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This is part of the 200 followers celebration, and was requested by @itsspecial-itsnotforeveryone. Thank you so much for your request! I hope you won’t be disappointed…

So this is about Remus, and the prompts that were asked are :

9. “Chocolate and hugs can cure anything.”

12. “You’re not perfect, and that’s precisely what I love about you.”

24. “Things will be all right, you’ll see.”

I’ve found out that it’s often Remus who is written as the most tormented, I wanted to change that a bit, and see how he would react if it was the reader who felt sad. Hope you like it! ;)

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nothinginthedark  asked:


* (The event has ended.)

* … We should get back inside.  It’s getting pretty cold out.
* We need to prepare for Halloween, after all.
* ……. Flowey?

* ……….

* … You know I don’t care what you look like, right?  You’re still my best friend, furred or flowered.

* ….. Heh, yeah.  I know, Frisk.

* Thank you.

Finally got around to this! Yay!

So the rules are as follows:
-reblog with a picture of your OC
-first 20 get in. (30 if I’m feeling generous.)
-no nsfw
-no gore

You’re not required to follow me, but followers will have priority. (I check too.) Please be nice if I take a while, as I will also be working on other projects.

What you will get:
1-3 flat colored “chibis” w/ a colored background.

Good luck~🌟


Since I finally reached 200 followers and I thank everyone for it, I can announce the event I was planning, yeah-!

It’s a raffle so I think everybody knows what this thing is, I saw other persons in the fandom do this so I want to try, too. It seems so funny-!
The prizes are three so also the winners will be three different persons. The winners will be extract on October  11th , 2017. I will contact them and I will write a new post where I announce everything.

To participate you need:

  1. To follow my blog.
  2. To reblog this post.
  3. To read the rules below.
  4. To be patient. 



The first winner will receive a one-shot written by me (Capitan Obvious). It will be a Character x Reader story, but you must specify some things since it’s very personalized.

The things the winner has to choose are:

• A character of the fandom you desire, it can be whoever appears in the list of the characters I do. Since I write also about poly-relationships, you have the possibility to choose this option, in this case you must specify 2 characters (of the same Fandom). Some Fandoms have AUs (like Undertale and Hetalia). Here, you can take two characters from different AUs but from the same fandom. It does not have to be only a love romance but any types of relationships (just like friendship, family etc.);
The name of the reader since I prefer to specify the person, you can choose your own name or another. It can be also a neutral name in case you don’t want to specify the sex of the reader. Otherwise, you can specify if you want a Female Reader or a Male Reader (or others). Telling me the pronouns I have to use;
• You have to send a description of yourself, you can send me an ask or a message, because I have to know how to characterize the reader. It can be any characterisations you want, until they are not Mary Sues and those weird freaks;
A basic plot, if you have some ideas in mind, I mean what the characters do in this Fanfiction. You can decide also the kind of story if it’s a fantasy, a science-fiction, a horror, an angst or something else. It’s important!

These are the things you must tell me about the story, since it’s personalized so I can’t decide anything, I am only the person who writes it, yep. If you want, you can specify things I forgot to say in the list. The only thing I decide as writer is the style, and I use the third person narrative because I am more comfortable with it.


I don’t have to explain so much here, since this point follows the normal rules with some exceptions. I will write for the second winner a scenario with 10 Characters (I usually do only 4 characters). This time I will write 10 characters MAX 2 Fandom. It means that you can take different characters from two different fandoms (you can see on the list).
For example: five characters from X and five characters from Y, or whatever you want. The more you describe the scenario the better is for me, so I don’t get confused, you can send me a message if the ask has not enough space.


Here it’s more difficult to explain but I try. These are not normal matchups, they are different from the ones I usually do. Some people call this thing “Boyfriends / Girlfriends Scenarios”; it’s a sort of reader insert. There are so many situations where the reader interacts with a character from the first time they meet to the wedding day or something like it (for example).
Here, like a normal matchup, you have to write a description of yourself and it follows my normal matchups’ rules. You are the one who choose the character this time, but only one (I don’t do poly-matchs here). We can say it is a fusion between the matchups and the normal imagines.

