HOLY COW THANK YOU SO MUCH EVERYONE!!!!!!!!! i never dreamed of having this many!!!!!

quick note that this is definitely not the final pic that im gonna draw for you guys (it has alot more characters and fandoms huhuuh) but alas, i have school tomorrow and cannot do it so quickly, i just really wanted to say thank you to you guys now!

ALSO since summer is ending soon have some kids eating watermelon !!!!!!!!!!

Steve and Bucky have a platonic relationship. They just act like lovers, love each other like lovers, go through everything as though they are one, suffer when they are apart, sleep together on the down low, and are totally soulmates. But, like, in a straight way. No homo lol.
—  Markus & Feely, the writers of Captain America, Civil War.

Just a silly sketch of Enj and Grantaire for my Corinthe School for Boys fic. Okay okay, so admittedly Enjolras isn’t a blonde stereotype but I couldn’t resist the Loathing lyrics from Wicked, forgive me.