i keep getting anxiety attacks but the mysmes fandom is so welcoming & kind .  i’m overwhelmed .  i’ll hold on to zen with all my heart, even if it’s for sky*pe or k!k .  although it’s only been a week, zen became so important to me .  i finally found a muse who has all the qualities i wanted to portray .  ugh, i hate being sappy but i love you guys so much !


You all may not remember but like a month ago or something I asked for ideas with a GardevoirX-insert water pokemon- for a Sea Witch character..

She is a Gardevoir/Tentacruel hybrid and she is a Sea Witch.
She is my precious semi-old eccentric sea witch and I love her


29.09 - Happy Birthday Ranmaru!

Birthday bromide: Ranmaru 14

Birthday Piyo-chan: Birthday Ranmaru

Happy Happy Birthday!

Dressing like an adult with a black shirt. It gives off a chic atmosphere.

Birthday Memokore: Frying Pan

The frying pan that Ranmaru always uses. Adapted to oil, as long as as he has this, he can make omurice or even hamburgers. He handles it as a professional does.

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