sometimes I would breed a dragon, a gen 1 even, if I could insure that they only had one egg. that seems counter intuitive, but for story purposes, one offspring is so much more manageable. one personality, one plot, one relationship. plus it keeps the offspring list nice and trimmed.

I am absolutely sure the idea has been floated before but what if there was a gem item that insured the number of eggs in a nest? it could have a tiered gem price to avoid abuse: cheapest for the one egg assurance, more expensive for two and so on until five is something notable, maybe 1500g? this could still be used by people cashing in on new gene babies, but I feel like that wouldn’t be a bad thing really? 1500g five egg and 350g boon means that each baby would have to sell for more than 370g each to make a profit. new gene babies often do sell for more than that, but I think it’d be ok. it could even be 2000g if it was that big a deal. the game designers are more qualified than me to weigh cost vs benefit of something like that lol.

but yeah, one egg nests. sometimes that’s all I want and it’d be nice to have the option available.