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Beginner Workout Tips

I know a lot of guys wanna improve their strength, and summer is definitely a good time for that. Many of us have more free time now that it’s summer. Perfect time to try out the gym. If you’re thinking of working on getting go the gym more this summer, I have a few tips that could really help:

Starting off is tough. Get through 2 weeks, though, and you’ll probably be able to make going to the gym a consistent habit! The first week is definitely the hardest. If you can, find a friend to work out with. Put the offer out there, and you’d be surprised who might say yes. It’s definitely more motivating to go when you have a friend going with you. It’ll keep you both accountable, on track, and motivated. Trust me, it worked for me back when I first decided to get serious about exercising.

Start taking a multi-vitamin. Sure, you should be able to get enough nutrition from food alone, but some diets have holes in them and multi-vitamins can fill those in. If you don’t have proper nutrition, you won’t see results, and you might actually strain your body. I know not all of us make the best food decisions every day. This will help your body stay on track.

Increase your protein intake on days you work out. When you lift weights, this is especially important. Meats are all high in protein. Try and make choices that tend to be lower in fats. Eggs are your best friends! Fish is great, and omega oils are Good for you, yo. Beans, peanut butter, nuts, milk, and yogurt all have protein, too (and the dairy items have calcium! an extra plus!), so don’t stress if you can’t have meat! And while we’re on the subject of protein, this is extremely important to point out: Protein shakes are NEVER a meal-replacement. Skipping meals or eating less than 2000 calories (if you’re counting) will hurt you. Seriously. Don’t do that. Protein shakes are meant to be consumed after workouts, unless they are specifically pre-workout shakes. Whey protein will be tough on those of you who are lactose-intolerant, because it’s made from milk, so even though it’s typically cheaper than other plant-based protein powders, the extra money will help you not feel terrible. The easiest on the stomach, I have found, are rice-based protein powders. If the store has little individual packets, buy different flavors and different ones to see which one(s) you like best. I personally am partial to the generic CVS chocolate flavored whey powder.

If you are just starting out on lifting, do NOT go heavy. Your muscles will build p strength faster than your tendons, so you could hurt yourself if you try to go too heavy too fast. If something hurts, do NOT do the exercise. Know your limits, and never push yourself to a crazy degree. I know you wanna impress your friends you’re at the gym with, or even the cute person you’ve been eyeing across the gym, but if you hurt yourself, you will look like a huge fool. It will ruin you. Don’t. Instead, do lighter weights with higher reps. I usually go for 3 sets of 10 reps, but you can go for anywhere from 8-12 reps. Only after you have built up a certain degree of strength would I even attempt to go heavier and even target certain body parts and muscle groups more intensely than others.

Have at least 2 rest days! Rest days are important. Your body needs to recover, or else it will never grow. You’ll also just exhaust yourself, and that’s not good. Use your rest days to just chill out. Stay hydrated and stretch so the soreness from your gym days won’t make you stiff and will dissipate faster!

Split your lift days by muscle-groups. This will keep your workouts structured and keep your body’s development proportional. I divide my days up like this: pull day (biceps and back), push day (triceps and chest with some shoulders), leg day (and yeah, don’t skip it), and shoulder day (since I just really want mine to develop well lol). I do abs every time, after I lift, but you can also do them before. Don’t skimp out with abs. Sure, it hurts, but the results are great. Core strength will really help with overall strength! I do at least 5 weight-lifting exercises for each designated day. Stretch before, and then get going! If you are unsure about your form for an exercise, most gyms have personal trainers who are willing to help you. Don’t be afraid to ask them a question! Youtube is also a great resource for videos on form. I like AthleanX’s videos, as well as Gabriel Sey’s, and Buff Dudes. Proper form is extremely important, otherwise you could strain your body or even seriously injure yourself. It’s especially important for heavier exercises.

Cardio days are good for you! Have at least 1 cardio day in your week! Walking, biking, jogging, dancing, and the elliptical are great for cardio. Swimming is also good cardio, but as a poor swimmer myself, I don’t really get much of a workout from it. If you have friends who like to play sports, soccer, basketball, etc are great for getting in some cardio and also making it fun (because jogging is honestly boring unless you jog outside or have a killer playlist). Speaking of jogging, I know this may sound silly to some of you, but try not to jog at night, especially if you’re a younger guy. Safety is important, and believe it or not, younger men in their 20s are the most common victims of violent crime. Know where you are, jog with a friend or two, be aware of your surroundings (if your music is so loud you can’t hear the cars passing by, turn it down a notch), and have your phone available in case you need to make a call. If things look iffy, call it a night and go home. If you’re in a hospital (or freaking dead), you won’t be working out much anymore.

This may sound silly, but celebrate your results! Get excited over your gains. Take selfies, flex in the mirror, admire those veins that pop that weren’t there before. Also, little tip: the secret to getting arms that look bigger is working your triceps. They’re more of your arms than your biceps, so even though nice biceps look hot, good triceps will make you look stronger. It’ll make you look impressive! And being excited about your results from all your hard work will help keep you motivated!

Those are a lot of tips, so that’s enough for now. If you have questions that are more specific, my ask box is open and you can even message me if you’d prefer. Don’t be afraid if you don’t know anything about working out – that was once me, too. I ain’t gonna judge you, yo. Like I said, I don’t have any professional knowledge, but I figured some of what I know may be helpful. I won’t be able to answer every question you send my way, but if I can find a video or article that can, I will definitely send that your way instead. Have fun, and try and stay motivated! Best of luck on them gains, yo.

“Says here, you’ve nearly done your time, scheduled to leave tomorrow. That right kid?” my trainer said, riffling through my paperwork, filling out my time sheet. I knew by the half smirk crawling across his face that there was something up.

“Yes sir… Today’s my last training day…” I said, trying to keep a straight face. I’d learned a while ago not to show any attitude to him, or anyone who runs this place. It only tacks time, or other ridiculous punishments to your sentence.

“Well, we’re just going to have to postpone your release. You haven’t met the weight requirement Judge Andrews sentenced you with. 6 months and 110lbs, sound about right? The scale doesn’t lie kid, you’ve got 10 more pounds to go. I’m thinking, 6 weeks should do it.” he said, not bothering to hide his wicked grin. He enjoyed his job far too much.

“Ye… Yes sir.” I said, clenching one of my fists. I could feel my blood boiling, one of the side effects to the supplements they pumped into our food. It was hard not to lose control, feeling an unnatural rage building up as I watched him sign the extension forms.

