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2017 US Nationals Preview- Seniors

Thought I would do the same thing I did for the juniors! Little different but I hope you guys enjoy. (Like I did for the juniors, I went oldest to youngest. Please note that for vault I didn’t put placement because only Jade Carey competed 2 vaults so she finished first.) Also, FYI, I put the girls age in brackets that they will be at the P&G Championships. 

  • Ashton Locklear- born 01/13/1998 (19)
    • Club: Everest Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • BB: 13.600 (T-8th)
    • Year as a senior: 4th
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 US Olympic Team Alternate.
  • Marissa Oakley- born 04/15/1999 (18)
    • Club: Everest Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • V: 13.150
      • UB: 13.750 (T-4th)
      • BB: 12.100 (15th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: Did not compete due to injury. 
  • Margzetta Frazier- born 02/25/2000 (17)
    • Club: Parkettes
    • Classics scores:
      • UB: 13.750 (T-4th)
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 P&G Championships competitor (senior division). 
  • Emily Gaskins- born 05/23/2000 (17)
    • Club: Cincinnati Gymnastics Academy 
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.750 (T-6th)
      • V: 13.500
      • UB: 12.450 (14th)
      • BB: 13.300 (11th)
      • FX: 13.500 (3rd)
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 P&G Championships competitor (senior division). 
  • Jade Carey- born 05/27/2000 (17)
    • Club: Oasis Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • V: 14.350 (1st)
      • BB: 13.750 (4th)
      • FX: 13.950 (1st)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 1st on vault at 2016 JO Level 10 Nationals. 
  • Sydney Johnson-Scharpf- born 08/02/2000 (17)
    • Club: Brandy Johnson’s Global Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • V: 13.200
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: Did not compete in 2016 due to injury. 
  • Ragan Smith- born 08/08/2000 (17)
    • Club: Texas Dreams Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • UB: 14.450 (1st)
      • BB: 15.350 (1st)
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 US Olympic Team Alternate.
  • Abby Paulson- born 09/11/2000 (16)
    • Club: Twin City Twisters
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 53.100 (2nd)
      • V: 13.000
      • UB: 13.350 (9th)
      • BB: 13.500 (10th)
      • FX: 13.150 (T-5th)
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 P&G Championships competitor (senior division). 
  • Leah Clapper- born 11/05/2000 (16)
    • Club: Gym America
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 49.050 (12th)
      • V: 13.150
      • UB: 11.450 (17th)
      • BB: 11.850 (18th)
      • FX: 12.600 (10th)
    • Year as a senior: 2nd
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 US Secret Classic competitor (senior division). 
  • Frida Esparza- born 01/17/2001(16)
    • Club: Head Over Heels
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 50.850 (11th)
      • V: 14.050
      • UB: 13.100 (12th)
      • BB: 12.000 (16th)
      • FX: 11.700 (16th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 P&G Championships competitor (junior division). 
  • Victoria Nguyen- born 01/21/2001 (16)
    • Club: Chow’s Gymnastics and Dance Institute 
    • Classics scores: Did not compete at 2017 US Classic. Set to compete at 2017 P&G Championships.
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 5th on balance beam at 2016 US Secret Classic (junior division). 
  • Kalyany Steele- born 02/12/2001 (16)
    • Club: Colorado Aerials
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.900 (T-3rd)
      • V: 14.250
      • UB: 13.150 (T-10th)
      • BB: 13.600 (T-8th)
      • FX: 11.900 (15th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 3rd on vault at 2016 US Secret Classic (junior division).
  • Trinity Thomas- born 04/07/2001(16)
    • Club: Prestige Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • UB: 13.900 (3rd)
      • BB: 14.000 (3rd)
    • Year as a senior: 1st 
    • 2016 season highlight: 6th all-around at 2016 P&G Championships (junior division).
  • Jordan Chiles- born 04/15/2001 (16)
    • Club: Naydenov Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.850 (5th)
      • V: 14.700
      • UB: 13.600 (6th)
      • BB: 11.650 (19th)
      • FX: 12.900 (9th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 1st on vault at 2016 US Secret Classic (junior division).
  • Alyona Shchennikova- born 05/12/2001 (16)
    • Club: 5280 Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 54.950 (1st)
      • V: 14.350
      • UB: 14.500 (2nd)
      • BB: 12.850 (14th)
      • FX: 13.250 (T-5th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 3rd on bars at 2016 US Secret Classic (junior division).
  • Riley McCusker- born 07/09/2001 (16)
    • Club: MG Elite
    • Classics scores:
      • UB: 13.450 (8th)
      • BB: 13.000 (13th)
      • FX: 13.300 (4th)
      • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 US National AA Silver Medalist (junior division).
  • Morgan Hurd- born 07/18/2001 (16)
    • Club: First State Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • BB: 13.650 (T-6th)
      • FX: 13.850 (2nd)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 1st on floor at 2016 US Secret Classic (junior division).
  • Abigail Walker- born 08/25/2001 (15)
    • Club: Texas Dreams Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 51.500 (10th)
      • V:12.900
      • UB: 12.400 (T-15th)
      • BB: 13.150 (12th)
      • FX: 13.050 (8th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: Did not compete in 2016 due to injury. 
  • Elena Arenas- born 08/31/2001 (15)
    • Club: Georgia Elite
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.350 (9th)
      • V: 14.500
      • UB: 13.500 (7th)
      • BB: 11.950 (17th)
      • FX: 12.400 (11th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 2nd on vault at 2016 US Secret Classic  (junior division). 
  • Deanne Soza- born 09/24/2001 (15)
    • Club: Texas Dreams Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.650 (8th)
      • V: 13.900
      • UB: 13.150 (T-10th)
      • BB: 13.650 (T-6th)
      • FX: 11.950 (14th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 2016 P&G Championships competitor (junior division). 
  • Shania Adams- born 10/20/2001 (15)
    • Club: Buckeye Gymnastics
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.750 (T-6th)
      • V: 13.400
      • UB: 12.400 (T-15th)
      • BB: 13.700 (5th)
      • FX: 13.250 (T-5th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: 3rd place on balance beam at 2016 US Nationals (junior division).
  • Luisa Blanco- born 11/19/2001 (15)
    • Club: WOGA
    • Classics scores:
      • AA: 52.900 (T-3rd)
      • V: 13.400
      • UB: 12.850 (13th)
      • BB: 14.300 (2nd)
      • FX: 12.350 (12th)
    • Year as a senior: 1st
    • 2016 season highlight: Did not compete in 2016.
114 || Annabeth Chase

