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Evolution of Popular Fandom

’80s: Print Fanzines

‘90s: Fanfics (FF.net)

2000s: Roleplay (messengers, social media)

2010s: Blogs dedicated to criticizing creators for not conforming to your fanfic/roleplay nobody read and itemizing animation ??errors?? on the show that was your favorite until it got too popular.

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Okayyyyy, so I don’t really even know where to begin so i’ll just start with the basics….
The taping was basically described as the most elaborate, craziest show they’ve had to date which made me super excited and left my expectations crazy high and let me just say….Z and Tom DID NOT disappoint. The show is actually set to air next month before the mtv movie awards where I believe LL said tom and z will present an exclusive spiderman scene.

Can I just say I love Chrissy so damn much!? She’s hilarious and so down to earth. She literally walked to the stage to ask the audience if the bruise on her inner thigh was visible. Later saying it was all John’s fault lol.

I saw both Z and tom’s squad… Z had dej, one of her younger nieces, Zink, cubb, kamil and his brother, her dad, sis, darnell, Dom onstage, and a few others i didn’t recognize. Tom had Harrison and later on Jacob showed up.

So, first round….AMAZING! Z went first and she chose a very Z song…full of shade and sass. Tom went next and also did not disappoint, the boy has swag. First round involved hairwraps, gold chains, camo, and early 2000s jams..you’ll see.

Okay so inbetween stage setups was one of my favorite things ever. Zendaya looked towards the balcony where i was standing and smiled and waved and like, it was like time froze and I died cause she’s fucking zendaya and she’s literal perfection. Inbetween setup, z and tom lip synced to Don’t Stop Believing to entertain the audience a little. Tom lip synced while Z milly rocked lmao. You can totally see that they’re homies and super comfortable with each other. My friend fell in love with Tom just because the boy is damn gorgeous and he has a swag about him. He’s also super awkward and adorable lol

Second and final round….honestly, these performances will go down in lip sync battle history. You know how everyone and they mama saw JGL do Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation…well these are just as epic… or maybe i’m just biased. This round involved giant champagne bottles full of confetti, some black latexy outfits straight out of a missy elliot video, dancing in water, john legend, and spidey hanging upside down… just wait until you see it.

I won’t spoil the winner but if you REALLY want to know, private message me. To summarize Z was just Z and is legit such a chameleon. Tom was a pleasant surprise. I left the taping a total Tom fangirl lol. The experience as a whole was so much fun!


JAY-Z - Excuse Me Miss ft. Pharrell


Today marks the 15th anniversary of the release of Jay-Z’s single Big Pimpin’. Produced by Timbaland and featuring famed Southern group UGK, the single is one of Hov’s most successful ever. With verses from Bun B and Pimp C the song is notable as one of the first songs where Southern rap truly broke into the mainstream lens. The song was nominated for ‘Best Rap Performance by a Duo or a Group’ at the 2001 Grammy Awards.

Pimp C was meant to appear on the Vol. 2 track ‘A Week Ago’, but they couldn’t decide where to record the song due to East and South rap beef. Neither artist wanted to leave their home studio to visit unfamiliar territory, so the collaboration was canned. A year later Hov rang Bun B to invite the group to collaborate on the Abdel Halim Hafez-sampled track - but Bun thought it was a prank call and hung up on him. Hov rang back and they agreed to the collaboration, with Hov convincing them would be a certified hit. 

The single’s video was filmed by Hype Williams in March 2000. The majority of the scenes were filmed during the exuberant Trinidad and Tobago Carnival, then the crew headed to Miami to film the mansion scenes. Hov was notoriously tight with video budgets, but he put up a million dollars for Big Pimpin’ in an effort to get the Roc crew on MTV’s Making the Video (the first rap video to do so) and make the final single from Vol. 3 a success.