6 months ago, I’d gotten into a fight with Mark, one of the Football players at school. The team was having a laugh, calling all the swimmers fags and prissy boys. I was the captain of our Swim team, so after asking him to knock it off, he threw the first punch, and I lost it. In out scramble, I managed to knock him down, went to kick him in the crotch for good measure, but he’d squirmed out of the way, and my foot collided with his knee, shattering it. The hospital said he’d never be able to play again, which meant he lost his Scholarship.

His family sued the school, and my family. They tried to milk millions from the town, and wanted our house as settlement. My lawyer was the best we could afford, and managed to win my case, but the school’s lawyer was better. In the end the school settled, but I was sentenced to 6 months, and 110lbs at the Boys Reformatory, in reparation for ruining Mark’s future. No one would tell me what the hell that meant before I was carted off across the state, dumped at a facility that looked like a prison, and left to fend for myself.

As you can see, I found out exactly what it meant the hard way. After the initial orientation, where they gave me my uniforms, a tour of the facility, and a booklet or rules, I was thrown into the routine the next day:

-30 minutes early breakfast, which consisted of 2000 carefully counted calories worth of food, all balanced for perfect nutrition and energy boosting.

-3-hour workout, which was mostly cardio based.

-7 hours hard labor for most of the afternoon.

-30 minutes for lunch, which was 3500 calories, this time protein packed.

-2 hours of classes to keep up with what my regular school was teaching.

-3-hour workout, this time far more grueling, heavy lifting, strength training.

-30-hour for dinner, which again was geared towards optimal athletic progress. For me, it was 2500 calories.

-30 minutes of free time, in which most of us decided to take a shower. Although the water was always cold, it still felt amazing on our throbbing bodies after each hard day’s grind.

-7-hours for sleep. It wasn’t hard to get exactly that, as each of us was required to take a medley of nightly supplements, which included a sedative.

Day in and day out, repetition. Most of the guys here had been for a while, so they were already massive. But me, I’d learned quickly that I’d look just like them by the end of my stint. It’d only take a week for me to find insane changes in my body. My muscles were constantly aching, soaking in the fuel from the insane meals, and what I assumed were low dose steroids in everything we ate. I found myself being more aggressive, losing my temper more often, having to go to the Councilor to learn to keep my cool.

After 3 months, I was already too big to swim, my body was bulked up, bloated, heavy, my shoulders and biceps making my arms hang out to side. My thighs rubbed, and you could hear me coming by the heavy, stomping footfalls. Lumbering, that’s what I was reduced to. A big lumbering brute.

I stunk constantly. My trainer chalked it up to the hormones and supplements rushing through me, aided by the grueling workout routines and hard labor. I was going through clothing sizes almost every week. My chest was so big I’d ripped through t-shirts, my arms were getting too big for sleeves. Embarrassingly, I’d had to request larger boxer briefs, as my cock and balls had outgrown those as well. I’d tried to hide it, but the too small undies would squeeze my nuts, causing me to lash out.

And now, I’d found out I’d be here for another 6 weeks. Apparently, I hadn’t gained the required 110lbs missing it by only 10, which was insane in the first place! What was the point of all this! I mean, look at my shirt! It’s already too small, and this is the largest size they have on hand, without having order out. My underwear is already starting to bind up around my balls… and I can feel my toes squashed up against the size 17 sneakers they’d given me this morning. How big do I need to be?!

6 weeks later, and an added 10 pounds, I was lumbering out the doors, a free man. I reeked, not having time to shower after the last workout, my clothes were tearing with each step I took, but I was free. One last meeting with my lawyer had revealed that, because I ruined Mark’s chances of playing football ever again, the Judge and the School’s lawyer had settled for me to, “be too large to swim on the team ever again” and at 223lbs of thickly packed solid muscle, I’d fulfilled the settlement.

Makeup Dupes

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~ Marc Jacobs eye pencil £19 - NYX jumbo eye pencil in black bean £5

~ Stila stay all day waterproof volumiszng mascara £15 - Max factor 2000 calorie mascara £4.99

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I hope you find this helpful!! Again, please message me with any suggestions that you would like me to post! 

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  • Create an Anti-Binge Box or Bag.
  • Eat 3 meals a day or 5 smaller meals.
  • Don’t eat more than 2000 calories a day (400 to 650 a meal, depending).
  • Weigh yourself no more than once a day.
  • Exercise at least an hour a day.
  • Drink 2 liters of water a day.
  • Get as much sleep as you possibly can.
  • If you want sweets, you can have ONE DESERT A DAY.
  • Eat at least 2 cups of fruit and 2 cups of vegetables a day.
  • Drink ACV as much as possible.


  • Pictures of thinspo/fatspo
  • Sugar free gum and/or diet pills
  • Notebook
  • Measuring tape
  • Sugar free drink powders
  • Distractions (aka movies, CDs, books, etc)
  • Makeup
  • Nail Polish


  • 4 cups of water
  • 2-3 tbsp of ACV
  • 1 tbsp of honey
  • Mix together and drink throughout the day!


  • Create If/Then to counteract behaviors (ex: If I get stressed, I eat - so I’ll do yoga to lower stress).
  • Eat filling foods (ex: whole grains, prunes, veggies, oatmeal, soup, lean, protein, beans, legumes, potato skins, fresh fruit, and healthy fats like nuts).
  • Keep yourself busy; then you can’t binge!
  • Make binging inconvenient by not having binge foods around you.
  • Focus on food while eating; don’t eat while you’re watching TV or doing something else!
  • Spend time with friends and family.
  • Don’t eat directly from a carton or bag; pour some on a plate or in a bowl.
  • Eat on small, dark colored plates.
  • Differentiate between hunger and cravings.
  • If you’re hungry, drink.
  • Don’t eat when you’re stressed.
  • Don’t skip meals you planned.
  • Don’t eat after a certain time.
  • Eat spicy if you can.
  • Write down everything you eat.
  • Don’t have cheat days.
  • Learn to enjoy food.
The athlete

Jonny looked around at the fans clapping and cheering. The noise was deafening. He waved and smiled at them all trying to take it all in. It was truly breath taking; he had received a standing ovation from the home crowd of loyal football fans. Fifteen years he had been at this club. Fifteen long years of blood, sweat and tears.

The players moved over to hug him warmly and congratulate him on his brilliant final performance. At 6′7, he still towered over them all, seeing and hearing the roaring crowd chant his name over and over. Jonny almost felt ungrateful, but he’d been counting down to this moment for months. The moment he would finally retire from professional football for good.