I wrote this monstrosity (it’s quite long) as a gift to myself and to the fictional Annabeth Chase, whom I love, adore, cherish and will forever cry about to sleep. I love her so much you have NO idea Happy birthday, my forever girl. ;_;

Also, I’m aware the years are different from the ones in the wiki—but I’m starting from her canon birth year, 1992, and working my way up. PS. Percabeth pretty much takes over a little later in the story, so watch out!

  • July 12, 1992 || 21:38:15 

Frederick Chase wiped a sleeve across his sweaty forehead, smearing engine oil across his face. He was almost done with his first model of the Avro Lancaster and was extremely ecstatic as he wiped down the plane’s propeller with the aforementioned sleeve. As he blew dust off the body and was just about to attach the external wings, the doorbell of his stingy one bedroom apartment echoed across the walls. Startled, he dropped the part and cursed as he made his way out the door and down to the lobby of the complex.

The cool night air fogged up his glasses—but no fog could distort the image of a baby wrapped snugly in a shining basket by his feet. With trembling fingers, he wiped his lenses against his worn jeans and took the basket by its handle. Frederick gently uncovered the baby’s face with fear and contempt, and his suspicions were proved when a beautiful fair haired baby stared up at him with the most startling grey eyes he had only ever seen on one person before. He was frozen in place—the captivating eyes and immense shock were the only things preventing him from dropping the baby.

“Athena,” he whispered hoarsely. He knew it had to be hers. His knowledge in biology was sufficient enough to know that babies’ eyes only opened after weeks—this baby, however… This baby was special because its mother was special. Its eyes were open, and he could already feel its strength beneath the cloths. It could only be hers.

My gift. A testimony of our love.

A familiar voice sounded in his thoughts.

“A… gift?” A cool wind ruffled his hair, and he heard a soft hum by his ear. “Athena—I can’t take her.“

Immediately, a voice in his head insisted that he had no choice.

