2000 follower thing

I’m doing something


2,000 followers. What? Okay 1,999 but I’m impatient.

So thank you. And when I reach a big number I usually like to do something. When I reached 1,000 I did a writing thing but that is subject to my writer’s block so I’ll not do that. Instead I’m gonna take gif set requests.

✧・゚: *✧・゚:* Gif set requests. *:・゚✧*:・゚✧

For about the next week or so.

You can ask me to:

  • Speed up, slow down, or reverse a moment.
  • Gif a small scene from a Thomas Sanders video. YouTube or Vine.
  • Make a gif set for a character with a theme or emotion or from a specific video.
  • Gif a specific moment. If you want it subtitled please specify.
  • Any other theme you might want probably

You cannot ask me to:

  • Do edits other than subtitles, slow-mo, speed-up, ping-pong, or reverse.
  • Things that don’t have to do with the Thomas Sanders fandom

So thank all of you for following me. Message me or shoot me an ask within the next week and it’ll happen. I’ll announce when I’m no longer taking these requests.


… HUH?!

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Excuse me, but… who are you people and where did you come from?

Last time I checked, there were like… 1700?

… Are you all sure you’re on the right blog?! X’D

Omg, seriously, guys, thank you so, so much for this, that’s like… WAY more people on here that I ever anticipated. I’m a little speechless right now.

2000 Follower Raffle

So! I recently hit 2000 followers! (Though the way things are going, I’ll probably have hit 2500 by the time I post this. Wowza.) I honestly never imagined this silly little side blog would get this far! Thanks for all the support!

In honor of this milestone, I’m holding a raffle! Fun stuff!

How to Enter:

  1. Follow me
  2. Reblog this post
  3. Reply to this post with a joke or something else you find funny for a second entry!

That’s it. Just three steps. Easy peasy.

“But Jai!” You ask, “What do we win???”

Glad you asked! I’m gonna have five winners. The prizes are as follows:

First: Fully colored and shaded digital drawing of their choice and a shoutout

Second: Lined drawing of their choice and a shoutout

Third: Traditional sketch of their choice and a shoutout

Fourth and fifth: A shoutout

As for the art prizes, I do have a couple rules:

  1. Nothing NSFW. Staying true to this blog, I’m only comfortable drawing clean things, my dudes. This means no nudity, fetishes, or excessive gore.
  2. That being said, minor gore is acceptable. (Nosebleeds, minor injuries, etc.)
  3. If unsure, just ask! I’ll let you know if I’m comfortable drawing something or not.

That’s it, duckies, good luck! If you have any questions about the raffle, shoot me an ask or a dm.


The Soulmate Scars Theory (Daichi Katsuragi)

Hello lovelies! This is my entry for voltagefanbase‘s 2000 follower contest. It’s based on a prompt I saw a few weeks back. I hope you all enjoy!! (ps. I have to get up for work in 4 hours but this was totally worth the all nighter!) :)

Prompt: The mysterious cuts and bruises that suddenly appear are actually injuries that your soulmate has obtained, and you share the same marks on your skin.

It was a recent theory, ‘The Soulmate Scars’ people called it. My parents called it ridiculous. Maybe that’s because none of their scars seemed to match up together. Maybe that’s why they fought so often.

The Soulmate Scars first made headlines about twenty years prior. The institution claimed to have found evidence supporting bonds between soulmates. Only a few people even took the study serious. The theory behind it showed up more often in children’s fairy tales than in any actual academic classroom. But then those children grew up, and in an instant the generation old theory became a real romantic potential notion. The internet became a trove of information. There were a multitude of blogs, articles, and forums to stumble upon. All dedicated to those who indeed found another with matching imperfections.