He’d made sure he’d had all of his obligatory parties and speeches with the club over with before now. He’d made it clear that after his final game, he just wanted to head home with as little fuss as possible. Having divorced his wife six months ago in readiness for his retirement, he’d now sold his bachelor pad apartment in the city a couple of weeks ago and had stayed in a hotel before this last game. Now he just had that long drive home to his new place in the country. A totally fresh start, with no links to his previous life here. That’s what he wanted.

The guys gave him a warm send off in the changing room after their win. Jonny found himself pretending to be more emotional about leaving than he actually felt. It was what they wanted to hear. But, an hour or so later, Jonny was in his sports car heading straight to his new place and his new life. He couldn’t be happier, or more excited.

As he got closer and closer to his house, Jonny grew more excited. He felt butterflies in his stomach and he became more and more turned on. He couldn’t wait to begin. He’d waited his whole life for this moment. He just wanted to get started. It was a good job Jonny’s new place was miles away from any neighbours or he might have had to hide his crotch as he walked from his car.

Once inside, he breathed a huge sigh of relief. It was over. He was retired. His life was finally his own. He stripped down in front of his large elaborate mirror and looked at his body. His hulking arms, toned flat stomach and small muscular ass. He touched them all lightly with his hand and then focused in on his six pack.

‘Bye bye’, he waved, before heading off to the kitchen.

He’d bought in everything he’d need for tonight, placing some bits carefully in to his hot oven, leaving other bits out to defrost. Within no time, he had an absolute feast prepared, ready to tuck in to. Jonny was incredibly turned on, as he opened wide ready to throw away years of watching what he ate; sitting there naked at his table, pigging out like he’d never been able to before in his career. He ate and chewed, slurped and gorged. He loved feeling his stomach getting tighter and he could see it bloating in no time. As he ate, he felt more and more turned on. He kept stopping to look at his at his body in the mirror, almost wishing that his trainers at the club could see him now. This was it, he was finally doing it, and there would be no going back.

When his stomach finally felt like it couldn’t take any more food, Jonny took himself to the fridge for the grand finale. A huge shake he’d prepared that morning in the hotel, from a recipe he’d hand-picked online; a massive shake that contained no less than 2000 calories. He swallowed it all down, finding it harder than he thought, all the while rubbing his bloated gut. He attacked it with the best of his determination, finally relaxing as the last of the thick, fattening mixture slid down his throat.

Pleased with himself, Jonny grabbed his cock and came within 30 seconds. Tired and bloated, he collapsed onto his sofa and fell asleep.

Ever since Jonny could remember, he’d wanted to be big, fat guy. He’d always had an appetite that his parents could hardly keep up with, but he’d also liked sports. He’d grown big and muscly as a result and eventually found himself playing football professionally, earning mega money at the expense of his deepest desire. He’d tried to divert his urges into muscle gains, becoming one of the most ripped players in the club, at 250lbs. But any time his six pack could not be seen, Jonny knew he would be in trouble with his boss. Jonny performed best when he was lean, so he could hardly complain. For years he had to envy the huge bellied guys, downing beer and fried food with their fat guts proudly on display in the crowd of football games. Now that he was retired, he was finally going to grow the fat gut he had always wanted.

Jonny was woken by the sound of his doorbell the next morning. He looked at the clock on the wall and knew exactly who it would be. Still naked, he picked himself up and went straight back to his mirror to find his underwear he had discarded last night. He didn’t bother with the rest of his clothes; his guest didn’t need him well dressed. Jonny looked in the mirror and saw that his stomach looked pretty much back to normal now. Not for long, he thought.

He threw open the door to see a typically handsome man standing there with a warm smile. He was toned and strong looking, but nowhere near as built as Jonny. He looked like your typical personal trainer, about 5 years younger than Jonny. He barely blinked at the fact that Jonny was dressed only in his underwear.

‘Hey, you must be Jonny. Nice to meet you at last’ he said, holding out his hand, which Jonny shook. ‘This is a lovely place you got here.’

‘Thanks, come in. You found it ok then?’ asked Jonny, already walking back to the kitchen.

‘Yes, I did thanks. Your directions in the email were very detailed’, complimented the man, closing the door behind him and starting to follow Jonny in to the kitchen.

The man looked around at the mess in the kitchen from the night before.

‘I see you’ve already started’, he said warmly. ‘That’s great.’

The man’s name was Rick. Jonny had found him online as a body coach. He promised to help guys achieve any shape they wanted. He didn’t come cheap but Jonny was convinced that he would be a good support.

Jonny had felt like a freak at first, contacting him and trying to explain his odd request. How many guys would contact a body coach to grow fatter? he thought. He’d tried to convey to Rick the shape he wanted, without putting a specific number to his goals to avoid scaring him off. But Rick had replied very enthusiastically and confirmed that bulking and fattening up was absolutely something he could do. Did Jonny want to weigh 400lbs or even more? Rick realised that he was the paying client after all, and what he wanted, this guy was willing and ready to help him achieve. Yes, Rick was definitely the man for the job.

Rick set to work making breakfast with Jonny, showing him all the tricks he knew to turn average food into massively calorific, fattening meals. He took charge of all calorie counting and set Jonny calorie goals for each day. He never once questioned why Jonny wanted to get rid of his six pack and firm body; he just accepted it like it was the most normal thing in the world.

‘I want my gut to be at least 60 inches’ said Jonny as they sat down to discuss in more detail what Jonny wanted to achieve.

‘Sure thing’, said Rick, not showing any sign of surprise. ‘Are you looking for that big, ball gut look, or something a bit softer and flabbier?’

‘I really don’t care’, said Jonny very honestly.

Rick made notes as Jonny spoke. ‘What about the rest of your body. What expectations do you have for that?’

‘Well, I want my ass to grow big and fat, obviously. And I can’t wait to see myself get that double chin.’

‘Yeah, that all sounds fine’, said Rick. ‘You seem to have a good idea of what you want to achieve and from what I saw this morning at breakfast, you have a pretty good appetite to get more than enough calories down you to achieve it. From speaking to you as well, you seem to have good knowledge about how to keep yourself from losing weight. I see you’ve been doing some reading around on the subject?’

‘Oh yeah, for sure. This is something I’ve been looking in to for years.’ It was no lie, Jonny had literally been researching this for years. Even Rick himself had been booked in six months in advance. Jonny had a whole wardrobe of clothes for fat bellied men he was just waiting to grow in to.