“I’ve barely started my career…” He argued without purpose. “I- I… I… This is a baby. A human, breathing, live, infant. Not a gift.

Frederick’s fingers shook as the voice in his head argued with his thoughts. They told him that mortals must take care of their children. There was no other option.

“Athena…” He tried again. “I can’t. I can’t. I don’t even know how to change a diaper. How do I feed her? My bank account is empty. How will I work?“

You’ll figure it out, the voice said. Athena only chooses the capable ones, after all.

“I…” Frederick attempted again, but he felt a small hand wrap around the pointer that held up the hood of the baby’s blanket. It had grabbed his finger, and the grey eyes began to stir something deep within his heart. “I…”

She has nowhere else to go, Frederick.

The voice materialised in his head, and a flood of memories—libraries, university tours, and lectures—flushed his cheeks and ignited his passion. He looked at the baby—at the baby girl in the basket and felt a heartstring ring.

With a sad smile, Frederick Chase watched the baby girl yawn in the golden basket. 

“Okay,” he finally replied. “I’ll do it for her,” he whispered as he shut the complex door with a toe. He picked up the baby and held her in his arms, eyes tearing up as he watched the infant squirm and settle in for a nap. Instantly, he regretted his earlier thoughts—he couldn’t take his eyes off her. It was like love at tenth sight.

“I’m going to do it for her. For my Annabeth.“

  • July 12, 1999 || 00:07:33

Annabeth has long since learned how to keep secrets. This night, however, was the biggest secret she’s ever kept.

Just as her daddy kissed her forehead, greeted her a happy seventh birthday and twisted on the night light, she stumbled off her bed with quick movements and reached under her mattress for her favourite backpack. Grabbing the flashlight from her drawer, she double checked the things inside the bag, making sure everything was there, but with panicked haste. The spiders were going to come soon.

Holding in her tears as the first dribble of insects came crawling out of her closet, she shook the cobwebs off her belongings inside the bag and zipped it tight when her dad’s hammer, her favourite socks, a pyjama top (in case she got sleepy), Mr. Totle (her stuffed bear, named after Aristotle), three packs of biscuits and two juice boxes she’s been saving from her lunch in school, her pencil and notebook, were safely in the backpack. She also had a blunt kitchen knife in her pocket that she was too terrified to use.

Annabeth got her desk chair and propped it against her wall, climbing on it to open her bedroom window. She poked her head out of the sill and was proud of the fire escape stairs that just so happened to be right by her room.

Exhaling deeply, Annabeth looked at her closed bedroom door and wiped tears from her eyes. “I’ll miss you, Bobby and Matthew,” she whispered, wiping the snot dripping from her nose. The spiders were already filling up her wall. “I’m sorry for the monsters. They won’t hurt you no more.”

“I love you, daddy.” Was the last thing she said before she climbed out the window and ran away for and from a family who didn’t love her back.

  • July 12, 2000 || 16:25:09

“Right,” Annabeth grinned, licking a fresh strawberry popsicle clean off its stick. With her two front teeth missing, it was an incredibly cute sight. “So he told me that ‘oh no little girl, you’re so small, I can beat you!’ but then I was the one who beat him up!”

Her eyes brightened and she pat her bronze dagger, now strategically placed on a scabbard by her belt. “Being small is great, right, Thalia?”

Annabeth stared up at the big pine, rubbing a tear off her cheek with an arm. She hugged the tree’s trunk—or whatever part she could grab onto— and gave it a kiss.

“Anyways,” she snivelled. “I’m eight today. You said you were gonna see me turn eight, so here I am!“

Out of the blue, a teenage blonde came up from behind the tree and rushed to wrap both the tree and Annabeth in his eager reach. Although she had already cried just moments before, Annabeth suddenly began to bawl in the company of her two best friends. Even if one of them was a tree.

Even if she did wonder how everything was going back in her mortal family, she had to admit that being crushed between Luke and Thalia was enough for her. She had gotten what she wished for on her last birthday—she now had the best, broken family (who loved her back) that she could hope for.

  • July 12, 2002 || 11:10:55

“You didn’t think we’d forget, did you?” Chiron smiled, grabbing a little Annabeth by the waist and settling her on his lower half. They galloped across the camp until they were in front of the big house.

