2000ad comic

As you watch xenophobia become more and more a part of mainstream political discourse, you don’t really expect Dredd to be the voice of reason, the man giving the speech in fiction that somebody needs to give in real life.

This story predates our current political turmoils, but then Wagner and Dredd have always been more than a little prophetic, and political careers based on hatred have always been there, alas. I’m sure his fascist tendencies are still there, and I might change my mind in a real election, but his awkward attempt at a party political broadcast would have won my Mega-City vote, I suspect.

From “Judge Dredd: Mega-City Justice” by John Wagner, Carlos Ezquerra & Hector Ezquerra, in 2000AD Progs 1687-1693, reprinted in Tour of Duty: Mega-City Justice