as a general word of advice, whenever possible, please put spaces or commas when you write out long numbers. for people with dyscalculia, 2,000,000 is much much easier to manage than 2000000 and saves a lot of time counting zeroes and trying to space it out in your head. 

also consider writing the number out in letters (two million) next to the numerical version to be even more helpful.

My biggest issue with the pink haired girl and pearl is that the crewniverse had been implying and giving pearl character development for a “pearl finally gets over (or comes to terms with) losing rose” moment for a while

And then backpedaled 2000000% when pearl reverts back (and gets even worse honestly) to an unhealthy mindset in that ep as it seems she’s been reduced to having the hots for anyone that vaguely looks like rose. Which frankly is insulting to the depth of pearl and rose’s complex relationship in the first place.

Idk i’d be fine with it if pearl didn’t have those episodes where she grew as a person and learned that there’s more to herself than just being rose’s pearl, only to immediately throw that out the window bc of a cute girl.

i want love but i don’t think anyone will stay with me forever. I mean this person would have to deal with my rollercoaster of emotions everyday,with me sometimes crying and screaming in my sleep because of nightmares,with me in one moment adoring you to death and kinda wanna be left alone in the next.. with me getting too depressed to leave my bed and not getting angry with me even after the 2000000. time. I need someone i know who would always be there for me no matter what.. I need someone who would always take my hand and would hold me during a panic attack and saying that i’m still loved no matter how bad i fucked up. Someone who is okay with me listening to sad piano tunes in the nights i can’t sleep because of overthinking.

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I see you "flitting" about with girls lately. You have that silver fox thing going for you huh?

      “…’Flitting about’? Is that even a word? I can’t help the….mm, interests of certain people, girls or otherwise. I can all but entertain it with my dry humoring. I still question their tastes and I’ll tell anyone that I am a poor choice and to look elsewhere for their own good. I am an old, tired and wretched thing.”

“But to each their own. I suppose age has its charm.” 

Like pornstars (Josh x OC)

rated: this is R af I’m not even going to lie to you guys, read at your own risk tbh

warning: just mainly he smut, some swearing the usuallll for mee

word count: 2,509 (Long as fuuuuukkkkk)

A/N: Ok, so I received an ask for a link to my smut like days ago and I was supposed to post it here as well but I'm hella trash and basically I never get around to doing anything I plan, but I was writing the Chris one and decided why the fuck not. 

Even though joshtrash already read this she fav af and you should go follow her btw, but anyways I’m going to dedicate bc Josh smut I super important. It’ll add like 2000000+ more years to your life ya know.

KK a heads up, serious fucking like pornstars, though it is fluff at first and in this version it wasn’t a hot water system but a heater system.


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You don’t 

             love  her

                           Stop lying with these words

“Remind me again how I got dragged into this?” You smirk, Chris pushes you gently with a roll of his eyes.

“It isn’t that bad”

“Are you sure? Because it seems like this party sucks, no offence Josh”

Luckily for you he isn’t listening at the moment he’s too busy trying to hit on Sam, you grind your teeth slightly but leave it be and turn back to your brother- Chris.

“Come on, once  Hannah and Beth fetch the tunes everything will be fine” He reassures you.

“They getting some alcohol as well or?” you question, Chris gives you a glare and you can’t help but laugh. “I’m joking! Chill”

You see Jessica making her way over from across the room and you mentally groan, though the roll of your eyes is more than visible you’re sure.

“So, Chris dragged you along too?”

“It’s not terrible, but it’d be great if we had music!” you yell out.

“Working on it” Beth replies.

You laugh to yourself and your eyes can’t help but glance over to Sam and Josh once again, Jessica follows your line of sight and turns to catch a glimpse herself.

“Someone caught the jealousy bug”

“You wish” you scoff, “Just, isn’t this like a friends get together? I just don’t think it’s fair to throw one and disappear to get laid, it’s rude”

Jessica raises an eyebrow, silently judging you clearly before just shrugging her shoulders.

“I don’t know, I think it’s cool they’re getting along” Chris but’s in.

“Says the guy who spent basically a year "Getting along” with Ashley and still hasn’t made a move yet" you smirk.

A cold breeze drifts through an open window, you wrap your arms around yourself cursing that you didn’t even think to bring a coat.