“I just thought you had more important things to worry about,” she admitted, arms wrapped around Chiron’s torso. “What with all these quests and stuff.”

The centaur shrunk back into his wheelchair and opened the door to the blue building, revealing a small birthday party with her fellow Athena campers and Luke right in the middle. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” They chanted, and Annabeth felt her heart turn to absolute mush. There was no other explanation.

As they wore party hats and gave out nachos, Annabeth was passed around from camper to camper, head being pat and hair being combed by campers she had looked up to and friends she enjoyed battling. They all clearly adored her, and it glued a piece of Annabeth back together. As the afternoon passed and duties resumed, she found herself falling asleep on the porch of the Big House, leaning against Chiron in his centaur form.

She was happy—but even through that, there was just something missing. Nevertheless, it was her very first birthday party.

“Thanks for everything,” she said sleepily, eyes drooping closed. “I had fun.“

“Annabeth,” Chiron whispered fondly, giving the top of her head a small kiss. “You will always be welcome.”

  • July 12, 2004 || 14:17:49

“What do you mean I can’t take the quest?” Annabeth’s shrill voice echoed through the meeting hall. Her glare was enough to scare the wits out of any camper—however, Chiron had grown immune to it.

“It is not your time,” he replied patiently. “There will come others—"

“I’ve been in camp for five years! Everyone, even the newbies have gotten quests, but I can’t get one?“

“I’ve told you before— the great prophecy—”

“And has the one arrived? Does that mean I’m never gonna get a quest?” Annabeth’s voice silenced the meeting of the cabin counsellors. She was the youngest in the group. “I’m never gonna get one, aren’t I?” It was more of a statement than a question. It was too bad Luke wasn’t here—if he were, he would’ve taken her side immediately.

When no one replied, Annabeth stood up quietly and trudged out of the room. She wiped a tear off her cheek.

A happy birthday to her, then.

  • July 12, 2005 || 18:32:11

“Stop looking so smug, Seaweed Brain,” Annabeth pouted, feeling her heart beat a thousand miles per minute. “No need to get your empty head even bigger.“

“Just ‘cause I’m in the best mood ever, I won’t even ask you to stop calling me that,” Percy replied. As always, his green eyes and disgusting smile made her head go flip flop—which was honestly a very new experience. She didn’t like to dwell on it.

“Boys and their egos,” she said with a sigh. Annabeth rolled her eyes and continued pushing the bead through the hemp. Her fingers were unusually sweaty.

“Hey Wise Girl,” Percy said. He nudged her with his elbow.

“You know that doesn’t even insult me, right?” she laughed. “Me being wise is a compliment. You’re terrible at this.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, but—” he waved her off. “Why didn’t you tell me today was your birthday?“

Annabeth’s cheeks turned a bright red just as the bead finally slipped through the hemp necklace. She hurriedly tied the knot and held it tightly in her hands.

“Because it’s not important,” she retorted, trying to flash him her best look of death. “Besides—we finished a quest and you have your symbol on a bead! Isn’t that enough to celebrate?”

“I still think they should’ve put like… an owl and horns or something,” Percy grimaced. “Couldn’t have done anything without you after all… and, okay, so maybe Grover helped a little, too.”

If it was possible to blush harder while forcing a laugh, Annabeth did.

“And mom always tells me that birthdays have to be celebrated,” Percy smiled. “You’re a year older! It’s a big thing.” 

He bowed his head towards her—a gesture showing her that he was ready to be beaded. With nervous hands, Annabeth slid the necklace around Percy’s abnormally large head and around his neck. His first bead. And she got to bead him.

“Thanks,” he replied with a smirk. He nudged her again. “And happy birthday. Why don’t I get you something from the store?“

“Like what?” she managed.

“I don’t know,” he grinned lopsidedly. “Maybe something blue?”

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The big list of must see Lucha Libre (wip)

Lucha has gained a lot of popularity this year so I thought it would be cool to put together a list of classic matches for fans new and old to enjoy. I’ll be updating it often, and I’m open to some recommendations if you wanna inbox them to me, just remember that I can’t add it if I can’t find video of it.

Matches in bold are newly added.

