Inbar Lavi Gif Hunt

Under the cut, you will find approximately 188·197·200·207 230 244 small/medium/large sized, roleplayable gifs of Inbar Lavi. She is best known for her work as Raviva in MTV’s Underemployed, Veronica Dotsen in Fox’s Gang Related, Winsome in FX’s Sons of Anarchy, and Lt.·Ravit Bivas in TNT’s The Last Ship. Inbar·is an Israeli-American actress and an extremely underused faceclaim. None of these gifs are mine. Full credit is given to their rightful owners.

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*Last Updated: 10/08/2015

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safe food list

safe food:

  • berries (strawberry 5, raspberry 2, blueberry 1)
  • cherry tomatoes (3~5 per)
  • apple (70~110 whole)
  • banana (90~120 whole)
  • cucumber (50 whole)
  • sweet potato (120~140 per 5oz)
  • egg whites (16~25 per)
  • asparagus (3~5 per spear)
  • watermelon (30~60 per 6oz)
  • applesauce (75~90 per 4oz)

semi-safe food (not daily):

  • white / brown rice (200~220 wr, 215~230 br per 1cup)
  • vegetarian beans (depends)
  • low calorie/protein cereal (90~130 per 1cup)
  • smoothies (100~300, depends)
  • salmon filet (220~240 per 4oz)
  • boiled whole egg (75~90 per)
  • sugarfree pudding cup (55~65 per)

fear food (never eat these!!):

  • cake / cheesecake 
  • icecream
  • cookies
  • bread
  • sushi
  • dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt)
  • olive/vegetable oil
  • chips and salsa
  • fast food 
  • diner/restaurant food
  • anything you don’t make yourself

Erickson Air-crane, formerly known as the Sikorsky Skycrane. 

General characteristics

Crew: 3 (pilot, co-pilot), plus one engineer or rear-facing observer
Capacity: up to 5 total persons
Payload: 20,000 lb (9,072 kg)
Length: 70 ft 3 in (21.41 m (fuselage))
Rotor diameter: 72 ft 0 in (21.95 m)
Height: 18 ft 7 in (5.67 m)
Disc area: 4070 ft² (378.1 m²)
Empty weight: 19,234 lb (8,724 kg)
Max. takeoff weight: 42,000 lb (19,050 kg)
Powerplant: 2 × Pratt & Whitney JFTD12-4A (T73-P-1) turboshaft engines, 4,500 shp (3,555 kW) each


Maximum speed: 109 knots (126 mph, 203 km/h)
Cruise speed: 91 knots (105 mph, 169 km/h)
Range: 200 nmi (230 mi, 370 km) max fuel and reserves
Rate of climb: 1,330 ft/min (6.75 m/s)

So, we have found a solution to our shipping woes and so we have adjusted our prices to include our new cheaper mode of shipping:

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The Digital edition will include:

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The 230 page (200-210 pages of art) hardcover artbook as well as a little surprise from us

The Deluxe edition will include:

The 230 page (200-210 pages of art) hardcover artbook as well as:

4 postcards by: gorlassar, @rdjpwns, @lostinroadsuntravelled, and @quickreaver

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3 badges by: @gabester-sketch, @can-draw-may-draw, and @nobledemons

5 stickers by: @venuscas, @asksamstuff, @trimcoast, @champagneblue, and @hangsabove

& the little surprise from us

tip to self

dancing is super underrated. depending on the dance, intensity and your weight you could burn at the minimum of 100 calories in 30 minutes.

if you were to do some really active dancing for 30 minutes and you weighed 150 you would burn anywhere from ~200-230+ calories.

a person weighing 125 doing the same intensity would burn about ~150-180+ calories.

you could throw on your favorite album and go all out free styling that way you control the intensity and duration. it’s really fun too.

it’s an all body workout, again, depending on the dance & intensity.

Favorite creepypasta #63: The Class

External image

My life has been somewhat, ruined, by an experience I had when I was younger. I think so often back to the time my experience happened. Nobody ever believed my story at the time, so I decided to write it now, for the world to see.