‘Good. Well, with this enthusiasm, I’m hoping we will have the first 10lbs on you before the end of the week. Enough to start getting rid of that six pack anyway’, said Rick nodding disapprovingly at Jonny’s stomach as he sat there in just his underwear, his gut bloated from a full day of overeating. Yes, this was definitely the coach Jonny needed.

The next two weeks were a blur of gluttony. Rick stayed in the guest bedroom. He cooked and prepared snacks all day long, serving them to Jonny on his schedule without delay. He shopped for him, cleaned up after him and praised all his efforts to overeat. Jonny hadn’t needed to even dress in the entire fortnight and just spent time lying around in his underwear enjoying what he was finally doing to his body. It was fantastic.

Jonny’s six pack had indeed started to fade away, replaced by a thin layer of fat that spread out to his love handles. By the end of the fortnight, Jonny’s stomach was finally starting to look a little doughy. Testament to the fat boy appetite Jonny always knew he had.

‘How are you feeling about your gains so far?’ asked Rick, sitting him down to take notes.

’Pretty great’, said Jonny. ‘I’m fatter now than I’ve ever been allowed to get when I was training. I feel softer and heavier and I just can’t stop looking at myself in the mirror… And I’m loving all the food you’re preparing’.

’That’s great. I’m glad to hear it. What about your knowledge? Do you think you know a bit more now about how to grow fatter yourself?’

’Yeah, definitely. You’ve been a great help there man. I appreciate it.’

‘What about in the immediate future? What things are you looking forward to seeing in the mirror in the next few weeks?’ asked Rick, still making notes.

Jonny pondered that question a little longer than the others. ‘Oh man, what aren’t I looking forward to? Well, I guess I’m looking forward to seeing this little thin layer of fat over my underwear here, turning in to a proper roll of lard. I can’t wait to feel a bit more softness in my chest and my ass. And I really can’t wait to start wearing all the underwear I’ve bought in the bigger sizes’.

Jonny spoke so passionately, Rick was always stunned by him. He was sure Jonny would be much fatter soon. And so, Rick left to deal with his other clients; he was already booked in for another fortnight visit in 3 months time.

Jonny set about taking all he had learned to ensure Rick was shocked and pleased by his gains by then. He ordered in all the food he needed and felt no need to ever really leave the house or dress in anything other than his underwear.

Rick and Jonny kept in contact via email but even that could not prepare Rick for the sight that greeted him 3 months later as Jonny opened the door to him, once again dressed only in his underwear. Jonny was visibly thicker and softer all over his body. His gut had swollen over the waistband of his underwear and a small shelf was forming under his softer pecs. Jonny’s face was broader and a thin layer of fat sat under his chin, just as he had wanted. According to his emails, Jonny was 50lbs fatter, than the last time he saw hum, standing at 310lbs of muscle chub.

‘Hey Rick! Man, am I pleased to see you. I only gained, like 3lbs last week man, I really need a kick up the ass!’

‘Well, you’re looking great’ said Rick, stepping back slightly to take him all in. Now that Jonny had gained a more significant amount, it was clear that he was going to have a shape of a ball gutted guy. His gut was rounding out, firm and overfed.

‘I’m guessing you’ve already had breakfast?’ asked Rick, nodding at Jonny’s stomach.

‘No, I just woke up’, said Jonny, rubbing his gut, without even seeming to realise he was doing so. He then started walking to the kitchen.

Rick raised his eyebrows at the thick ass Jonny had now developed; the material of his new larger underpants clinging to the roundness of Jonny’s huge spherical ass cheeks. His ass in no way suggested he had been an athlete only a short while ago.

Rick returned to his duties as if he had never been away. Jonnys overworked kitchen was definitely a lot more messy than the last time he’d been here. One look in the refrigerator showed that Jonny had been working hard on his new body.

Jonny’s appetite had increased too and Rick found he was able to up his calorie targets for each day, causing a good 10lb gain in his first week. Jonny took the opportunity to allow Rick to do absolutely everything for him. He barely moved his fat ass from his office all day long. But all too soon, it was once again Rick’s last day at the house.

Rick wanted Jonny to achieve a 20,000 calorie day before he left. Something that would ensure Jonny at least matched his impressive weight gain last week. He cooked and baked all day long and had Jonny over the 10,000 calorie mark by mid afternoon. By the end of the evening though, it was clear that Jonny was not ready for such a huge goal. He sat sluggishly in his chair, breathing hard and rubbing his rock hard gut. He still had another 2,500 calories to go. Rick was devastated that Jonny was going to fail.

‘I’m sorry man, I can’t believe I’m going to say this, but I think I’m going to have to quit. My gut is literally tight as a drum.’

Rick was not about to give up so easily and set about preparing a wealth of snacks to tempt Jonny. But by the time he returned, Jonny was asleep in his chair, his fat gut spilling over his underpants and covered in food stains from Rick’s marathon cooking session.

Jonny hadn’t booked Rick in for another visit yet, so Rick felt like he had nothing to lose taking a bit of a gamble. He took his shirt off, revealing his firm body and flat stomach. Then he coughed loudly, making Jonny wake with a start.

Jonny sleepily rubbed his eyes and then looked across at Rick.

‘Rick! What are you doing skinny boy?’ chuckled Jonny, looking him up and down.

‘Trying to make sure you don’t give up so easily’, said Rick, defiant.

‘Ugh, man. You have no idea how much this hurts though.’

Rick bent down on to his knees in front of Jonny with a tray full of cheese cake and a huge container of gainer shake. He put the tray down on the table and took up the plate with a fork in his hand, preparing to serve it to Jonny himself.

‘Now, please sir, open up for me. I really want to see you beat your gains last week for our weigh in before I leave tomorrow.’

Jonny huffed, and opened his mouth impatiently for Rick to let him taste his cooking.

Rick placed a huge forkful in his mouth, adding up the calories in his head.

‘Mmm, nice. But seriously, I’m stuffed.

‘I think you’re forgetting why you wanted this in the first place’, said Rick boldly. ‘You always wanted to feel like a big, heavy man. A guy that looks larger and better fed than a skinny little guy like me’. He served more forks of the cheesecake as he talked in a hypnotically calm manner.

‘Look at me, with my pathetic skinny legs and flat stomach. And look at you, with your huge shoulders and fat gut. Which one of us is the real man? ‘

Jonny stared at him, puzzled as he swallowed more and more of the cheesecake, listening intently.