“Hey- ”

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DRINK YOU LAST HAD: Lemon (¬‿¬)  Fanta xD


FAVORITE SONG: I can’t just chose one… o(;△;)o So I’ll tell you the ones that always, ALWAYS are in my playlist xD

“Diver” & “Niwaka ame ni mo makezu” by Nico Touches The Walls

Anything by GACKT, really xD (e.g. “Vanilla”, “Jesus”, “Ever”, “Last song” and a long etc xDD)

And won’t be listing any more ‘cause I could go on forever and ever xDD

GHOSTS ARE THEY REAL: you don’t believe ‘cause you haven’t seen them o__o


KILLED SOMEONE: No (why is this even a question? ∑ ⊙▂⊙ )

LAST TIME YOU CRIED: When my father got hospitalized a few weeks ago….


ONE WISH: Hmmmm…. I wish to survive this year….


QUESTIONS YOU ARE ALWAYS ASKED: Hmmm… I can’t think of any right now xD I can’t come up with anything I’m “always” asked lol

REASONS TO SMILE: SNS? xD Also when my cat does something crazy xDDD



VACATION DESTINATION: First, Mallorca (Spain), next maybe Findland! x3

WORST HABIT: Daydreaming when I should not…. xDD

X-RAYS YOU HAVE HAD: Over my entire body by now lol

YOUR FAVORITE FOOD: Ramen!!! and pizza!! owo!!!


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I know I have the will to starve but if I get just a tiiiiny bit hungry my stomach is gonna growl and it's gotten the attention of the whole class a few times. I have a really loud stomach, it runs in the family. The embarrassment really isn't worth it. Is there anything I can do?

Please do it for your body.
Eat. Maybe not like 2000000 kcal you know but you have to eat about 1000-1500 kcal a day. Don’t hurt yourself bby, stay safe ❤

adam parrish + big sweaters
  • he wears them all the time. no matter what.
  • lazy day inside ? hiking up a mountain ? road trip ? sweater.
  • the only time he doesn’t is when he has work, school or when visiting gansey’s family
  • he only wears the sweaters that are 2000000 sizes too big
  • the more oversized the better
  • he likes pulling them down over his hands when he’s nervous
  • he flaps the sleeves around sometimes just because
  • he’s always just so warm and nice to cuddle because BIG SWEATER
  • he’s the easiest person in the world to shop for. find any sweater and buy it three sizes too big. gansey has a habit of buying 20 just because
  • “it’s not charity, parrish, it’s a present”
  • adam grumbles but accepts because 1) gansey’s right and 2) sweaters
  • he’s really into ugly christmas sweaters
  • he buys them for the boys every year
  • gansey loves it and will wear it for a few days before it gets lost in his massive closet with the rest of his clothes
  • noah appreciates it and always thanks adam but he can never remember seeing noah wearing one ??
  • ronan complains and says he hates it but wears it for weeks afterwards
  • then when they meet blue she’s added to the Ugly Christmas Sweater™ ordeal
  • she wears it all the time with everything. over dresses, over shorts. clashing colours. clashing fabrics. imagine it.
  • big sweaters also help with the whole “hiding bruises from my friends” thing
  • it’s annoying when he’s studying because he needs to roll the sleeves up to his elbows so he can write things down
  • ronan loves cuddling with big sweaters. he buries his nose into adam’s neck where it’s warmest
  • “what are you doing?”
  • (muffled) “nothing”
  • he sleeps in his favourite big sweater and underwear and it’s warmer than wearing full length pyjamas ?
  • he has an aglionby sweater but the rules say it has to be his exact size
  • he’s really sad about it 
  • ronan teases him endlessly about it
  • “can’t pull these sleeves over your hands can you?”
  • “piss off”
  • “you love me”
  • “you wish”
  • Damon stan: Damon is a good friend
  • *cut to Enzo and Alaric crossing their arms and shaking their heads*
  • Damon stan: And-And a good boyfriend
  • *Cut to Elena, Katherine, Caroline and his 2000000 other exes (and exes' ghosts) shaking head*
  • Damon stan, sweating nervously: HE'S a G-GOOD BROTHER
  • *Cut to stefan groaning in disgust, shaking his head*
  • *cut to Kol hitting Damon stan with baseball bat*
  • *cut to every female kicking damon in the balls*