It began really when I was 14 or so, when my family moved home. My Dad had been offered a job with better pay and a mere week later, we had sold our house and rented an apartment in the town we moved to. It was during the summer we moved, so it was simple starting at my new school. When term began I nervously walked from our apartment building to the school which was rather close. I hadn’t had the chance to meet any local kids so I knew nobody and was scared of having to make new friends all alone. I don’t recall really speaking to anybody that morning, I was too shy you see. I just took my timetable in a slightly trembling hand and looked to see what my first class was. Maths, in room 104. I checked the little school map hand-out I had been given, I looked at that map over and over. I couldn’t see my class room number at all. By then no staff were around me and I began to panic. Where the hell do I go?

I noticed on the layout of the building there was a whole section to the right of the school that seemed to have plenty of classroom sized rooms but no numbers. The class numbers on the far left of the school were numbers 300-310, the centre of the building had rooms designated in the 200-230 range. I decided my class room ’104′ would logically be to the right. I walked down long corridors, most of the other students were not new, and so they had already made it to their classes whilst I contemplated my map. Because of this, the corridors were now deserted. In retrospect, I should have just found the help desk and asked them to give me directions but I was so shy I’d rather try and do it alone.

Anyway I followed the building layout and at the end of an eerily quiet and long corridor, my passage was blocked by rather old looking wooden double doors that didn’t open when I pushed. This seemed wrong. Like this part of the building was not meant to be entered. I played with the idea that someone had accidentally shut them or maybe I just wasn’t pushing hard enough.

I rammed into the doors with my shoulder and with a scraping sound of metal on wood, they opened. I realized then that I had broken the bolts on the other side of the door which were brittle with rust. Horrified at having broken a door lock on my first day, I was about to turn and run from the scene and just ask someone to help my find my class. I obviously shouldn’t be in this part of the school. The new corridor was old and dusty. The lockers were all hanging open and unused. A faint smell of mould hung in the air. But as I turned I noticed the numbers painted on the glass windows of the doors along the corridor. The one nearest to me read; ’100′.

Perplexed I checked my timetable again to assure myself that I had read my class number correctly. It was clear; my room was ’104′. And just along this corridor apparently. I began to walk slowly, looking into the windows of each class I passed. 100, empty, 101, empty, 102, empty except for a plastic skeleton hanging in the corner by a pile of yellowing student lab coats. Still, it was enough to make me flinch. As I checked 103 (empty) I heard the voice of an adult man coming from the room opposite. Room 104. I peeked through the window. Full.

Except it wasn’t what I expected to see. Sure, there was a teacher, wearing a worn brown suit and blue bowtie, and there were students, all focused on this teacher sitting apart from one another on old fashioned wooden tables. What made me pause was what they were wearing. Kids didn’t dress like that anymore, It looked like a classroom from an old film or show. The teacher stood beside a blackboard dusty from chalk.

Despite this oddity, I knocked on the door. I assumed the school had a poor budget. The teacher didn’t notice my knocking, so I quietly opened the door and walked in. None of the students took their gaze away from the teacher, who also paid no attention to me. I awkwardly apologised for my lateness, citing that I had gotten lost. I then made my way over to the only free seat in the room and sat down. I felt my cheeks burn with embarrassment. I must have interrupted the class I thought.

The teacher began his lesson a few seconds later rather casually. His name was Mr Telori. He began to chalk equations on the board and got the class to solve them. The lesson was rather ordinary; except for the fact no calculators were used. Whenever I raised my hand to answer a question, almost too try and win back favour from the teacher, he ignored it and always chose another student to answer the problem.

The lesson ended abruptly after what felt like hours. By the end of it I was bored and miserable. I just wanted to get home and complain about the way I was ignored.

When I left the room I felt pangs of hunger. I glanced at my watch and was shocked to see the school day had ended. A whole day of maths? Horror. I had decided I hated that school. I walked slowly home, going over the day’s events in my mind. It was all very weird, but I supposed I would get used to this new school eventually.

When I got home my mother was talking on the home phone. Her face displayed confusion. She heard me come in and frowned when she saw me. She looked somewhat angry and asked whoever was on the other end of the phone line to hold, and then she accused me of skipping school.

Confusion followed. I told her I was in class all day, but apparently the school had phoned to say I wasn’t in any lessons and hadn’t seen me after I collected my timetable. I said I was in Mr Telori’s class in room 104 all day. I must have missed the register when I was late I thought.