Dos Caras vs Dr. Wagner - AJPW 02/03/1980
Gran Hamada vs Anibal - NJPW 13/03/1981

MS1 vs. Sangre Chicana - 23/09/1983

El Satanico vs Sangre Chicana - 24/09/83

El Canek vs Andre The Giant - UWA 12/02/1984
Sangre Chicana vs Perro Aguayo - EMLL 28/02/1986
El Dandy vs Angel Azteca  - EMLL 01/06/1990
El Pantera vs Fuerza Guerrera (1)(2)(3)(4) - EMLL 04/05/1990
Atlantis vs Kung Fu - EMLL 26/10/1990
Brazo de Oro vs El Hijo del Santo - UWA 13/01/1991
Perro Aguayo vs Konnan - EMLL 22/03/1991
Atlantis vs Emilio Charles Jr. - EMLL 22/03/1991
Atlantis vs Blue Panther  - EMLL 08/09/1991
Villano III vs Pegasus Kid - UWA 03/11/1991
El Signo vs El Texano - UWA 12//01/1992
Cien Caras/Máscara Año 2000/Sangre Chicana vs Konnan/Perro Aguayo/El Rayo de Jalisco Jr (1)(2) - EMLL 06/03/1992
El Canek vs Dos Caras - UWA 02/02/1992
Negro Casas vs El Dandy - CMLL 07/05/1992
Vampiro vs Pirata Morgan - CMLL 17/07/1992
Negro Casas vs Ultimo Dragon - CMLL/UWA 17/04/1993
Konnan vs Cien Caras - AAA 30/04/1993
Lizmark vs Jerry Estrada - AAA 18/06/1993
Blue Panther vs Art Barr - CMLL 18/07/1993
Lizmark vs El Satanico -  AAA 17/09/1993
Negro Casas vs La Fiera - CMLL 01/10/1993
Atlantis vs Mano Negra - CMLL 01/10/1993
El Hijo del Santo/Octagon v. La Parka/El Satanico - AAA 01/12/1993
El Hijo del Santo vs Psicosis - AAA 16/02/1994
Eddie Guerrero & Art Barr vs El Hijo del Santo & Octagon - AAA 06/11/1994
Konnan vs Jake Roberts - AAA 27/05/1994
MS-1 vs Pirata Morgan - CMLL 29/10/1994
Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Misterio Jr - AAA 31/01/1996
Juventud Guerrera vs Rey Misterio Jr - AAA 15/07/1996
El Dandy vs Negro Casas vs El Hijo del Santo - CMLL 12/06/96
Chris Jericho vs Apolo Dantes - CMLL 05/11/1998
Atlantis vs Villano III - CMLL 17/03/2000
Cibernético vs La Parka - AAA 20/06/2004
Místico vs Averno (1) (2)- CMLL 30/01/2005
La Parka vs Muerte Cibernetica (El Mesías) - AAA 18/06/2006
El Hijo Del Santo vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo - CMLL 26/08/2006
Abismo Negro vs Mr. Niebla - CMLL 16/04/2008
Blue Panther vs Villiano V - CMLL 19/09/2008
Laredo Kid, Aerostar, Gato Eveready,  El Ángel vs Tigre Cota, Billy Boy, Tito Santana (II), Río Bravo - AAA 15/02/2009
Dos Caras Jr. vs Ultimo Guerrero - CMLL 15/02/2009
El Mesías vs Chessman - AAA 15/03/2009
El Mesías vs Dr. Wagner Jr. - AAA 13/06/2009
Místico vs Averno - CMLL 10/08/2009
Charly Manson vs Chessman - AAA 21/08/2009
Dr. Wagner Jr. vs El Mesías vs Cibernético - AAA 21/08/2009
Volador Jr., La Sombra, Valiente vs Sangre Azteca, Dragón Rojo, Misterioso Jr. - CMLL 08/09/2009
Místico vs Negro Casas - CMLL 18/09/2009
La Mascara vs Averno - CMLL 17/06/2011
Dr. Wagner Jr. vs el Hijo del Perro Aguayo - AAA 10/09/2011
Máscara Dorada vs Mephisto - CMLL 04/11/2011
Titán vs Euforia - CMLL 22/06/2012
Titán vs Pólvora - CMLL 04/09/2012
Dr. Wagner Jr. vs Máscara Año 2000 Jr. - AAA 09/09/2012
Rey Cometa vs Puma King - CMLL 22/09/2012
Dr. Wagner Jr. vs LA Park - AAA 15/11/2012
Titán vs Pólvora - CMLL 01/01/2013
el Hijo del Perro Aguayo vs Cibernético - AAA 16/06/2013
Rey Hechicero vs Charles Lucero - Noches de Coliseo 04/08/2013
La Sombra vs Volador Jr. - CMLL 13/09/2013
Guerrero Maya Jr. vs Virus - CMLL 06/10/2013
Titán vs Averno - CMLL 01/12/2013
Titán vs Negro Casas - CMLL 03/01/2014
Titán vs Virus - CMLL 28/01/2014
En Busca de un Ídolo 2014 qualifying tournament - CMLL 29/03/2014
Rey Hechicero vs Bárbaro Cavernario - CMLL 20/06/2014
Volador Jr. vs La Sombra - CMLL 14/06/2014
Rey Hechicero vs Caifán - Luchamania 05/07/2014
Titán vs Bárbaro Cavernario - CMLL 28/07/2014
Rush vs Negro Casas - CMLL 01/08/2014
Ultimo Guerrero vs Atlantis - CMLL 19/09/2014
Fenix vs Hijo Del Fantasma - AAA 18/03/2015
Fenix vs Mil Muertes - Lucha Underground 18/03/2015
Dragon Lee (II) vs Kamaitachi - CMLL 20/03/2015
Volador Jr. & Titán vs Flamita & Bestia 666 - Cara lucha 30/05/2015
Flamita vs Volador Jr. - Cara Lucha 14/06/2015
2015 Alas de Oro - AAA 14/06/2015
Atlantis, Diamante Azul, Volador Jr. vs La Sombra, Marco Corleone, Rush - CMLL 17/07/2015
Satánico vs Blue Panther - Caralucha 25/07/2015
Volador Jr. vs La Sombra - CMLL 03/08/2015
Prince Puma vs Mil Muertes - Lucha Underground 05/08/2015
Vampiro vs Pentagon Jr.  - Lucha Underground 05/08/2015
Rey Mysterio Jr. vs Myzteziz - AAA 09/08/2015
Atlantis vs La Sombra - CMLL 18/09/2015
Bestia 666 vs Pentagon Jr. - The Crash 02/10/2015
Volador Jr vs Mascara Dorada - Elite 29/04/2016
Cavernario vs Rey Cometa - CMLL 10/06/2016

