Hey guys did I ever tell you about the ghost that lives in my house?

Well I’m going to anyway.

It’s been there since I can remember. It’s passively malevolent, I think, or at least I always get bad vibes from it, but it’s never done anything physical/noisy.

The upstairs landing is where it lives - the bit between the stairs and the doors to our bedrooms and bathroom. You never see anything directly, just… something ot of the corner of your eye. A silhouette? A figure? Glowing eyes? I don’t know how tall it is or anything like that, just that I’ve always been scared of it.

I think it comes into my bedroom sometimes, follows me in if I don’t shut the door properly, and then gets bored because I can feel it there and I pull the covers up over my head. It doesn’t go anywhere with a light on, so the landing is absolutely fine during the day, but at night time…

When I was little and had to use the toilet at night, I couldn’t bring myself to open the door back onto the landing again sometimes, and napped in the bath until one of my parents checked up on me or had to use the bathroom themselves. It felt like the ghost was just… waiting outside to freak me out.

It’s still there, though, whenever I’m staying back home.

My parents don’t feel it, and while my sister agrees there’s something a little bit spooky it doesn’t affect her as much. Last year, though, my parents had a mother-and-baby fostering placement, and put the girl up in my room, and she apparently asked ‘is your house haunted? only the landing is creeping me out at night’. I only found that out a few months after she’d left when I brought up the ghost after seeing something that reminded me of it to my mum.

So yeah, the ghost. I don’t know if it’s a previous occupant who’s Not Happy and I just happen to be the one who got their old room so I’m their target, or… what. 

Just felt the need to share that all of a sudden.

protectingthetruth 200+ Bias List

Hey guys, I know I said I was going to do this a while ago (or a FEW of you know I said I was going to do this when I hit 200) so here it finally is! I’ve never done this before so it might be a little wonky, but here we go!

@valorandgold So Colin, like it has been two years and I’m still having a great time with you! You’re always so accepting and ready to go with whatever AU tends to catch my eye. Really, getting to talk with you daily is such a pleasure! I’m glad that you’re in my life.

@brokenbiirds Charlie, you’ve been with me for about two years too, and I feel like I can talk to you about anything and everything! It’s kind of rare to find someone like that, plus your muses are all such goods! I love the way that our muses interact, and how we interact, and I look forward to keeping it going!

@ruler-of-all-burgers-maya So Maya-mun, I know we haven’t really interacted too much, every now and then, but your Maya is gr8 seriously. I love seeing you on my dash, and even with the little bit of interacting I’m glad that I can interact with you!

@seekers-of-thetruth Neko-mun, I’m super happy to have you on my dash, and the conversations we’ve had have been interesting to say the least. I hope to keep interacting with you, and always feel free to IM me!

@thewanderingtacticianyuki I know we haven’t done much interacting OOC, but I’ve really enjoyed interacting with you IC! You’re an absolute pleasure to write with! I hope to continue interacting!

@krandom-roleplayer Yet again, we haven’t done much OOC talking, but from what we’ve done you seem super duper nice! With the one thread we’ve got going, I’m curious to see how things turn out and what kind of things might arise. I also enjoy seeing you on my dash!

@snowthefirst Snow, you have an amazing Robin, she’s so IC, and fabulous! I love seeing you on my dash~ OOC you’re also really nice, I hope to talk with you more out there but I’m glad that I know you!

@herexcomesxjustice Chris, I know that we haven’t known each other long, but I’ve been having a lot of fun with you! You’re really nice and your Apollo is great! I hope to continue to get to know you better!

@becroleplays Momma bear, you are like fantabulous! I know we haven’t interacted a lot here, but even back in my very awkward n00b days I have LOVED interacting with you! I know we don’t talk as much as we did back then, but I’m so happy to have you in my life! Seeing you on my dash and on skype makes me super happy!

@darkgodsvessel So, let me say that you are amazing, I enjoy seeing your stuff on my dash, and I enjoy the interactions we’ve had! I hope to continue things in the future!

There are a lot more pople that I could go on about, but here are also some gr8 people @spiritmemedium @of-invisible-ties @dragon-from-two-lands @brxkenguitar @rose-gold-memories @bigfriendlybenny @mercperfectixn @bewitchinqs @soleil-is-the-bae @bornxsteward @defensisms and many many more! 

Really guys, thank you so much, all of you, my experience wouldn’t have been the same without!


Is this real life? I can’t believe I have over 200 followers!!!

Thank you guys so much for your support! I just want to say that I love all of you!!

Special thank you to my 10 newest followers: @downtonabb3y, @anotherlovexdd, @kydamyankee, @alll-was-welll, @rip-tx-my-yxuth, @abbirae99, @jessicalynn0326, @200thgerstacker, @the-third-winchester-warrior, @miss-givings

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