the fireplace. Or it would be if their apartment had a fireplace. But alas, it did not, so the Mulder-demanded yule log on the television – for the ambiance, Scully – would have to suffice. The air is thick with the sweet scent of baking and pine; Bing Crosby croons softly from the record player in the corner.

I’ll be home for Christmas, you can count on me.

The lack of an actual fire doesn’t temper the warmth expanding into Mulder’s chest as he gazes with overwhelming happiness at the room before him: stockings on the mantel, reindeer rocking horse in the corner, his perfect other in the kitchen, and their son in front of the Christmas tree, surrounded by festively wrapped boxes bound with shiny ribbons. William lays happy and babbling on the crimson tree skirt, reaching a chubby hand towards a shiny ornament ball on the lowest branch, his face reflecting the unbridled look of wonder one only finds in children.

Mulder’s chest clenches with the nostalgic ghost of Christmas past. Christmas had always been Samantha’s favorite holiday. She was enraptured by the lights and decorations and insisted on driving around for hours to look at them, her face pressed to the cold window, that very same look of awe alit by the passing glow.

“William!” Scully worries from her spot behind the kitchen counter, wrist deep in sugar cookie dough, Mulder’s long sleeved tee pushed to her elbows over a pair of leggings. “Don’t pull on those! Mulder, can you get him?”

Mulder chuckles and sidles up behind her, sliding his arm around her waist. “Don’t worry, Scully,” he presses a kiss to her cheek and darts his tongue out to lap a streak of flour off her jaw. “They’re the shatter-proof kind.”

He swipes a finger into the mixing bowl; Scully slaps at his hand as a warning.

“Stop that!”

“I only want a tiny taste,” Mulder wheedles, licking the glob of dough from his finger. He tilts her chin and lowers his mouth to hers, “Mmm, sweet.”

She pulls back, smiling, and licks her lips. “Indeed. Now go get your son. He’s trying to eat one of your balls.”

“I believe my balls are for your consumption only.”

He brushes his hand along the curve of her hip and gives her ass as firm squeeze, earning himself a swat to the upper arm.

“Go!” Scully demands, laughing as Mulder sneaks in to steal another kiss, under the pretense of the mistletoe that just happens to be hanging above her head.

Mulder crosses the room and scoops up his son into his arms. “Hey buddy, c’mere. What are you doing? Are you trying to land yourself on the naughty list already? It’s only your first Christmas, little man.” He flips the antlered hood of the fluffy reindeer onesie up onto William’s head, grinning down at him.

All the conspiracies he had chased down over the years, all the false leads he had followed, all the risks he had taken, all the things he had lost, had been worth it if it had brought him here, to this moment, to this apartment, to this family, to this love he had been certain would never exist for him. He doesn’t know what he’s done in any of his lives to deserve this; all he knows is that he has finally found the truth he had been searching for all that time, the truest truth holding them together.

He jostles William to his hip and brings him over to the window, pointing to the lamp-lit street below. “Look, William, snow. It’s snowing! Snow!”

William stretches his hand towards the glass. “…no,”

“Scully, did you hear that?!” Mulder says excitedly. “William just said ‘snow’! Granted, I would have preferred his first word to be ‘Bigfoot’ or ‘alien’, but it’s alright, we can work up to that.”

Scully laughs, wiping her hands on a towel, and joins them at the window. “Mulder,” she corrects gently. “I’m pretty sure he didn’t. Most babies don’t start forming real words until around the first year mark, so we still have another five months or so to go.”

“Nuh uh, I heard him Scully! He said it! Our son is a genius, I’m telling you.”

“Oh, well in that case, I guess he must take after me,” she ribs.

She kisses the look of indignation off his face with a laugh before wrapping her arms around him, her head nestled into his shoulder, and dropping a kiss on William’s head too. They turn back to the window to watch the falling snow swirling, swirling, swirling in the wind, drawn into a wonderland dance by the unseen forces pulling in different directions.

Mulder had never been a huge fan of snow – a few near-death arctic experiences will do that to a person – but looking out over the cityscape, quiet and peaceful, blanketed with a fresh layer, not yet disturbed by humanity, he couldn’t help but be taken by the beauty of it all. It was a fresh start, a new beginning, a life free of running and chasing and searching. Where his life had once been defined by his singular quest to find his sister, it was now replaced with a journey of a different kind. One not of pain and longing, but of love and belonging.

Christmas Eve will find me, where the love light gleams.

“You’re thinking about them again, aren’t you?”

“What?” Mulder turns and the living room dissolves back to the New Mexican desert caravan, his arms achingly empty, the watchful gaze of Gibson Praise upon him. “Stop reading my mind, you know I hate that shit.”

Gibson smiles with an empathetic scoff. “I don’t have to read your mind to know what you’re thinking. Your face says enough. It’s only temporary, you know. For their own good, and yours. Maybe next year you’ll be back with them.”

“Yeah,” Mulder turns back to face the dry desert that keeps them painfully, desperately apart, looking out into the expanse numbly, not a flake of snow in sight. “Next year, Scully,” his voice barely audible. “I promise I’m coming home to you and our son.”

I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams.

