To mark my step father’s birthday here’s a special shout out to him for being the sweetest little bean ever……..who’s constantly being SLEPT on. so LISTEN UP KIDS…… Liam James Payne deserves more love than he has ever received, 

- for being a talented individual who’s not only a great vocalist, song writer, musician, producer and even mORE (remember when he was once about to be an olympics runner???)

- for being a generous guy with a big heart who was bullied during his childhood BUT never being hateful toward his bullies, instead he worked so hard to prove his own value

- for being a humble artist who is grateful for people who have helped him through the progress; following back as many fans as he can to show his gratitude; always reading signs during the concerts to show the fans he’s with them, he sees them, and he cares about them

- for being a considering band member who never forgets about his band and his team, showing so much love to his four brothers: jokingly became “Mrs. Horan” and praising Niall on twitter for a whole day which was confusing but iconic and heartwarming; mocking Harry a lot but whenever Harry’s being mocked by someone who’s not him he becomes defensive (ex. jokes about harry’s hairstyle…. but then all praising it in another interview when harry got mean comments about his hair); being positive and supportive for daddy Louis and baby Freddie; actually interacted with and talked to Zayn after Zayn’s departure

- for being constantly “dragged” in this fandom just because he is a human being like the rest of us. for when he spends as much as (or even more) effort as/than his band members do but never gets enough credits and recognition. (HE BASICALLY PRODUCED AND DID ALL THE INSTRUMENTS FOR LOVE YOU GOODBYE WHY DON’T WE TALK ABOUT THIS MORE???) for when he wants to extend his solo career what he receives is criticism calling him ungrateful and “is going to flop” but when his band member did the same thing they got praise instead???

- for being LIAM JAMES PAYNE, an underrated gem who deserves MORE


sincerely, the small child you’ve adopted, who wishes everyone loves you as much as i do

OMG guys!!! Like whaaaat? We made it to 200 followers! You guys are freakin awesome! I really appreciate the time you took to visit my tiny blog!

I won’t be doing anything special since the 100 Followers was done a little over a week ago, but if I am ever blessed with 500 then oml guys, that sounds like Art Raffle status right there!

Thanks again! I hope you all have a FANTASTIC day!!!

     welcome, welcome !! it is i, with yet another brilliant banner graphic, straight from the least talented parts of my creative brain (but the photo was fun okay). anyway, i’ve reached 200 followers a few days ago and i figured it’s time to finally do a follower appreciation post (or whatever the cool kids call that kind of thing nowadays) !!

to start this off, i would like to thank everyone who follows me at the moment - even the 30 norse mythology blogs, who will soon realize their mistake i assume - for taking an interest in my blog, my writing and my portrayal of jace; or whatever else drew you here !!

then, there are, of course, a few people i would like to give a special mention, because they are special to me.

@dnteverdoubtme: i can just say, it’s been a while since i’ve found a new rp partner i click with so well, and get along so well ooc too. you are an amazing alec and a fantastic writer, and i enjoy plotting with you all day long (well, in the hours we’re both awake lol) and writing a billion different jalec scenarios so so so much. i didn’t know how much i loved jalec until i met you, and for that i am grateful too !! aside from the rping, you have been a great friend and support lately, and it means a lot to me to know that you are there for me when i need someone to talk to. so, thank you for following me and for being my friend - and i sincerely hope that we will stay friends for a long time.

@battleshaper: although we seem to be pretty good at coming online while the other person is offline, we do manage SOMETIMES, and it is always a joy to talk to you. i know we haven’t known each other for very long, but i think you are a lovely person, and i would love to get to know you better, and write more with you, and DEVELOP BJORCE BECAUSE IT IS BEAUTIFUL AND MAJESTIC AND SHOULD BE A THING THAT HAPPENS. thank you for boosting my motivation to watch an incredible tv show, and for giving me a new crack ship to agonize over, because that is what i live for. (also shiny MAGIC cards, amirite)

@ofdemonicmagic: as always; one of the few people here i actually know irl !! after years it is still great that we (almost) always enjoy the same fandoms, and even though we leave blog ruins behind left and right, it is always a fun ride. to a future of many more fandoms and tumblr rps !! (and too many blogs to handle properly, and not to mention too many drafts to handle haha) :)

@ithurielbled: we don’t talk that often, or even regularly, but i still feel like mentioning you with the special people, because you’ve been so kind and sweet to me !! you write clary beautifully and your passion for the characters and the source material is inspiring. i am very glad to have met you and i hope we will write a lot more together!

