I see a lot of artists with LOW USD to Gem ratios.

So I thought I’d make a short post about how I do my ratio? 

A real easy way to know what to price your stuff, is to just go see the USD to Gem ratio that Flight Rising already has set up. 

500 gems for $5 USD? At that ratio its 100g for $1. I usually don’t count the extra gems that Flight Rising tacks onto the larger gem purchases and just stick to that ratio. So $10:1000g, $20:2000g and so on.

So that’s simple enough…

But then there was treasure… 

Ratios for USD/Gems to treasure gets a bit tougher. Every shop is different because the economy fluctuates all the time.

Assuming you assigned your shop to have a 1g:1¢ ratio, let’s hash out some treasure prices for $1 and 1¢ based on some different popular ratios. 
Popular Ratios include: 1:500. 1:550 (probably only those for adopt shops.) and 1:600, 1:650, 1:700, and 1:750. 

I use the gem amount to calculate the prices.
So, at a 1:650 ratio, my $32 drawing would be about 3200 gems x 650 =  2,080,000t

All of that said, feel free to price your art however you want. I just want to make sure everyone knows what they’re getting for their art. 
Hope this helps! 



back in the Aurea Empire days, Ece was the princess and second in the line of succession right after her sister, the empress! there are several small notes and doodles of her and her old life here!

and so, she’s looking for a new home! :D

the ex-princess is up in the AH for 2000g bc as you guys can see, she comes with art, a personal halo/mandala thingy you can use if you want, a lot of backstory aaaaand she can be inserted in a lot of lores, including my own! so if you’re interested, take a look! 

and as always, boosts are appreciated!! ^q^

aaaand she’s gone <3

sometimes I would breed a dragon, a gen 1 even, if I could insure that they only had one egg. that seems counter intuitive, but for story purposes, one offspring is so much more manageable. one personality, one plot, one relationship. plus it keeps the offspring list nice and trimmed.

I am absolutely sure the idea has been floated before but what if there was a gem item that insured the number of eggs in a nest? it could have a tiered gem price to avoid abuse: cheapest for the one egg assurance, more expensive for two and so on until five is something notable, maybe 1500g? this could still be used by people cashing in on new gene babies, but I feel like that wouldn’t be a bad thing really? 1500g five egg and 350g boon means that each baby would have to sell for more than 370g each to make a profit. new gene babies often do sell for more than that, but I think it’d be ok. it could even be 2000g if it was that big a deal. the game designers are more qualified than me to weigh cost vs benefit of something like that lol.

but yeah, one egg nests. sometimes that’s all I want and it’d be nice to have the option available.