‘Don’t you remember, how turned on it made you to think about yourself getting this fat? To have that belly shelf you’ve got now. To have your gut falling over your underwear? To have people not even recognise you because you’ve grown so big and fat? Thinking to themselves how much you must have eaten to grow so fat.’

Jonny didn’t say a word, but grunted for Rick to pass him the shake mix. Rick did so, placing the half-finished cheese cake on the table.

Jonny upturned the bottle and began to chug, draining half of it, burping loudly, not even concerned that Rick was sitting right in front of him, before slapping his gut.

‘Please sir’, said Rick. ‘Finish it for me. Remember how much it turns you on to grow fatter’. He delicately reached in front of him and grabbed a small roll of Jonny’s fat gut. ‘Remember how good it is to feel this lard spreading across your body. To feel yourself getting fatter and greedier every day.’

Rick took his hand now to softly brush it over Jonny’s fat gut. ‘Remember how pleased you were when you emailed me to tell me about this belly shelf you’re getting? You were so excited. And all the other things you’ve enjoyed that you keep to yourself. Like feeling that fat ass growing softer and lazier each day as I serve you. The thought of all your old team mates being disgusted looking at you here; them all looking so skinny and scrawny in comparison to your large, fat bulk. As well as the thought of what your ex wife would say if she could see this fat belly on you now’. Rick moved his hand dangerously close to Jonny’s groin. ‘And how excited it makes you feel to have your fat gut and thighs surround your cock’

Rick and Jonny stared at each other. Rick’s hand poised, waiting for Jonny’s permission.

‘Please sir, let me help’, said Rick. There was a long, fraught pause before Jonny nodded and spread his legs wide. Rick reach his hand into Jonny’s damp underpants and grabbed his stiff cock, tugging on it to make it even harder.

Jonny grunted as he allowed himself to be handled by Rick. Then he quickly upturned the bottle, draining it entirely before throwing it down on to the ground and grabbing Rick’s head, pressing it into his large bloated belly.

Jonny breathed heavier and heavier as he felt himself coming. He lay down more in his chair before he grabbed Rick’s hair and forced his head down into his cock, making Rick suck him off whether he liked it or not.

He came within seconds afterwards, making Rick gag for breath, but held his head there until he had unloaded every last bit. Rick rested his head on Jonny’s huge thigh and placed his hand on his massive swollen gut, gazing up at him.

‘Thank you sir. You did it. 500 calories over, in fact.’

Jonny simply nodded and let himself drift off to sleep with his trainer gazing up at him from the floor; extremely satisfied.

The next morning was rather more awkward. Jonny had decided to get dressed, which had been tricky. He was too large for his shorts but not big enough yet for the t shirt he wore. He somehow felt embarrassed around Rick now.

He was up and about before Rick, already hungry but not allowed to eat until his weigh in. Rick came bouncing down the stairs.

‘Morning hot stuff!’ he cheered. He could see that Rick was a little put off seeing Jonny dressed for the first time in a while, but didn’t mention it.

Jonny looked down awkwardly.

Rick already had the scale in his hands. He put it down and Jonny stepped on.

325lbs. He’d gained 5lbs since last week.

‘Ah, I was expecting a little more than that’, said Rick almost apologetically. ‘Never mind. Maybe we could work on it next week. I’d be quite willing to cancel my next client. If you’d have me that is?’ Rick asked, looking to see where they stood after last night.

‘Oh, no. I wouldn’t ask you to do that. I think it’s best you carry on as normal. I need to learn how to cope by myself. Thanks for your help’, he muttered as he backed out of the door. ‘I’ll be in my office working this morning, so let yourself out won’t you’.

And with that, he was gone. He could see how hurt Rick was, but Jonny needed to be selfish. He didn’t need a sexuality crisis right now.


Three months later, Jonny was miserable. He’d gained only 10lbs; he’d been too busy working on his autobiography about his sporting career. The stress of completing that was taking a toll on his waistline. His appetite had somehow vanished. Try as he might, he just couldn’t meet his calorie goals for each day. He became bloated and sluggish and always ended up giving up. He started to realise how easy it had been with Rick around.

Jonny wandered into Ricks old room. He hadn’t been in there since Rick had left. Rick had made his bed and left the room beautifully tidy, as Jonny had expected. However, on the nightstand, Jonny saw a small envelope that had been left behind. He carefully opened it up to see if it was something he’d need to forward on to Rick.

Dear Jonny,

I’m sorry I came on a little strong last night. Its been hard for me to be around you. I’ve never felt like this about a client before. Most of the people I coach hate themselves. They hate everything about their bodies and their cravings for unhealthy and fattening foods. And then you come along. A guy who fully embraces his body and loves it; someone who isn’t afraid to be who he is. I cant tell you how sexy that is.

Yes, I did find it odd when I drove down here to help a professional athlete get fatter. But meeting you, being around you and seeing your enthusiasm made me want it for you too. Then I came back after not seeing you for 3 months and saw the difference 50lbs had done to you and I realised, I was starting to fall in love with you. Your attitude to life, your personality and, of course, your ever fattening body.

If you want me, Jonny, I’m yours. Just say the word.

If not, I understand.

With lots of love


Jonny’s stomach sank. What had he done? Here was a guy who loved him for his confidence to be who he is and what had Jonny done? He’d hidden away from it, not wanting to deal with his feelings.

Jonny went immediately into his study to email his publisher one final amendment to his book before it went to print. Then he went downstairs to raid the fridge with renewed enthusiasm that he had not felt in a long time.

Five hours later he was even ordering pizza; 3 pizzas to be precise. The delivery guy was a scrawny little thing who always gave Jonny a flirty smile whenever he saw him. Jonny thought that this runty little guy may come in handy tonight.

‘Three meat feast pizzas’ smiled the skinny delivery guy. He was in his early 20s, short and couldn’t have weighed more than 125lbs. Jonny answered the door in his dressing gown as he always did.

‘Hey’, said Jonny handing over the cash. ‘Is this your last drop off for the night?’

‘It sure is sir’, said the delivery guy.

‘Want to come in and help me with these?’ Asked Jonny.

‘Yeah!’ bounced the guy back, a little too enthusiastically. ‘Although I’m not keen on pizza to be honest’, he said with a coy smile.

Jonny chuckled. ‘I wasn’t offering you my food little guy. These are for me.’

