2000 Won


ok so some shit happened and a trip that i was going to go to, and worked so hard to be able to go to, didn’t work out (im still so bitter about it) so i have like a bunch of cash that was supposed to pay for my tickets so i thought i’d use some of it to hold a giveaway or something idk it makes me pissed seeing it because it just reminds me of the trip :-( the prizes are mainly things i like lmfao i’m sorry ANYWAYS YA

i MIGHT be adding more prizes idk we’ll see :-)


  1. AKMU’s - PLAY (Debut Album) which comes with stickers, a poster and a booklet
  2. 2000 WON’s - First Mini Album (not sure what’s its called yet)
  3. Any album you like from kpoptown, so that means that new EXO album or Block B’s new album or w/e you want

OTHER PRIZES (not pictured):

  1. Style Nanda’s 3CONCEPT EYES - Lip Lacquer in Bon Bon and Super Coral (i’m willing to sub for other colours if you’d like but i tried to pick nude ones since not many ppl like bright colours)


  1. no need to follow me idc
  2. no giveaway blogs
  3. reblog as many times as you like, likes count too
  4. i’m willing to ship internationally but i’m buying directly from roseroseshop (for the makeup) and kpoptown (for the albums) and inputting your address it ships directly to you so check to make sure they ship to where you live
  5. ???
  6. what else are u supposed to write here
  7. ya ask questions if you have any!!!

S+ay Posi+ive [Listen]

kpop songs to keep you in a good mood for the day.c:

Intro - ToHeart | Mental Breaker - Block.B | Beautiful Night - B2ST | Seoul - Double K | 3.6.5 - EXO | Who You? - GD | Hooked - JJ Project |  XOXO - EXO | Don’t Go Home - GD&T.O.P | Dangerous - Gray | Fly High - Infinite H | Amazing - B1A4 | Hello - SHINee | Bounce - JJ Project | Would You? - Swings | Something Special - Nusoul | Like This - Wonder Girls | Lipstick - Orange Caramel | Naughy Boy - 2000 Won | Everybody - SHINee | A Real Lady - Swings | Baby Good Night - B1A4 | You Make Me Feel BRAND NEW - Verbal Jint | G.R.8.T.U - VIXX | Say U Say Me - VIXX | Open The Door - Wonder Boyz | EGO - BigBang | I Got C - Geumary | Just One Day - BTS | I Like It - BTS


[PERFORMANCE] 130414 Lee Hi & 2000 Won - Love The Way You Lie @ Kpop Star Dream Stage 


SBS KPOPSTAR S1 & S2 Cast - One Dream MV!

YG Family Members featured:

  • Lee Seunghoon
  • Lee Ha Yi
  • Akdong Musician (Lee Soohyun & Lee Chanhyuk)
  • Bang Ye Dam

*NOTE: Original Version of One Dream was sung by BoA ft. Henry & Key.