TBT, This is Christina Aguilera @xtina singing in my ear, and sitting on my lap during a rehearsal for the very first Latin Grammy Award Show  09/11/2000. We had so much fun with Ron Fair @RonFairMusic and the awesome all Star band. Here’s a link to the actual performance on the very first Latin Grammy Show from the Staples Center. Manny Lopez and myself accompanying Christina on “Contigo en la Distancia” and then we did “Genio Atrapado” Enjoy! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-hVHzKt9yc She’s definitely one of the best singers EVER! 

Aaliyah Makes History as 'Try Again' Hits Number One On Hot 100 Without a For-Sale Single

Jun 09, 2000, 01:00 ET from Virgin Records

Never before in the history of the
Billboard Hot 100 chart has a song hit Number One without the dual benefit of both radio play and single sales. That is until now …
Pop superstar Aaliyah makes record industry history today: her current
smash single “Try Again” has hit the Number One slot on the Billboard Hot 100
chart, a remarkable feat given that it reached that pinnacle based solely on
radio’s overwhelming response to the track.
Based on research compiled by Broadcast Data Systems, this week alone over
91 million people heard Aaliyah’s “Try Again,” her current song from the hit album of music from the film “Romeo Must Die.” As a result, the singer secures the top spot for the week ending June 17, 2000.
The “Romeo Must Die” success story began on March 28 when the album
debuted at Number 3 on the Billboard Top 200 Albums chart. It features
eighteen new tracks by an all-star array of hip-hop and R&B talent, including
Destiny’s Child, Ginuwine, Mack 10, Timbaland & Magoo, and BG from Ca$h Money.
Aaliyah contributes four tracks to the album, including the chart-topping “Try
Again” and her collaboration with rapper DMX on “Come Back In One Piece,”
currently climbing the charts. The album has shipped over 1.2 million copies
in just ten weeks. Aaliyah lit up the silver screen earlier this year starring in Joel
Silver’s film of the same name. The versatile performer received terrific notices for her performance as Trish O'Day in this modern day “West Side Story.” The film opened Wednesday, March 22, and is the highest grossing
Warner Bros. film released so far this year.

