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[Translation Update] FAIRY TAIL - DRAGON CRY -

Hiro Mashima’s coordination produce!!


Mashima-sensei drew a total of 200 pages for the movie version of the original name (Fairy Tail)…… It all started from here!! For the FT series 10th Anniversary Project, we will release the latest information quickly for the manga readers every week about the movie animation’s final result!!

BREAKING NEWS 01: This Spring, May 6th (Saturday) Opening!!
BREAKING NEWS 02: Mashima-sensei’s Key Visual Drawing completed!!

“That power, hope or destruction?”
Natsu’s half body is a dragon…… Those eyes, what is he feeling that dwells in that fist?! Look forward to the next report!!

BREAKING NEWS 03: Latest character settings is out!!
BREAKING NEWS 04: New characters of the movie version revealed!! (Sonia, Zash & Animus)

The rough painting drawn by Mashima (Nalu one), that scene will drive a lot of imagination!! The cast and staff that are earnestly making the movie version!!

T/N: I hope you enjoy this translation update about the 2nd movie >w<

Daddy Daughter Day

A/n: This is for @thing-you-do-with-that-thing SPN Movie Challenge and @babypieandwhiskey Cam’s Darndest Things writing Challenge. I enjoyed writing this and found it really cute. I want to thank @i-dont-know-how-to-write for giving some input and help. Enjoy, reblog, and like.

Word Count: 890ish

Warnings: Cuteness, Fluff, Potatoes

Prompt: 45. You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!

Movie: Lion King

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As Dean rolled over in the bed he felt the cold spot that you had left knowing that it was his turn to watch your daughter, so you and sam can do a hunt.

As Dean laid with his eyes closed he heard the door creak open and little feet run into his room and climb into the bed with a struggle. He smiled as he felt his daughter, Nova, climb beside him and cuddle into his chest.

“Daddy wakes up” the small voice whispered softly as poked him-him in the stomach. Waiting for him to open his Dean. Dean rolled over as he chuckled knowing that his daughter would be persistent.

“Daaad, wake up you buttface” Nova giggled as she climbed over Dean trying to go on the other side. Her father arms snaked around her and started to tickle her as she laughed.

“Good Morning Munchkin” Dean cooed as he kissed his daughter’s forehead and got up from bed.

Walking to the bunkers kitchen Dean heard little feet directly behind him and he smiled looking behind him finding her trying to walk like him.

“Are you copying me?” Dean furrowed his eyebrows playfully as Nova chuckled at his actions. Picking her up as they entered the kitchen he sat her on the counter.

“What’s for breakfast sweet cakes,” he asked as he waited for the thinking child to answer.

“Hmm…How about pancakes and potatoes” she hummed happily as she thought about her decision.

“Okay you get potatoes and I make the pancake batter. Plus I’ll add in eggs” he explained as he took her off the counter to do her job for the morning.

As Dean began cooking he had a hunch to turn around and look for Nova. When he turned he saw her dancing with the potatoes in her hands.

“POTATOESSSSSSS” she yelled as she dances silly in her own world. Dean snickered but quickly stopped to try and give a stern look.One she noticed him looking she stopped and they had an awkward stare, Dean wanting to laugh but keeping a straight face. Giving her a stern look.

“Nova, You can’t play with the potato; I need to cook it!” Dean said as his daughter huffed and gave him the potatoes and walked away mumbling.

“Aww man…haters gonna hate potatoes gonna potate” she mumbled quietly but so dean could hear as she did a little dance.

Dean shook his head and chuckled as he began cooking breakfast for the two of them. Thinking of what to do for the day.


“So what do you what to do today love bug” Dean said as he shifted her hair into her little ponytails with her hair clips.

“Can we watch movies daddy?” she asked as she looked up at Dean knowing he would never tell her no.

“Sure love bug,” Dean kissed her head lightly. “Go pick your movies while I clean up.”

Nova ran to get her movies coming back with Lion King, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and Up.

“You ready munchkin?” She nodded her head as she sat on the couch and her dad put Lion king in for her.

“Let’s start the movie night,” he says as she shushes him and he fakes offended at her gesture to make her giggle.

Throughout the beginning, Dean and Nova sang along to all the words. Once Nova had calmed down she sat on the opposite couch as him.The scene of Mufasa’s death was beginning and Dean little sniffles as Simba try and wake his up from death.

“Ladybug are you okay,”Dean cooed she shook her yes as she wiped tears away from her wet eyes.

“Mufasa died?” Nova sobs got a little louder as Simba cried.

“Do you want a hug?” While shaking her head yes she climbed down from her couch and cuddled with as he comforts her about the movie and they finished it with her in his hands.


Coming in from the hunt all you wanted to do was cuddle up with your daughter and husband while sleeping. As you walked down the stairs you heard music from Alvin and the chipmunks being played. Knowing that they had a movie day. Not to wake them you turn off the TV and went to take your daughter from Dean’s arms. You kissed her forehead as you walked her to the room and laid her down.

“Goodnight sweetheart,” you say as you get up and see Dean leaning in the doorway watching you.

“How was the hunt?” he asks as he holds you in his arms and breathes in your scent that he missed all day.

“Horrible because I was away from you guys,” you mumbled into his chest as you sighed and felt him kiss the top of your head.

“How was she today?” you asked as you looked up at your loving husband. Smelling the scent of whiskey, gunpowder, and soap that you loved so much.

“She was amazing. I learn new things about her every day,” you both laughed as you look at your precious creation dream. Hoping that she dreamed the sweetest thing and nothing bad.

“Let’s go to sleep love” he yawns while you both walked to your room to sleep for the rest of the night.


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Regarding all the hate on the Seb Stache-

We’re talking about a guy who pushed himself to get up to 200 pounds for a movie role, and y’all didn’t expect him to grow out a mustache to play a guy who had a pretty distinct look which included a mustache? Everyone was like “Oh yay! Seb and Margot in a movie together!” which is awesome, but if you were too dense to realize that meant we’d get a stache for a little while you really have no right to be a little bitch about it. Actually, even if you did see the mustache coming, you still have no right to be a jerk. BE NICE TO HIM- HE CAN SEE ALL OF THE MEAN COMMENTS. The last thing we want is for him to delete his social media accounts because people are literally insulting HIS FACE. I’m not a fan of the stache, but I’m a fan of Seb and his work. Mustache or not, I’d still sit on that face in a heartbeat. 

best parts of teen beach 2
  • Lela missing Mack
  • Lela saying she was inspired by Mack
  • Lela being excited to be in Mack’s world
  • Lela admiring the women working out on the beach
  • Tanner’s thighs in those shorts
  • Lela being excited to try on Mack’s clothes
  • Lela mentioning being able to build a motorcycle when Woman Self Empowerment was brought up
  • Lela signing a song about changing her life and choosing her own destiny
  • Lela turning her movie into a feminist film that is insanely popular 53 years later
  • Lela, the feminist lesbian from a Disney Channel movie