In he went. Jonny learned that his name was Matt and boy, could this guy talk. He went on and on asking questions, which Jonny quickly grew tired off. Having to answer meant he couldn’t eat, and that’s not why Matt was here. In the end, Jonny stuck to grunts and one word answers as he focussed on gorging himself. Half way through the second pizza, Jonny started to feel that familiar bloating and difficulty with eating. Matt was halfway through some shit story about a prank he played in college.

‘Listen, stop talking runt. I didn’t ask you in to tell me your life story’.

Matt looked embarrassed to have been put in his place. Jonny adjusted himself so he was lying on his hip on the couch.

‘It’s your lucky day little guy’. Jonny untied his robe, letting his fat gut into view alongside his semi erect cock.

‘Just get your pretty lips around that and do what I want’, said Jonny authoritatively. ‘Come and see what a real man tastes like.’

Matt looked at him shocked, but as expected, he slowly moved across to Jonny and bent over him without any further prompting.

‘That’s it’ said Jonny, feeling the pleasure ripple through him. ‘You just keep doing that skinny boy’. The stimulation allowed him to eat and eat again.

Jonny ate and ate whilst the skinny delivery guy worked away at him, only stopping once to remove his shirt. His pale flat stomach made Jonny so satisfied to see his own fat gut in front of him.

He managed to get a whole pizza down him before he could feel he was about to come. He pressed Matt’s head down into his cock more firmly that ever, making him gag. Then he grabbed one of Matt’s hands placing it on the shelf of his belly, working his fingers so that Matt was holding a roll of his fat.

When Jonny came that time, he knew for certain the best way to make himself fatter.


Three months later, Rick was shocked to see Jonny’s face standing in front of him, although not in the way he would have liked. Jonny’s autobiography was the best-selling sports book of the year. Jonny had finally shown the world what he had done to himself. A full broad face and huge ball gut sticking out in front of him. Not even a whole year of retirement and Jonny was looking like he’d been away from the game for a decade.

Rick immediately picked up a copy to take back with him. He was staying in New York with a rich client who wanted to lose 30lbs by the Spring. He took the book upstairs, his eyes widening when he read the dedication.

This book is dedicated to Rick, the best coach I have ever had and the only man who truly understands me. Come see me soon.

Not believing his luck, Rick read the book from cover to cover to find any trace of another coach called Rick, but no, it was clear. Jonny meant him.

He read endless commentaries on the media reaction to Jonny’s massive gains. Everyone in the world was talking about how greedy Jonny must be and how fat he had grown. Rick was sure that Jonny wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

Rick left New York immediately, heading straight to Jonny’s. Within 20 hours, he was there, pulling up outside of his electric gates. He remembered the code and went straight in.

Jonny had already seen him coming down the drive and was at the door as Rick walked up, dressed only in his underwear as usual.

‘Wow, Jonny, you look amazing. Seriously. You’re… you’re a proper fat guy now.’

Jonny had gained a significant amount of weight. His gut was fuller and heavier than he’d seen in the publicity pictures. His gut stood out proudly and his chest had swollen with all of the fat. His thighs were massive and his ass looked like two thick tanks of meat. Rick guessed that Jonny was very close to 400lbs.

‘Yeah? Why don’t you show me how fat I am then? Just like you did last time.’

Rick took off his shirt making Jonny laugh at his flat stomach and firm chest. ‘Oh yes, now I feel like a fat guy’, he whispered in Rick’s ear, making him melt. Then he grabbed, with one massive hand, Rick’s comparatively tiny ass and pulled him in to his large, overfed gut, kissing him passionately.

Once in the kithchen, he threw down Rick’s shorts and underpants effortlessly and bent him over his kitchen table, exposing his skinny naked ass.

He chuckled as he marvelled at its small shape.

‘I’m going to show you what I can do with my fat belly now’ said Jonny, grabbing a large container of cooking oil and lubing up his cock. Then he walked over to Rick, resting his gut in the hollow of his back and plunged himself in to Rick. Rick couldn’t move with Jonny’s heavy gut sat on top of him. He could see just how much Jonny had been preparing for this moment as he felt him stretch his legs wider and wider apart making Rick submit to him more and more. It was the hottest moment of Rick’s life.

‘Did you hear what everyone is saying about me now I’m a fat man?’ asked Jonny, in between thrusts, clearly horny as hell.

‘Yes, they’ve seen exactly what you’ve done to yourself’, said Rick trying to catch his breath.

‘A fat, greedy pig they’re calling me’, said Jonny, clearly delighted.

‘Well, maybe when I’ve added an extra 100lbs to you¦’ breathed Rick. ‘I’m never going to stop making that belly grow fatter and fatter.’

His words made Jonny come almost instantly. The intensity was unreal.

Then he pulled himself out and tapped on Rick’s tight little ass to get up.

‘You’d best get to work then, skinny boy.’

Here are some basics with nutrition:

1. When in doubt add more fat and protein to your diet. Yes, I said fat.

2.Listen to your body. If you’re hungry, eat. It’s telling you that for a reason.

3. Drink more water, like a lot more water than you’re probably drinking.

4. Eat for performance not looks.

5. It’s an old saying for a fucking legit reason “BREAKFAST IS THE MOST IMPORTANT MEAL OF THE DAY”

6. If you are eating less than 1000 calories a day you are wrong. My left ass cheek eats 1000 calories a day. Hell, if you are eating less than 2000 calories a day you are wrong.

7. Shop the outside edges of your grocery store, that’s where all the meat, vegetables, and least processed food hides. Real food is perishable and shouldn’t last more than a week.

5:2 Diet

So I have received lots of messages asking what the 5:2 diet is and what it consists of since I wrote in a post that I was going to do it for this month.

The 5:2 Diet is an intermittent fasting plan. Traditionally, the plan involves 2 non-consecutive ‘fasting’ days where you restrict your daily calorie intake and 5 days of normal eating.

How it works? It’s simple and convenient. 5 days of normal healthy eating a week, within your recommended intake of calories (2000 for women, 2500 for men) On your fasting days, enjoy 1 or 2 meals reducing your calories to 600 kcal a day.
  • me: jesus fucking christ im fat. i need to not eat anything at all anymore. 2000 calories is too much, so i should like eat only a meal and a half a day. small portion sizes and counting calories on everything. i need to get skinny!!
  • me to me: get rid of your internalized fatphobia and love yourself. exercise if you must but don't overdo it. a little chub is okay. it's healthy. eat whatever you want, life is too short to count calories. please love your body

anonymous asked:

This one girl said 2000 calories is too much for me to eat?? Should I eat her or?

Nah, you shouldn’t eat too much junk food all at once

The brain does weird things when you deprive it of food.

