Yay!!! I’m so happy I never thought I’d be able to get this many followers!!

You guys are all the best! You all are so welcoming to other people that join the simmer community and I love it! So for celebration of hitting 200 followers I’m going to be taking 3 sim requests AND inviting all of you who want to join my discord server!!!


On this fine day, Gavin has gifted us with some old school nostalgia 

“Think I was talking recently on Off Topic about how I recorded us doing all the original lets play intros that used to play at the beginning of our videos. I found them in the old vault from 2013. They weren’t all winners.


random tv and film au [11/ ]                    inception
min yoongi as cobb  
kim taehyung as arthur
jeon jeongguk as ariadne
jung hoseok as eames
kim seokjin as mal
park jimin as saito
kim namjoon as yusuf