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During the 10 years of the 1980s, there were only 4 (FOUR!) matchups in the NBA Finals:

  • 3 x Lakers-Sixers (1980, 1982, 1983)
  • 3 x Lakers-Celtics (1984, 1985, 1987)
  • 2 x Lakers-Pistons (1988, 1989)
  • 2 x Celtics-Rockets (1981, 1986)

The Lakers won 5, Celtics 3, and Pistons/Sixers with 1 each. 

By comparison, in the: 

  • 1990-99 period, we had 9 different matchups in 10 years (only Bulls-Jazz met more than once). 
  • 2000-09 period, we had 10 different matchups in 10 years (no Finals rematch in the whole decade).
  • 2010-today, we have had 5 different matchups already (including the upcoming Finals), and we’re only half way through the decade.

The 80′s was definitely not a decade of parity, that’s for sure.


The Essence Of Cassandra Cain

Again. Again! Batgirl v1-07 2000-10
Cass looses her special body reading skill because a meta-human hot-wired her brain so she could speak. Despite this Cassie kept training and sparing so she could regain Batman’s confidence. This page is so intense!
[Batman gapes at her]
Scott again hits a home run. The look of determination on Cassandra’s face once her nose is bloodied is fantastic. And Batman’s reaction is right on.

Bruce Can’t Hit Cass Batgirl v1-09 2000-12
And then she’s got her body reading back from Shiva: …Mediocre for a lifetime. Or perfect for a year. And now when Batman tries 3 times to hit Cass, he can’t. She deftly dodges every hit with ease and a sweet smile.

I Don’t Kill But I Don’t Lose Either Batgirl v1-08 2000-11
Well, this is the famous series of panels between Cass and Shiva. So much emotion. Cassie is guilt ridden from her naive, unknowing murder at age 8 and only wants to atone for her crime. It’s not like Batman saying “I don’t kill” since he has never killed (not including the 30s or weird Elseworld stuff). When she says I don’t kill her emotions must twist in her stomach because she has killed. Cassandra’s brooding intensity is driven by her past killing and her present fight against crime.

And to be face to face with Shiva, who only wants to find worthy opponents to fight to the death. I wonder if the sucker punch was a way to demonstrate that despite Cass not being a killer, she prevails. And prevails without killing, with a broken shoulder, over the most skilled fight-to-the-death martial artist in the world. Cass changed from a killer to something much better, more just, and good.

You Can Change, You Can Batgirl v1-36 2003-03
So, key to Cass is change. Raised as an asocial, pure killing machine she escapes and finds a better life. Once Cass could help others with her unique skills, she was on the path to redemption. She was an extraordinary example of people changing, and changing a lot. Cassie is very smart here by remembering this guy was brought in by Cain to train with her. She leveraged that information to convince him there was another option. He knew there was nothing he could say to counter her point - if Cass could change from what she was, anyone can.

15 Days Until Cassandra Cain Returns


We Belong Together • 10th Anniversary | March 29, 2005

Following her decline in popularity between 2001 and 2005, critics dubbed the song Carey’s musical comeback, as many had considered her career over. We Belong Together earned her several music industry awards and nominations throughout 2005–06, including 4 Grammy nominations with 2 wins. The song broke chart records in the United States and became Carey’s sixteenth number one single on the US Billboard Hot 100. After staying at number one for fourteen non-consecutive weeks, it was placed as the second longest running number one song in US chart history, behind Carey’s “One Sweet Day.” Billboard listed it as the “Song of the Decade” (2000-09) and the ninth most popular song of all time. Additionally, it broke several airplay records, gathering both the largest one-day and one-week audiences in history. We Belong Together was certified Platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), denoting shipments of one million copies throughout the United States.