And I don’t mean just calorically. Even if you’re eating 2000, 3000 calories a day in recovery, if they’re all safe, you’re still going to be obsessed with food and what you “can’t” have.

(AKA a friendly reminder to challenge yourself today.)

Weight gain tips

Okay this is a long post. So my bad for fillin up your dash. These are some things I came up with when regarding weight gain & all that. I probably forgot something, but hope it helps!

Track your calories:
This is important for any fitness goal you have, gaining or losing. The thing is you may think you’re consuming at least 2000 calories each day, but chances are you’re not. At one point I was convinced I was eating that & after using my fitnesspal for a couple days I was lucky if I was makin it to 1500. So track your calories. You don’t have to do it everyday, but at least do it for a week (or less) to get an idea of what you’re really consuming. There are sites that’ll tell you what you should consume to maintain your weight; just input your height & activity level & it gives you the minimum & then what you need to consume to gain.

Be mindful of what you eat; moderation:
So when I first started this journey I was willing to eat whatever it took to get the calories in. This meant lots of junk food. Now I’m not gonna tell you what you can & can’t consume. But I will tell you that your whole body will reflect what you’re consuming. So if you’re gonna eat chips & drink sodas then do it in moderation. Don’t consume those things as a way to knock out a bunch of calories. Every once & awhile is fine, but it really shouldn’t be an everyday thing

Ways to get a lot of calories in:
Select one of your meals as the bulk of your calories. When my appetite was at its best I would consume 1000 (sometimes more) calories for breakfast. That plus my shake put me at 1600 & I still had lunch & dinner. So choose a meal that you want to rack up calories with & go from there

You’ll fuck up, no big deal:
So you didn’t work out today…or yesterday…or the day before, oh well. Look I’ve fucked up so many times I honestly have to sit there and think about each time to remember specifics. But there’s nothin wrong with messing up. Take it from someone whose messed up 4 or 5 times, give or take. In that moment I would guilt trip myself so bad & just end up being in a bad mood. Looking back I wish I wouldn’t have wasted so much energy obsessing over the fact that I didn’t keep up with my workouts. You’ll find that once you start doing that you don’t have much motivation to get back to you reaching your goal. So if you mess up then acknowledge it & use that saved energy to get back into things.

Now I know I just said if you mess up no big deal. But of course you should be doing what you can to not mess up. The one thing that’s gonna get you where you want to be is consistency. Be consistent with your workouts, your food intake, hell even your rest days. You’ll make progress a lot faster when you keep a routine.

Don’t obsess:
Okay so I just added this one in cause the last point reminded me of it. I spent so much time staring in the mirror or at photos just obsessing over what I wanted my body to look like. Now this can help sometimes, but too much of anything can be a bad thing. & the other problem is I spent so much time focused on specific body parts that I didn’t see the whole picture. Once I started working out for a good 3 months I had a rockin body, but my perspective was so warped I didn’t even notice it til years later after I saw old pics I took of myself. This journey is so much easier when you go with the flow & don’t obsess over things. Here’s the thing, YOU look good as hell. This journey should be done with that in mind, I swear it makes it so much better when you have that mindset. & remember that its gonna take time to notice changes, so keep the obsessive behavior of constant comparisons to older pics to a minimum.

People won’t always support you:
I think the most discouraging thing I hear is when I’m tellin someone (who has seen me even thinner than I am now) that I’ve gained like 10-15lbs & all they say is “where?!” Or when my desire to gain weight comes up in conversation & the person tells me I look fine & that I don’t need to do that in this shocking voice. Seems like a good problem from a non weight gaining perspective, but from mine you’re dismissing what I want to do for myself. I’m not on this journey for anyone but me. & when you’re doing this journey keep in mind that its for you. My dad hates that I’m on this journey & if he had it his way he’d keep me from gaining anymore. But little does he know I still want an extra 20lbs on me. Point is, it doesn’t matter what anyone says or thinks. This journey is for you.

Height/ genetics:
While I’m not gonna tell you that you can’t change how your body looks you have to understand that your genetics will play a role. I keep getting asked how I keep my stomach flat…I have no idea. My genetics blessed me. I’ve had ppl ask how do they increase bust & hips by like 8 inches but bring their waist down to 22". I’m not gonna tell you what your body may or may not be able to do, but I will tell you that you may want to reconsider those specific goals based on how your weight distributes. For instance, I would be setting myself up for failure if I said I wanted to go up 2 cup sizes. I have small boobs. & I’ll more than likely always have small boobs. But I’ve accepted it & love my size regardless. So I don’t set up gaining goals for that part of my body. Now setting goals is important…just be sure you’re mindful of other factors. Also, height is another one of those factors. I’m 5'9 so my weight distributes across a longer canvas. Someone that’s 5'2 could gain 10 lbs in their thighs & look thick as hell, while I can gain that same amount in the same spot & still look thin. Those 10lbs has more area to distribute to for me. So for those of you on the taller side, this may be a reality you have to face. This is also the reason why I want to gain so much, because its gonna take a lot for me to look significantly thicker.

Be realistic:
Okay so this ties into the previous post. You need to be realistic with your goals. I’m not dismissing the goals you do have in place, but if you’re naturally thin like me then trying to strive for a body like Amber Rose or something isn’t exactly a smart idea. Cause guess what, it sets you up for failure. The thing is I never really set a goal body or goal measurements. It wasn’t until someone had asked me about it that I realized this is something that ppl are really doing. Now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to look like this person or that, but don’t make that your end all be all. Understand that you have a different body type & that’s fine. Find comfort in your shape. Your goal body should be based on you. As shitty as this sounds it’s how it is. I spent too much time looking at other women’s bodies saying I wish I wish, but when I started my journey I never set them as the standard.

So either you need to be eating a good amount of protein or taking a supplement. Chances are you’ll end up taking a supplement, so my advice is to research and find a natural protein powder. It’s something you’re gonna be taking multiple times a week for a good amount of time, so might as well do your body a favor & go with a good quality powder.

You’re gonna get tired of certain foods:
I hate peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. I’ve hated them for a good month. This is what happens when you stick to certain high cal foods, you get tired of them. I suggest mixing it up a bit & try not to eat that specific food everyday. Unless you wanna cringe at the idea of even preparing it.

