I have a bit of a problem falling asleep. Strangely enough it is when I can’t sleep that I tend to find most inspiration. I was up late and in the basement one night when I wrote ‘Fireflies’. I was sitting at the keyboard just fooling around, not really trying to write anything. Over the next couple of hours that song came together in the most natural way. I can’t explain it but it almost wrote itself. I didn’t have any idea that moment that I had written a hit. — Adam Young

Fireflies || Owl City

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[ENG] 170820 MBC News Celebrity Today - BTS, ‘Dope’ music video breaks 200 million views


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Mimi help! I've been without internet for 2 weeks and I don't know what's going on! Can you catch me up??

GUUUUUUURL/ BOIIIIIIIIIIIII were you locked out????

  • Bombs of BTS practicing for Festa 2017 are out
  • BTS album Love Yourself Her is available now for pre order + It’s on Amazon Prime too (It’s became the best seller there after only 3 hours)
  • The Smeraldo comedy kept going: There were winners of the contest held by the Smeraldo Shop aka BigHit in disguise who received bouquets of blue flowers shipped from Busan with Notes written by Jin saying “I am sending my feeling that I couldn’t send before”
  • There is many foreign media talking about BTS’ comeback + BTS is now playing in popular radios in the US because ARMYs started this project of asking radios to play BTS music
  • BTS will perform 8 songs + 1 hidden track with Seo Taiji on September 2nd
  • Jungkook’s birthday is on September 1st. Armys made ads playing for him at New York’s times square
  • Things dropped in the fancafe like usual, but there was one video of BTs playing Billiard that one person shared and everyone thought it was some Bomb that got leaked so everyone was going around asking to take it down.
  • ibighit channel got verified on Youtube 
  • Jungkook will do bowling at the upcoming Idol Star Championship 
  • BTS Summer Package was out (Some call it Jikook honey moon because it is full of some super non-heterosexual moments - I am still trying to explain what they were thinking)
  • Yoogi’s parent will sell their restaurant to someone else and move out because of health problems.
  • There might be a future collab of Suga, Lee Sora and Tablo
  • Charli xcx and Ansel Elgort visited BTS
  • BigHit took songs off Spotify then put them back with English titles
  • In the history of 10 years since the hashtag was created #BTSBBMAS is the most used one of all times. 3rd place if BTS in Korean and 5th place is Jimin
  • We kept playing a game called “Is it a wig? Hair spray or real hair” with BTS + Yoongi is back to blonde
  • BTS won the best international artist at both kids choice awards Mexico and Teen choice award 
  • BTS dope reached 200 million views 
  • BTS went for Okinawa Japan for some secret schedule

Well that’s just what I recall, there is for sure more details. But those are the headlines. 

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