@namedhawke / @goldenngore: you can’t hide from me, fíli. i will find you, wherever you are, and if i have to go to the end of the world for it. or something like that. but in all honestly, i think it’s hilarious and wonderful that we met again, and i am glad to see you are still around and rping with as much energy and passion as you have when we first met !!

@breakablexhearts: i love your portrayal of izzy and your writing so much; and the fact that you ship jizzy too (that name tho) !! i simultaneously wish you were online more often, and feel relief over the fact that you are as slow as i am so i don’t need to have a bad conscience. i think you are wonderful as a person and a writer, and even if we don’t talk that much i love seeing you on my dash and i think of you & your izzy a lot !!

@silvcrandashes: we used to talk more, and i apologize for being so bad at keeping in touch with people !! you are such a kind person and a good listener, and someone that really has the ability to make others (me definitely) feel better. your love for jem and will and everyone in the TID books is adorable and makes me miss my own TID blogs every time i see you on my dash. please stay the way you are !!

@stupidbats: although we’ve been talking on other platforms and chats anyway, it is great to see that you have found your writing and rping motivation again !! i wish you all the happiness in the world, and i am glad to see that you have found back to enjoying rping (and hopefully life in general) again !! even if we don’t write that much together at the moment, i am sure we will stay in touch and talk about dogs and actors and crazy comic characters for as long as these things make us happy :)

people I’d love to talk to and write with (more):

basically everyone I follow! I would love to say something about everyone, but that will turn this post into a book, so here are some of the people I felt deserved a special mention too. please don’t be upset if you are not on here, if i follow you, i WANT to talk to you and i WANT to write with you, and i think you are great writers !!
@angclbloodchild @liilacwood @notyourshadow @littlcarcherboy @neharah @silvcrhearted @bowstrung @warstopper @noonelikeshim @camillebelcourtme @eternalraphael @catholicraised @rvenbow 


“FM (No Static at All)” by Steely Dan

Two Against Nature (2000)

It hurts not being free

Sure I’m not behind bars

Or tied to a tree,

But I’m still confined.

Forced to be something I’m not!

Because not everyone can understand

A guy who adores blue nail polish,

(seriously blue is gorgeous!)

And strongly believes that makeup makes everyone look hot.

The only word I can use to describe that is tragic.

Because I’m not asking that you love me,

(though that’d be great!)

Nor for you to agree with who I am.

I’m just asking you to accept me,

Allow me to be free,

Because this is who I am,

And it’s the only person I ever intend to be!

This is for @malevolentcookie . I think you are a really awesome dude and never stop rocking who you are!

My woman and I finally went to check out the exercise room here at the apartment complex yesterday.

Like an eejit, I tried to impress her by leg-pressing 100, then 150, then 200 pounds, one right after the other, without any warmups.

My legs and back are not pleased today.

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On The Way Down by Iain Brooks

Yunho: Getaway [Rated]

✉ A romantic holiday together was exactly what you both needed away from your hectic lives.
A/N: technically this was supposed to be part two of ‘getaway’ but i really didn’t like how i wrote that one so i completely scrapped it and just made this the getaway scenario :)
WARNING: Sexual content. 
Getaway | 008/200 writing prompt challenge


His voice was faint and your ears barely catch it.

“Baby, wake up.”

The soft, gentle touch of his warm knuckles brush against your lower cheek before his hand moved away your somewhat tousled locks from the side of your face.

“We’re almost there. I think you should open your eyes to see the view.”

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