What I love about Buffy the Vampire Slayer is that there’s something for everyone. Like, seriously, each season is like a different show. 

  • Season 1 is like a quirky, tongue-in-cheek, affectionate parody of horror movies, that celebrates but also laughs at their tropes, whilst defying and subverting the more sexist features of the genre. A camp, cult classic horror-comedy with a feminist twist.
  • Season 2 and 3 are character-based, supernatural high school dramas with an emphasis on family, friendships, and romance, whilst still being humorous and witty as well.
  • Season 4 is like a wacky college sitcom with monsters, government conspiracies, and other sci-fi hijinks thrown into the mix.
  • Season 5 is a domestic drama about two sisters and their loyalty to one another throughout terrible times, with elements of high fantasy juxtaposed with more mundane, real-life problems such as having to drop out of university or the unexpected death of a loved one. 
  • Season 6 is a deconstruction of the entire series, asking questions like ‘but what would the psychological ramifications be on someone so young being forced to risk her life slaying vampires?’ and ‘but after all that adventure, could the characters deal with relative normalcy? How could anything impress you after going up against a Goddess?’. It’s taking the preceding episodes and picking them apart bit by bit in an intense, macabre character study.
  • Season 7 is a full-on feminist fantasy reflecting on the way women are treated in society. It’s fast-paced with a strong focus on action and plot, as opposed to the other seasons which were mostly character-based. 

Like, this show encompasses so many different genres and themes that’s there’s something enjoyable in it for everyone. It works on so many different levels. 


should i make a male cosplay of this girl and sing this song at a con?

if so, then give me 2000 notes :3 and i’ll make sure i will

Klaine only version Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Klaine only version Big Girls Don't Cry
  • Kristin Oliversen /klaineneverends.tumblr.com
  • Kristin Oliversen /klaineneverends.tumblr.com

KLAINE ONLY version of “Big Girls Don’t Cry” - I tried to make it a Klaine duet.

It’s 2:35 long so it could actually be a song of its own :)