2000 pesos

emergency commissions

hey guys! as many of you know i’m struggling financially. that means i’ll have to make money from selling my art, and preferredly fast. i need to pay my tuition in arts which has reached 700 pesos argentinos a month. that’s a freaking lot. apart from that, my therapist charges me 2000 pesos a month, no insurance, which drastically affects my life.
 i also need money to achieve my lifelong dream, which is going to see gorillaz (special interest) live!

to reach this goal that seems almost herculean, i’ll be having some emergency commissions! if you can and want to, please buy something from me! and even if you can not, do reblog this to help a latinx nonbinary neurodivergent buddy out!!
 these are my prices

and these are examples of my art!

How cool is this? I just saw a 2000 peso-bill, Philippine Currency. For real! I also saw the newly designed 20-peso bill, 50-peso bill and 100-peso bill plus 200-peso bill (old design) with a UST Quadricentennial logo on it. Wonder how much that is. I can still remember when UP also did this as a part of its centennial celebration. I’m not sure who owns those money. It’s either my dad or one of my brothers.

Speaking of money, I still haven’t paid my buddy fee for the org I was applying to (i.e. UP SHARP). The fee is P2000. :O If only I could use that^ P2000 there to pay my fee… But I wouldn’t. :)) That money is more worth keeping than spending. I’d rather display it somewhere in the house than just simply giving it away. Would you do the same if you had such?