200 stitches


Title: St. Patrick’s Day 2007 Mystery Set
Released: February 26 2007 on the Disney Shopping website
Price: $39.95 a set
Limited Edition: 

Jessica Rabbit LE 50
Tinker Bell LE 100
Stitch LE 200
Jack Skellington LE 450
Mickey Mouse LE 500
Dopey LE 800
Scrooge LE 900
Chip and Dale LE 1000

I continue to unearth bits of music ephemera in old letters from friends and other various stockpiles of my crap. Here’s a photocopied flyer for a Fugazi show, organized by WKDU at Drexel University in Philadelphia that took place in 1989. Also playing were Scram and 200 Stitches. It’s worth noting as well that the show was a benefit for ACT-UP (AIDS Coalition To Unleash Power). I had already moved from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh at this point but my friend Eric Weiss saved this for me. In these early Fugazi shows, people were still trying to bill them as “x Minor Threat”, though that went away eventually.