George [Harrison]’s actions in life reflected the values that came through his songs. Most are well documented, but I can speak only of my own personal encounter with George. I met him during the release of the Cloud 9 album. I was scared shitless when I saw him and all I could talk to him about was silly stuff. Two days later my wife asked me if there was anyway I could get George Harrison’s autograph for a young woman - a huge fan - who was dying of cancer. I contacted my George connection and popped the question. Within two days I not only had an autographed poster, but a personalized poem written especially for this young fan. The autograph and poem were real and the girl died a month later. I have never forgotten George’s kindness to a person he had never even met. The world is a sadder and poorer place without George. We need good people, and we just lost a shining light. Thank you for all of your music George. I will miss you most for the person you were and the things you represented. Rest in peace, friend.
—  Mark Cope, “Cope With It,” CMJ New Music Report, 17 December 2001

okay so i’ve seen more people joining the pledis girlz fandom either from seeing shannon on girl spirit, watching we or watching fancams from the weekly showcases so here’s a brief introduction to the fandom for the newcomers <3

Firstly there were 7 of the 10 PLEDIS GIRLZ on Produce 101. These members in order of age are Nayoung, Minkyung, Kyungwon, Eunwoo, Yebin, Pinky, and Siyeon. Nayoung is a dancer and a rapper, Minkyung is a vocal, Kyungwon is a vocal, Eunwoo is a vocal, Yebin is a rapper/dancer, Pinky is a vocal/dancer and Siyeon can do EVERYTHING. They are all very talented!!! 

For their group evaluation at the beginning of PD101 they danced to After School’s Bang! and it was said that Siyeon rearranged the song for the performance (here). Kyungwon rearranged Big Bang’s Monster for their position evaluation stage (it’s beautiful watch it here) and Nayoung choreographed the dance for her group’s position eval (watch that here)

After Produce 101 ended 2 of the 7 girls (Nayoung and Pinky) made it into I.O.I and are still promoting with the other I.O.I members in their subunit.

Pledis then released their hidden gems! 3 other members, Shannon, Yewon and Kyla! Shannon is a power vocal and is the cutest child you will ever see. She’s also a producer and produced WE, PLEDIS GIRLZ’s pre-debut track along with Eunwoo. Yewon is power vocal #2 and is also an amazing dancer, her smile can save lives go watch WE you’ll see what i mean. Kyla is the youngest of the group, born in December 2001 but has heaps of talent and rap flow!!! Queen Kyla!!! they say that all three of them auditioned for PD101 but didn’t make it and i’ll never believe that because they could have easily passed they are amazing

nicknames/inside jokes:

  • nayoung: she’s “emotionless” so people call her stone buddha but she’s actually christian whoops, is the mom™, suffers because all the children have way too much energy, “stop! stop! don’t get too excited” all the girls love im nayoung
  • minkyung: looks prettiest when sleeping, is agreed to be nick from zootopia by the other members, is actually badass af, gets cute when awkward, loves yebin v much
  • kyungwon: “golden ratio” kyungwon, is really cool you wish you were her, saved me with her cover of who are you, gorgeous face gorgeous personality gorgeous voice stan talent
  • eunwoo: her face is amazing, meme, “i’m everyone’s beagle, ang!” can’t control her facial expressions but that’s her charm, love hate relationship with pinky
  • yebin: smoll rapper child, is stubborn but also really really nice, lots of affection lots of skinship, LOVES TONY STARK, i’m pretty sure she and siyeon run the entire place, high-key gay for minkyung (and shannon and siyeon and everyone else)
  • pinky: has 3 names i’m always confused, sweet meme, really really hyper, screamed “AJU NICE” on broadcast i’m in love, hates grey coloured socks for some reason, clingy, possessive af towards nayoung “she’s my unnie”, gushed about nayoung’s legs on PD101, bullies eunwoo w/ plenty of affection
  • shannon: WHISTLE NOTES GODDAMN, cutest human being, american child, just a sweet child with a beautiful voice, but then she starts dancing and you’re like what no hold on damn girl, one of the best dancers and best singer wow
  • yewon: POSITIVE GIRL YEWON, smile saves lives, gorgeous voice, has great english pronunciation i’m not sure if she lived in america or not, sang chandelier and blew everyone away with talent
  • siyeon: the boss™, trained for 7 years holy shit, does everything and does it well, once said “why are you crying when we’re in a lesson? we’re supposed to be learning”, takes no nonsense from anyone and is probably the ceo’s favourite daughter, called “princess” by the other members (kyungwon), is actually bullied with affection and can’t really do anything about it
  • kyla: smoll and soft, but not really, so much reverse charm i’m dead, her hair is goals, deep voice rapping ugh, wrote her own rap and performed it for her solo practice, i’m really emotional i love my daughter, QUEEN KYLA DOMINATE

the PLEDIS GIRLZ now hold weekly concerts on saturday, tickets used to be free but now cost $? i’m not sure how much they cost but they’re not expensive. every week is a member day and the selected member has a solo stage to showcase their stuff. 160625 they aired the concert live with pinky and nayoung and you can watch it on v app here

every week they have new performances and if you go through my v:fancam tag you can find most of their performances i strongly suggest you go do that some notable mentions include:

if you wanna find more just search 플레디스걸즈 on youtube you’ll find great stuff trust me talent can’t be hidden

pledis finally did something right and uploaded their solo practice clips (except pinky and nayoung) along with a dance practice for we

nayoung and pinky are on lots of variety shows with I.O.I if you wanna watch them just search up IOI on youtube there’s a lot of stuff their company should chill out a little the girls all look tired

shannon (aka Bae Sungyeon) is currently competing on a show called Girl Spirit on the TV network JTBC. it’s a show that aims to bring recognition to underrated vocalists in the kpop industry. she’s doing great and her performances are all beautiful, the judges say she’s got great talent. PLEDIS GIRLZ is also the youngest group on the show, having debuted 1 day before the show started filming. GO WATCH SHANNON’S PERFORMANCES HERE and HERE!

in conclusion you should watch PLEDIS GIRLZ and stan them because they have a whole lot of talent and it’s coming straight at you embrace it <3