2001 december

Olivia and George Harrison, Ireland, 15 January 2000

Photo © Harrisongs Ltd.

“Thank you for your kind thoughts, flowers and messages of concern and compassion for our ordeal. Your kindness and love were a great help and a desperately needed contrast to our unfortunate experience. We would like to wish you and your families a happy new year and hope it will be be peaceful and loving one. We hope to see you again soon. George, Olivia and Dhani Harrison (Om Shanti).” - A card sent by the Harrison family after the horrific attack on their lives at Friar Park on 30 December 1999 [x], quoted in Billboard, 15 December 2001 [xx]


Venice Magazine: You performed at the Tribute to John Lennon in New York this year and brought the house down with a medley of Hey Jude and Blackbird, followed by Hi-dee-Ho. How did that feel?

Kevin Spacey: Like I should go through a Jack Daniels period and get a bunch of Kevettes and go on the road.

~ Kevin Spacey featured in Venice Magazine, December 3, 2001

George Harrison, 1991, photographed by Terry O’Neill

“People can sing every note he played” By Bob Geldof

The Telegraph, 1 December 2001

“There aren’t many people whose passing can make the entire planet feel sad. But George is one such person. I first met him when I was eight. My sister had taken me to a hotel where the Beatles were staying and we snuck in.

They were very cute, answering their fan letters - something I’ve never seen since in the pop industry. Paul was terribly friendly. Ringo was kidding about. But George was grumpy which was perfect because that’s how you expected him to be.

You could tell he was thinking, ‘Why won’t these kids get out of here.’ He was always the reluctant Beatle. Though he looked amazing, with that beautiful smile and those canine teeth, he thought all the screaming adoration was nonsense.

Once when the Boomtown Rats were starting out and we were going through that he came backstage at a concert we were doing in Oxford and I asked him, 'Do you miss it?’ and he said, 'Absolutely not.’

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George [Harrison]’s actions in life reflected the values that came through his songs. Most are well documented, but I can speak only of my own personal encounter with George. I met him during the release of the Cloud 9 album. I was scared shitless when I saw him and all I could talk to him about was silly stuff. Two days later my wife asked me if there was anyway I could get George Harrison’s autograph for a young woman - a huge fan - who was dying of cancer. I contacted my George connection and popped the question. Within two days I not only had an autographed poster, but a personalized poem written especially for this young fan. The autograph and poem were real and the girl died a month later. I have never forgotten George’s kindness to a person he had never even met. The world is a sadder and poorer place without George. We need good people, and we just lost a shining light. Thank you for all of your music George. I will miss you most for the person you were and the things you represented. Rest in peace, friend.
—  Mark Cope, “Cope With It,” CMJ New Music Report, 17 December 2001

Carmen Kass with sculpture and paintings in “Roman Holiday” for Vogue US, December 2001. Photographer: Mario Testino.

“Che Sarà, Sarà. It’s a very blasé brand of elegance. Vera Wang ivory georgette evening dress, Vera Wang Flagship Store, NYC.” Georgette is a sheer, lightweight, dull-finished crêpe fabric named after the early 20th century French dressmaker Georgette de la Plante.