Speaking to the Wall Street Journal in 2010, Jay explained how the process of writing Decoded enlightened him in the crassness of many of his past lyrics: “Some [lyrics] become really profound when you see them in writing. Not ‘Big Pimpin,’ that’s the exception. It was like, ‘I can’t believe I said that!’. And kept saying it. What kind of animal would say this sort of thing? Reading it is really harsh.”

Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter and Beyoncé Knowles on the video set of ‘I Got That,’ the second solo single of Roc-A-Fella Records rapper Amil, in July 2000. Knowles, who was still a member of Destiny’s Child at the time, sung the hook of the female-empowerment themed track. It achieved very moderate success, only reaching #101 on the Billboard ‘Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs.’

Hov helped write the track for his once-protégé, and served as the co-director of the official video. This marked the first time that Jay-Z and Beyoncé, who was 18 at the time, worked together professionally. It may have also been the first time they had met in person. 16 years later… Well, you know the rest.

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oh my GOD nursey high as hell in the attic, "are you gonna experience this with me or not, poindexter?" and dex looking to the sky for strength

(YOU ALWAYS INSPIRE ME!!! also we are referencing this post)

“This is maaaaaaaad creepy bro.”

Dex sighs through his nose, trying to concentrate on unpacking all his clothes. It’s their first night in the attic, and of course Nursey is already high as a fucking kite. The smoking part doesn’t really bother Dex, in fact the contact high kind of mellows him out, which is fucking good, because Nursey is even more annoying when he’s stoned. He’s especially annoying right now, due to the fact that all his shit is scattered across their bedroom in totes and instead of unpacking he’s rambling on about ghosts.

“You’re just fucked up right now asshole,” Dex huffs, moving on to hanging his flannel shirts in their closet. “Why don’t you try and unpack your stuff.”

Dude,” Nursey’s eyes go about as wide as they possibly can when he’s under the influence, which isn’t very wide at all. “Holtz swore there were ghosts! And Rans always had all those creepy-ass stories about his butt getting pinched and shit.”

“So are you telling me you can sense ghosts?” Dex can’t quite believe that sentence actually just left his mouth, but after two full years at Samwell, he’s not all that surprised. He just wishes he’d had the forethought to say yes when Bitty asked if he wanted any pie. 

“Dex get in the bed with me man, we can feel the vibrations together.” 

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I just realized that half the time Felix has his sleeves covering his hands. Just, he has sweater paws. Incredible

it’s not even half the time, it’s a consistent part of his character design!

felix went through a lot of outfit redesigns, and while it’s not clear exactly how his shirt is supposed to work (a smart collar but soft, non-cuffed sleeves?) the cuffs always cover his palms to some extent! 

i think it’s a really cute element (i especially like the quantic universe design which makes it look like the sleeves are pulled right down to his knuckles); it lends a softer edge to his sharply refined style of dress and thus indicates there’s more to his personality than he presents. 

as well as being softer than the sharper clothes which mirror his personality, implying there is softness to be found in him, the length of the sleeves also indicate secrets! felix isn’t laying himself bare; he isn’t comfortable with all of himself being seen, physically or metaphorically. the fact that there’s more of his character to be revealed is literally reflected in his outfit! marinette, by contrast, wears shorts and a jacket with the sleeves turned up, indicating she is entirely open and honest and true. she has no secrets from the audience so we know right away she’s a character we can trust - unlike felix; who would, presumably, be impossible to pin down accurately until the very end of the series.

there’s also the question of anxiousness; of the subtle defense pulling sleeves down over one’s hands implies. i’m sure we’ve all done it when we’re stressed or nervous; and this common reaction could indicate felix is less cold and stoic and more shy and anxious. this is kind of a grey area since we don’t know that much about his civilian life, but as much as it is a character design choice to give him those unusual sleeves to indicate his personality, it’s also his choice to wear them in such a way. there’s a reason felix doesn’t match his sleeves to the primness of the rest of his outfit.

tl;dr felix has shirt paws and it’s super cute.


Vanessa Hudgens Say Ok Music Video (Official with Zac Efron)