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The Types as Town Of Salem Roles

ENFJ: Doctor, tries to protect everyone, should be protected as well

ENFP: Crusader, lies low unless provoked, just wants to protect people and be friends

ENTJ: Mayor, controls the game, more powerful than u, Commanding Mom Friend

ENTP: Vigilante, trusts no one, violence is the answer, doesn’t trust authority

ESFJ: Lookout, avoids conflict, can’t physically fite but will call u out

ESFP: Medium, friends with everyone, moral support, just does their own thing

ESTJ: Jailor, powerful, can protec but also can attac, stays out of the drama (and just kills you)

ESTP: Spy, wants to know all the gossip, usually just submits to mob mentality

INFJ: Psychic, knows things but not how they know things, tries to help, is killed

INFP: Retributionist, helps indirectly, steers clear of the drama but you know they support u

INTJ: Veteran, lets no one in, guarded, will kill you if you get close (might feel bad later though)

INTP: Investigator, naturally suspicious, wants to know your secrets, wants to kill you but can’t won’t

ISFJ: Bodyguard, supports you, will completely die for you, treasure them plz

ISFP: Escort, indirect confrontation, wants peace, don’t kill them they just want to help

ISTJ: Sheriff, methodical, doesn’t care who you are as long as you’re good they’re good

ISTP: Transporter, has good intentions, tries their best, kind of a pain but we like them anyways

Is that a silly straw in a flask? Yes, yes it is. How else is he supposed to get a drink under that mask?
@galoogamelady I’m having too much fun with drawing your dork and I keep thinking of interactions between him and my own characters. God save this boy.


Anon: College Klance, where Keith’s sick but he has a really important test in one of his classes so he goes to class anyway. Keith and Lance happen to have that class together, and normally Lance just tries to ignore the other boy, but the Keith waddles in wearing a big coat, scarf and a wool beanie. It’s like 80 degrees out, so he knows somethings off. Bonus: For Keith being light headed and having to be carried back to his dorm room. (PS Thank you for writing awesome fics)

A/N: So I heard you guys liked pining Lance. Cashing in the bonus, someone should draw Keith in winter gear with the scarf covering his face up to his bright-red nose.

Lance hadn’t noticed the boy before. He hadn’t noticed that mullet hair, or that red jacket, or that little glance they shared when the boy would walk in a minute before class started-

Okay, maybe he’d noticed. But that’s just because the guy sat in front of him in the lecture hall! How could he not look at the way his stupid hair turned up at the ends or the stupid way he twirled his stupid pencil with his stupid nice fingers-

Okay. Maybe he’d done more than notice. Maybe he’d put in some extra effort into trying to see the boy’s name on his test. Maybe he’d lost track of class while watching the boy lazily doodle on his notes. Maybe he’d seen ‘Keith Kogane’ on the list of packages at the front desk of his dorm hall and almost choked. Just maybe, though. Probably not. Definitely not.

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oooo ok ok the signs as early 2000s alternative rock bands (or songs, dealer's choice!!) please!! 💙 thank u dear ily alot

aries: Seven Nation Army // The White Stripes 

taurus: The Black Parade // My Chemical Romance 

gemini: Thnks fr th Mmrs // Fall Out Boy 

cancer: Boulevard of Broken Dreams // Green Day

leo: Mr. Brightside // The Killers

virgo: The Middle // Jimmy Eat World 

libra: Ocean Avenue // Yellowcard

scorpio: Stacy’s Mom // Fountains of Wayne 

sagittarius: Can’t Stop // Red Hot Chilis 

capricorn: All The Small Things // blink-182

aquarius: Teenage Dirtbag // Wheatus 

pisces: Kryptonite // 3 Doors Down 

  • clarke: hey, any word from jaha? did they find bellamy's unit?
  • what monty said: yeah. they're back, and we forgot to tell you.
  • what monty meant: clarke i get that you're worried about your totally platonic other half/soulmate/yin and yang-type best 'friend' bellamy blake but you asking me and harper and riley and every other person in this camp every 10 minutes will not bring him back sooner and honestly this is so pointless and annoying because obviously he's trying to get back to you as soon as he can so you jamming all the radio frequencies and staring longingly at the gates isn't going to change anything so if you could kindly stop freaking the hell out that would be much appreciated because obviously i will sound all the alarms (as instructed) and notify you myself as soon as he gets back now if you'll excuse me i'm going to go because i have work to do (as instructed)
  • clarke: ...