Photos & measurements. The scale will lie:
Idk how many times I’ve answered weight gaining questions and told someone to take photos & measurements. This is so important & I’m going to help you understand why. I have made it to 130lbs on 3 occasions. The first time I was a size 3, the second time a 5 almost 7, and the third a size 7 (juniors) & 8 (women’s). Don’t obsess over the number on the scale because it can be so misleading. I probably weigh no more than 125 right now & I’m only a ½" short of what my measurements were when I was almost 10lbs heavier. I prefer weighing myself & doing measurements every 2 weeks & then photos every month. The time between each is up to you, but I highly suggest at least having 2 weeks between each check.

Love your body:
I saved the best for last. Love your body! I can’t stress this enough. In one of the points earlier I talked about how much easier it is to go through this journey by accepting things as is. The moment you decide you’re going to love how you look the moment this journey becomes easier. This isn’t something you should over obsess about. Make it a part of your lifestyle but don’t become consumed by it. Being critical of yourself isn’t going to help, trust me. I spent so much time sad as shit over my body & had I spent it not caring as much I’d feel a lot better. Get up & look in the mirror and tell yourself you’re damn fine & have a rockin body. Tell yourself that yeah you aren’t shaped like this or that (because being blatant w/ yourself and accepting it makes it easier) but you still look good. You still have a banging personality. You still have good features…you aren’t just your body. Obviously you don’t wanna hear this & its weird for me to be saying it when here I am trying to change my body. Now you’re gonna have moments (cause I do all the time) where you look in the mirror & still aren’t quite happy about what you see. But like I said earlier, don’t obsess. Acknowledge it and move on. Take the necessary steps to get you there. Understand that its gonna take time. It won’t happen overnight, but honestly now that its years later I sort of enjoy the fact that its requiring all this hard work to get where I wanna be. Makes it all worth it. Ultimately my tips & suggestions was about loving your body. But I figured I’d break down the components & little extras so you can understand the bigger picture. I love my body. I should’ve always loved it. Don’t make my mistake of doing this journey with no body positivity. I swear to you its no fun being self critical. Even if you gotta fake it til you make it, then so be it. I did it & it worked. If there’s anything I want ppl to take away from this post it’s this.

So I hope this helped, and I wish you all the best of luck on your weight gain journey. I’m always here to help…even though I’m shitty with answering messages lol. But I always answer.

Gluttony pt.III

Kung magiging pagkain ka, anong pagkain ang best na magdedescribe sayo?

10. HOPIA - Kasi parang lovelife ko, hopia.

9. MANI - madalas mong makikita sa kalsada, sa murang halaga makukuha mo na.

8. WATERMELON - kasi makita mo palang, gusto mo na kagad magpakwan.

7. LUMPIA - masarap lalo na kung hubad.

6. LABANOS - maputi kaso mabaho.

5. SUNDOT KULANGOT - papaikot-ikutin mo muna bago mo mukuha.

4. HIPON - laging tambay sa gym, tapon ulo - masarap ang katawan.

3. LOLLIPOP - tapon katawan pero mapapakinabangan ang ulo.

2. SISIG - tapon katawan, tapon ulo, pero mapapakibangan mo ang utak.

1. PATIS - mas masarap kung maraming nakikisawsaw.

Sikat na sikat ngayon ang mga unlimited na pagkain. Andami ngayon na nagkalat na mga kainan kung saan nag-ooffer sila ng unlimited rice. Madalas ay kapag pagod na pagod na ang mga Pinoy ay reward na sa sarili nila ang pagkain sa mga restaurant na ito. Sino ba naman ang oorder ng kanin na 25 pesos per cup diba kung unlimited mo naman itong makukuha sa mga restaurants na ito. Unlimited rice, plus unlimited sawsawan, plus unlimited soup equals sobrang kabusugan.

Ang isang cup ng kanin ay mayroong 200 calories. Ibig sabihin ay kung makaka-apat na cups ka na kanin sa isang meal ay mayroon kang 800 calories at sa kanin palang iyon. Ipagpalagay natin na tatlong beses sa isang araw ay nakaka apat na cups ka per meal. Ibig sabihin ay 2400 calories ang nacoconsume mo sa isang araw. At take note ha, kanin palang iyon. Kung chicken naman ang uulamin mo ay mayroon itong 240 calories per 100 grams. Kung makaka 300 grams ka ng manok ay matic na 720 calories na ang manok na tinitira mo sa mga fastfood chain. Kung idadagdag mo ang apat na cups ng rice na may 800 calories at 720 grams ng fried chicken ay nagconsume ka na ng 1,520 calories sa isang meal lang. Samantalang ang isang 16 oz na softdrinks at mayroong 138 calories. Kaya kung magsosoftdrinks ka ay may total kang 1,658 calories. Hanep diba. Isang meal palang ay ganyan na kalaki ang naconsume mo.

Kung mahilig ka namang magkape lalo na yung mga instant coffee, 353 calories ang macoconsume mo sa isang tasa ng kape. Kung katulad kita na limang beses sa isang araw magkape ay mayroon kang 1,765 calories kang nilalagay sa katawan mo. Para sa mga coffee lover dyan, alam nyo na kung gaano kalaki ang nacoconsume nating calories.

Pero kahit ano pa ang sukatan natin ng calories ay hindi natin mapigilan ang sarili natin na kumain ng mga paborito nating pagkain. Halimbawa, ako na mahilig sa kape ay hindi ko maiwasan ang sarili ko na magkape kahit anlaki ng calories nito. Ang dark chocolate na 100 grams ay mayroong 546 calories samantalang ang milk chocolate naman ay mayroomg 535 calories. Ang white chocolate naman ay mayroong 539 calories. Kaya more chocolate, the more taba. The more lechon and rice, the more katabaan. The more goodbye sa sexy body.

Gaano ba kadaming calories ang dapat nating iconsume sa isang araw? Ang babae ay dapat magtake ng 2000 calories sa isang araw at anumang sobra dito ay nakakataba na. Samantalang kailangan nyang magbawas ng 1500 calories sa isang linggo para mabawasan sya ng 1 pound sa isang linggo. Ang mga lalaki naman ay kailangan ng 2500 calories per day at dapat mabawasan sila ng 2000 calories per week para mabawasan sila ng 1 pound sa bigat nila. Ibig sabihin lang noon ay kung mas mataas ang consume ng calories sa katawan mo kaysa sa paglabas nito, malamang sa malamang ay tataba ka talaga.

TANONG: Anong pagkain ang mailalarawan mo sa sarili mo at bakit? Ano ang paborito mong pagkain? At nakakailang kanin ka sa mga unli rice na kainan? Share your answer and your idea on the comment section below.