2000 light years

Stuff that happened when Green Day were in London on February 8th 2017

- everyone singing along to bohemian rhapsody before Green Day came on
- the bunny at the beginning
- them coming on to the good bad and ugly theme
- which went straight into know your enemy
- that girl from the audience who sung know your enemy and then jumped into the audience but it took a couple of tries because she was scared
- the stadium going pitch black and Billie shining a torch round the audience during holiday followed by Billie and the audience chanting ‘no Trump’
- ‘the representative of England now has the floor’
- the acoustic beginning to blvrd, all of the lights in the audience, the audience singing part of blvrd before the pause where everyone chanted ‘Green Day’ followed by Billie saying ‘it’s so, so nice to be back in London’
- having the union jack hanging over his guitar during blvrd
- blvrd going straight into longview where Billie got out his old guitar
- that guy in the superman hoodie who came up and sang longview and was running around the stage like a madman. When he hugged Billie, Billie grabbed his butt, and he did not hesitate in running and jumping into the audience
- Tré skipping across the stage to throw his sticks into the crowd, and then doing a pirouette and skipping over to Jason Freese on the keyboard and thrusting in front of him during waiting
- before 2000 light years, ‘who in here is a hardcore Green Day fan?’ que everyone cheering
- all the fucking around in hitchin’ a ride: ‘Eeennggalaaaand’ etc
- the beginning of cristie road where there was just a spotlight on Billie
- minority that went straight into are we the waiting, where there was low lighting and the audience singing most of the chorus
- which went straight into st. jimmy
- Billie running out of breath in the last chorus of st. jimmy and then standing on a platform with his arms out under loads of lights and staying like that for a good few minutes before shouting 'and don’t you fucking wear it out!’
- Billie going through Mike’s legs during basket case
- Tré didn’t have his bra and hat on during king for a day ;-;
- Mike had sunglasses, Jason White had the mike mask, Jason Freese had a pharoh’s hat, Billie wore a flat police hat
- Someone throwing a rainbow flag at Billie, who then held it up and briefly wrapped it around him like a dress during the instrumental of king for a day
- the audience chanting 'king for a day’
- the call and response part with the sax and Billie playing a golden kazoo, which he then threw into the audience
- Billie waving his arms during the sax solo and putting the union jack on Jason like a cape
- Jason having a spotlight on him during his sax solo, where he played the careless whisper sax solo and conducted the audience who sang the last bit of it, which he found very funny
- the way Tré came down from the drum kit to do his 'I say waaaaaaaaaiiitt a minute’ in the mic
- the way Tré kicked his legs during his part and Billie played the drums
- 'little bit softer now’ as the stage went dark and they all lay on the floor
- Billie softly singing always look on the bright side of life and the audience singing the 'doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo’, followed by teenage kicks where Billie held the mic up from the floor and the audience sung 'this teenage kicks right through the night, alright’ where Billie added an extra 'alright’ on the end
- Billie, while on the floor, saying 'this is why we love coming to England, because you guys feel the same way about music as we feel about music’
- Billie then singing I can’t get no satisfaction, followed by hey jude, where there was a massive cheer after the first 'hey jude’ and the audience singing the 'naaaa naa naa na na na naaaaaa, heeeyyy juude’ and inbetween each na na na part, Billie singing some improv 'juuudy juuuudy judy judy go’
- 'little bit louder now’ as the lights turned back on and they all got off of the floor
- 'this song is called forever now’ followed by a massive cheer
- them going off stage and the audience chanting 'Green Day’ again
- Billie getting down on his knees and praising the audience when they came back on stage
- the audience singing the beginning of american idiot
- Billie screaming 'fuck you Donald Trump!’ at the end of american idiot
- Billie making the audience hold on the 'hooooome’ part in jesus of suburbia with his hands in the air
- the acoustic set up for ordinary world and good riddance, where there was just a spotlight on Billie with an acoustic guitar and all of the lights in the audience
- the confetti and Tré and Mike coming on at the end of good riddance
- the little group hug the trio had at the end
- the t-shirt cannon ('who wants a t-shirt?’) during one of the songs, where a shirt came very close to us
- the two hoses at either side of the stage that Billie used to soak the audience
- the many times Billie went 'eeeeeyyyy ooooohh’ and the audience replied
- the 'eeeeeeyyyy oooooohh’/who can cheer the loudest competition between the two sides of the audience, where Billie conducted each side and made each side boo at the other (I think we won tbh)
- Billie raising his arms when he wanted the audience to make noise and then be quiet when he lowered them, and then cracking up when he gradually got faster and ending up going so fast the audience couldn’t keep up
- 'is that your cellphone? hey just to let you know one thing, if you’re looking at me through your cellphone, you’re not looking at me. This is an experience of a lifetime! You get to see Tré Cool!’ (he said this while looking in my direction and I was filming and there was like 1 person in front of me on the floor who also had their phone out plus I was pretty visible plus he was looking up and not down to the audience on the floor so I’m like 95/100% sure that he was saying this to me)
- 'this is our own private underground’ 'this is for all the weirdos out there, because I was a weirdo once too…and I still am a weirdo’ 'I don’t wanna see a selfie because I don’t care! I wanna see your beautiful face’ some finer quotes of the evening
- Billie running and jumping off of that platform at the front of the stage when there was a big finish to a song
- Tré went through a total of 8/9 pairs of drumsticks, because after some songs he would throw them behind him and magically pull another pair out of his shorts, he threw a pair into the audience during waiting and another at the end of forever now and the last pair were dropped into the audience when he bowed at the very end
- The disabled girl who came and played the guitar (with Billie’s help) and then was shocked to tears when Billie said she could keep the guitar

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Can you do a list of important Jackie and Hyde episodes?


But bear in mind that some of what I consider to be important JH episodes are pretty peripheral and most of them are pre-S5. Not that I don’t love post-S5 episodes, I do–I just think the early stages in their evolution are more interesting and informative. (That and the early seasons are objectively better all around.) 

Buuuuut if you want a list of what I think are important*** JH episodes–

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***Basically, this is a list of all the episodes I think about when I’m writing meta. If you want a more normal looking list of episodes in which JH actually interact with each other and maybe make out a little, I think the T7S page on fanforum has one. 

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2000 light years away and ARMATAGE SHANKS LIVE

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Favorite mode of transportation: Beast of Burden

Your best friend: Jumpin’ Jack Flash

Favourite time of day: Let’s Spend the Night Together

If your life was a TV show what would it be called?: Salt of the Earth

What is life to you: It’s Only Rock ‘n Roll (But I Like It)

Relationship status: Love is Strong

Your biggest fear: The Spider and the Fly

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