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Da sinistra. Tuxedo jacket, Comme Des Garcons Homme Plus; camicia Charvet; overall Byblos; cravatta Dior Homme by Hedi Slimane; shoes Tom Ford pour YSL Rive Gauche. Pantaloni con suspenders, Dolce & Gabbana; leather shoes, Tom Ford pour YSL Rive Gauche. Collane e gemelli, Gemelli; long chaine, Tiffany & Co.


Built in 1910 in Colchester, Essex, United Kingdom, Severalls Hospital was a psychiatric hospital which housed 2000 plus patients. The patients, who were separated by gender, were guinea pigs for new experiments. A number of female patients were sectioned here for bearing illegitimate children or even because they had been raped. Some of the treatments that took place at Severalls Hospital was lobotomies and ECT. Eventually, the hospital moved with the times and social acceptance and eventually got rid of these barbaric forms of treatment and introduced art and music therapy programs, along with medication and drugs. In August 1942, the hospital was bombed by the Luftwaffe, killing 38 patients. Severalls Hospital was eventually closed in 2013.


2000+ Followers Gift

Wow!! Can not believe I have reached 2000 (plus) Followers!!
To let you all know how much I appreciate it, I have made a gift…

Sims 4

New Meshes - Senza Bathroom
• senza bathtub - 7739 polys (3 colors & 10 slots)
• simas flow sink - 8550 polys (2 colors & 10 slots)
• wall mounted commode - 2718 polys (2 colors)
• raindance shower head - 8742 polys (3 colors)
• double roll toilet paper - 236 polys (2 colors)
• single roll toilet paper - 128 polys (2 colors)
• modern sconce - 966 polys
(colors are in black and white)

Plus 2 New Meshes by daer0n
**thank you my sweet friend!!**
• hanging bath towel - 3532 polys (8 colors)
• slim wall mirror - 126 polys (3 colors)

**sorry for the high poly on some items.**
Still trying to figure out how to decimate without breaking the mesh in pieces.


separated files


merged file


recoloring resources


“Ohana means family, family means nobody gets left behind. Or forgotten.” -Lilo

A Little Something Quick...

@sharingan-rasengan-chidori asked for a little something Tyrion and I needed a break from college stuff and didn’t feel like sitting down to write a full blown 2000 word one shot. Plus, their message pulled at the heart strings…I couldn’t refuse…and dabbles are fun to write from time to time!

I hope you like it

Word Count: 700 ish

Imagine….Tyrion comforting you (modern times)


Tyrion didn’t even bother to ask you what was wrong when you appeared at his door late that night tired and dirty with a single duffle bag of stuff in your hands. Smiling sadly, but grateful that you were alright and felt comfortable enough to come to him for comfort, the “half man” waved you into his apartment and quickly shut the door – blocking you off from the cold of the winter air and the pain of the friendship that had tragically ended.

He could tell you were hurt, but waited for you to open up about it. Getting a bath started, he lit a few candles and turned on your favorite music in hopes that it would help you relax.

Tyrion left you alone to your bath and set an extra plate at the table so you could eat with him – it was a simple meal. Something easy for a “man of his size” to keep an eye on without causing too much trouble…or risking a house fire.

He wanted to be angry. To scream and throw things, question how someone could treat such an amazing person like you like complete garbage? Sure, he didn’t know the details…maybe there was a chance that he had things wrong – that the friendship had ended on neutral grounds – but he didn’t care.

Tyrion cared so deeply about you, that anything or anyone that harmed you was nothing but the scum of the earth.

Once the two of you were seated at the table, Tyrion poured two glasses of your favorite alcohol and sat the bottle closer to you. He loved alcohol, of course he did, but he figured you could use it more than him at the moment.

After a few moments of comfortable silence, you began to cry and ramble on and on about what had happened. Tyrion smiled sadly, moving his chair over beside yours so he could wrap his arm around your waist and rub your back. He wasn’t that good with comforting people, but he did his best to comfort you.

“I will always be here for you, I promise.” Tyrion lost count of how many times he had said it, but he meant it just as much every time.

Out of everyone that had come into his life, you were the only one who stuck around without having an ulterior motive. Tyrion would follow you, and defend you, to the ends of the earth.

After dinner, the two of you ended up on the couch binging your favorite show on Netflix and constantly pointing out ships, BROtp’s, and NOtp’s. Tyrion made sure to keep the conversation light, doing and saying everything he could think of to make you laugh and happy – even if it only lasted for a few moments at a time.

“Things will get better,” Tyrion murmured that night as the two of you walked to his room – he had decided to let you sleep in his bed and he would take the couch.

“How do you know?” your voice was scratchy and hoarse from all the emotions you had felt that day.

He smiled and took your hand, “Because you’re strong and in a year this will be nothing but an experience you had which helped you learn and grow.” Then he patted your hand – he was a little short to kiss your cheek – and turned, waddling back down the hall.

• [EN] Not enough tiiiiime ! I finished this one a few weeks ago… I’m quite obsessed by knitting and tiny universes (Arietty forever) these days, so here’s the mashup  ^^
By the way, thank you SO MUCH everybody, for all the incredible feedback on my Zelda redesign ! And welcome to the new followers ! Over 2000, wow <3 Must do something to celebrate, when I have opportunity.
• [FR] J’avais terminé cette illustration il y a quelques semaines… RHaaa ! donnez-moi du teeeeemps ! Je suis assez obnubilée par le tricot et les univers miniatures ces derniers temps (Arietty forever) donc : combo ^^
Par ailleurs, MERCI tellement pour vos retours sur mon illustration redesign de Zelda ! Et bienvenue aux nouveaux abonnés ! Nous sommes plus de 2000 ici, wow <3 Faut que j’organise un petit truc dès que j’ai le temps pour fêter ça.

Today is hilarious on SA. This guy offered a weekend from Friday night to Sunday for $700 as a regular thing. I said I’ve never received less than $1500-$2000 plus shopping for that length of time and wished him luck. This is his response!!! HAHAHA. And. On top of it he responded to what I said after and said he makes over a million dollars a year, owns all these companies and lowballs so he can tell if girls are gold diggers or not. BRUH why does your profile say you only make $300k a year and have $1mill of net worth. AND YOU LIVE IN WEST VIRGINIA. Shut the fuck up, these men are so dumb.


I’m in a tight spot and selling my mascot/fursuit/cosplay costumes.
Fit size 5'6" 150lbs +- a bit. Size 7.5 women’s shoes
Okami $800
Toothless $1500
Red Xiii $2000
Plus shipping

Okami is a little rough and needs new hands and paint touch up. Does not include sword.
Toothless will need dismantled to ship or could sell for parts.
Red is still like new.
Feel free to ask any questions. I can post more photos if anyone is seriously interested.