2000 club

early 2000s childhood nostalgia list

heelys being banned in public spaces
walking into a blockbuster and seeing all the new movies on VHS
feeding a tape into a vcr and how satisfying it was for the little flap to close behind it
mail-order Netflix DVDs
trying to decide how to order your DVD queue
wii sports bowling with friends and throwing the ball behind you just to make all the miis jump
club penguin
who among your friends has the best puffles
the way YouTube channels looked At The Beginning, sort of low-res with soft ish beveled edges
little blue pawn shaped icons and feeling so alone when nobody you knew was online
that thrice-damnned paper clip

feel free to add more

In 1993, seven students from Cooper Union formed an artists’ collective called Art Club 2000 with the help of Colin de Land, who gave them an exhibition at his gallery, American Fine Arts. There, they showed “Commingle,” a series of staged photographs shot around New York City in which all the members of the collective wore clothing purchased at the Gap (and returned shortly thereafter because of the store’s lenient return policy).

dating stuart twombly would include...


  • Meeting somewhere cute and quaint like the local coffee house or the bookstore
  • Him looking up from his phone one day and deciding he wanted to talk to you
  • Eventually falling head over heels in love with him
  • Texting him when he isn’t paying attention to you or when you think he’s not listening
  • Him leaving you on read 
  • “You know I can see you reading these right?”
  • Being the only person that can call him Stewie
  • Soft, tender forehead kisses all the time 

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