My mum paused and told the school on the phone my story. Her expression froze after a few seconds and then she looked at me rather worriedly. 

She hung up the phone and told me what the school had said. 

Mr. Telori had not worked at the school in thirty-eight years.

Apparently room 104 was part of an abandoned section of the school that hadn’t been used since a school shooting nearly forty years ago. 

The school thought I was playing some sick joke.


That night I went on the web to find out if what the school said was true. Quickly I had found old newspaper articles about the school massacre that had been archived. 

A madman had simply walked into the school with a hunting rifle and shot a whole class dead. He had blocked the doorway and shot everyone in a maths classroom. An old grainy photo showed the class where the murders happened. I recognised it immediately. It was room 104.

An obituary showed tributes to the dead and photos of all that had died. I recognised them, too. Mr. Telori and all the students I had spent a day with. 

My heart felt like it had stopped. I felt sick. I felt cold to my bones at that moment.

After that day I changed schools. 


Now, years later I’ve written this, my account of what happened to me, which nobody had ever believed. The reason, why now? 

Yesterday I received a letter in the post. There was no address; it had simply appeared through my letterbox. It was a class reunion invite, signed by my old teacher.

Mr. Telori.

Credits to: A J M


Overshadowed by the Flying Fortress, the Saab B-17 was a Swedish Dive Bomber which was designed and built in the 1940s. 

Neutral Sweden was surrounded by warring nations in 1939-1945. Without modern aircraft, it had no way of preventing incursions across it’s borders or into it’s airspace. State aircraft maker Saab (Svenska Areoplan Aktieboglaet), which had previously built aircraft under licence, hired American engineers to help it produce it’s first all-new design, the B-17. The aircraft was built in Dive bomber and Level Bomber variants and even a dedicated photo reconnaissance version.

Specifications: (B-17 C)

General characteristics

  • Crew: 2
  • Length: 10 m (32 ft 10 in)
  • Wingspan: 13.7 m (44 ft 11 in)
  • Height: 4.5 m (14 ft 9 in)
  • Wing area: 28.5 m2 (307 sq ft)
  • Empty weight: 2,680 kg (5,908 lb)
  • Gross weight: 3,870 kg (8,532 lb)
  • Powerplant: 1 × Piaggio P.XIbis R.C.40D 9 cyl. air-coiled radial piston engine
  • Propellers: 3-bladed Piaggio P.1001 variable pitch propeller


  • Maximum speed: 435 km/h (270 mph; 235 kn)
  • Cruising speed: 370 km/h (230 mph; 200 kn)
  • Landing speed: 125 km/h (78 mph; 67 kn)
  • Range: 1,700 km (1,056 mi; 918 nmi)
  • Service ceiling: 9,800 m (32,152 ft)
  • Rate of climb: 10 m/s (2,000 ft/min)
  • Wing loading: 139 kg/m2 (28 lb/sq ft)
  • Power/mass: 0.220 kW/kg 0.14 hp/lb


  • Guns:
  • 1× 8 mm (0.315 in) Ksp m/22R machine-gun flexibly mounted in the rear cockpit
  • 2× 8 mm (0.315 in) (Kulspruta) Ksp m/22F machine gun machine guns, fixed forward-firing
  • Bombs: 700 kilograms (1,500 lb) of bombs

Well you’re here Gustin the nick of time. Hehe, I’m not funny. Under the cut you will find ### of sad, upset, and/or crying gifs of the gorgeous and amazingly talented Grant Gustin. Also if you’re looking for a Grant Gustin FC to play that works with these gifs you will find one right here at Just The Way I’m Not. So check out this gif hunt and maybe check out the rp as well. Like or Reblog this if you have found this useful.

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Malec Masterpost - CoA

I had time today, so here are all the pages of City of Ashes to read if you want to skip the rest of the story and stick with this pairing only. It’s not as long as CoHF but neither the characters nor the relationship was part of the main plot. 


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·         Page 200

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·         Page 239

·         Page 246

·         Page 272

·         Page 405



·         Page 353

·         Page 366


·         Page 9

·         Page 72

·         Page 99

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