I examined my body in the bathroom mirror with the usual utmost scrutiny. Another one appeared. I traced the new scar along my upper arm. He must be a clumsy one. As a child my parents, the logical sort they were, fought hard against the new soulmate theory making headlines. They insisted it was complete and utter nonsense, and that one day I would grow up and meet someone wonderful and realize that fact on my own. After graduating college and starting a successful career of course. But still the idea intrigued me. So I would listen in to the gossip the other kids spread; the children of less strict logistical parentage. The children whose parents would let them dream.

The new scar joined many others, far too many to count. The marks were the reason why I couldn’t quite believe my parents when they claimed the whole theory was ridiculous. True I am a little clumsy, constantly tripping over myself, and bumping into things. Those should cause only bruises though, not leave behind actual scars. Not that my naive young self knew any better. My parents being far too busy for me, never rouse the slightest bit of fuss when a new strange mark would arrive. I guarantee they never even noticed.

It was during my teenage years when the marks dramatically increased. Previous a new mark would appear every so often, the old one used to fade long before a new one showed. Instead they seemed to show up on a fairly regular basis now. I didn’t pay them much attention until a couple years later. I was eighteen and attending a friend’s baseball game. A foul ball popped upwards, the sun’s bright rays blocking out where it would land. “Head’s up!”  the coaches called. Well… I stupidly looked up. And WHAM. Struck me right in the face. The thick sunglasses I was luckily wearing had saved my vision, I had only a tiny scar across the bridge of my nose from the strong impact. That’s when I knew.

All those other scars could not possibly be mine. The baseball incident was the first time I had ever gotten injured, aside from the stray cut here and there of course. I compared my injury to the newest scar that made its appearance only the day before. Mine was still red and slightly swollen, it had bled like crazy until the doctors stitched it up. The wound looked so fresh, so unlike the other scar. When had any of the other marks ever swelled? Bled? Never. Not once. That’s when I knew. I had to have a soulmate out there. It must be his injuries showing on my body. It was the only explanation for my scarred and bruised body. I kept my newfound secret from my parents. They wouldn’t understand. But each time a new scar appeared I would lightly trace it, knowing it was another injury my soulmate obtained. Knowing there was nothing I could do to make him feel better.

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Ok thanks everyone for waiting, I’ve had a bunch of stuff to catch up on for assessment but the last one is tomorrow and this is the last thing I had to do so I’ll be posting stuff more regularly again :)

so recently I hit 2000 followers….. that’s a thing that happened…..

its only been what 3-ish months since I hit 1000 followers and now I’ve reached another milestone

im so thankful to all who have followed me ilysm so I decided to do another follow forever for the blogs/people i luv (if I’ve missed somebody out pls tell me!!!)


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//: I was supposed to announce it a few weeks ago,, but some things came up and I got a little distracted. But since I’m free now….

It seems like Cards Against Humanity won for the 2000 follower thing! So yeah.

As it is now, I’m a little unsure when the date will be, or if I’ll run this whole thing differently than last time, so I’ll update with extra details in the near future. 

Thanks for voting, everybody!


That’s right, I recently reached 2000 followers which is just… WOAH. Like, thankyou. thankyou. thankyou. 

Sooo in celebration I am doing my first ever tumblr awards! YAY


Reblog this post! Likes do not count :) 
You gotta be following me ! 
This post has gotta reach at least 25 notesotherwise it would be slightly embarrassing okay 


Ends November 7th! (date might be extended if i feel like it kay thx)



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~ Best Icon
~ Best URL
~ Best Posts
~ Nicest Blogger
~ Best Joker - to enter this section send me an ask with the best joke you can come up with, I will pick only one! 
~ KP’s Favourite!

WHAT YOU’LL WIN omg prizes:

- TONS of promos anytime you want
- Eternal friendship
- Your names on my sidebar so that when people visit my blog they will see YOUR NAME HOW EXCITING

If i knew y'all in real life i would actually buy you like a cake or something but ya know

SO YES PLEASEEEEE ENTER because will be so so fun and i will love you forever. If you have any questions or just want a fun chat send me an ask!  :) can’t wait ! this post is a mess i got a bit too excited with bolding things