The scenarios-matches that can be used are:

• First meeting
• Meeting again
• Friends
• New Feelings
• Confession
• First Date
• Kiss
• When he/she is jealous
• Cuddle time
• Some sensual time (it can be changed)
• First Fight
• Apologies
• SPECIAL (your choice, you decide this).

Anyway, you can specify the plots of those scenarios, even if you want to change one (or more) of them, then you can tell me what to add or what to remove. The only thing is not to choose more than 13 scenarios because then I get crazy. These kinds of scenarios usually are not so long, so I don’t think I will write something too long, and it depends to my time and inspiration. This is an experiment that I want to do. Then, if I feel comfortable with it I could make this more often.

If you have questions or something is not clear, you can ask for explanations, no problem-!
You can understand it will take time before I could finish to write all this stuff since there are so many scenarios and things, it will not be automatic and speedy so you have to wait a variable time, but I will do my best to answer to everyone.

I remember the 3 winners will be annunce on October 11th , 2017 untill then peace & love ❤️

Thank you so much and good luck~


This is part of my 200 followers celebration. Thank you so much for your request @gigglebert!

This was asked for Sirius and the prompts are :

4. “I wish there was a way to repair what I’ve broken.”

11. “I still love you.”

13. “I’m not good enough for you.”

54. “Just hold my hand, and we’ll overcome this together.”

I’m sorry, I just love the insecure and tortured part of Sirius… Hope you like it!

Gif not mine

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200+ Follower Celebration

* (Flowey’s yearly cold is taking it’s toll on his patience.)

* Howdy, Flowey!
* Uh… howdy?  Who are you supposed to be?

* I’m the Plot-Contrivance Pixie!  How ya doin with that cold, bucko?

* Ohhhh no.  I don’t care if you’re some kind of delusion brought on by me being sick, but I know this shtick too well.  Mainly because it’s MY shtick.
* What do you want?

* Nothing at all, silly willy!  I’m just here to help you get through your little rough patch!  No cost to you, of course – just a bit of goodwill is all~
* Yeah, right… I’m going to sleep now.

* Well now you just up and gave me no choice.

* Nighty-night, pal!

* (Asriel is out cold.  It will be three hours until Frisk’s alarm goes off.)
* (Asriel will be open for questions until his cold fully passes.)


HOLY CRAP GUYS!!! This blog has almost 200 followers, thank you all so much!!! ;u;

As celebration, I’ll open up this post to guest suggestions in the replies or by reblog, and when we hit 200 I’ll take all the suggestions and choose one through a random generator!!

Thank you all so much for following me wtf im glad im not the only one in love with Vivi lmao

anonymous asked:

humanstuck :?

got a couple of requests for this! :3 Some of my headcanons are as follows:

Nepeta is a native Hawaiian, and moved to the continental U.S. when she was little with her mom, while her dad stayed in Hawaii (her mom and dad got divorced shortly after she was born, and her older sister, Meulin, knows a lot more about him than she does). She’s a middle-class citizen who volunteers at parks and animal shelters in her spare time.

Terezi is biracial, her mom is black and her dad is asian. She looks a lot more like her mom, who is at work 90% of the time, probably to avoid her, and her dad left as soon as she became blind due to an unfortunate accident, basically doing the whole “i’m going out for cigarettes” and never coming back. She likes to dye her hair with the help of her bff (best frenemy forever) Vriska, even though she herself can’t see it, and has determinedly learned to live normally without her eyesight. She often gets dragged along with Nepeta and Equius to the animal shelters to help, and has a large saint bernard, a trained guide dog, that she calls Pyralspite.

Ficlet: Light!Xan in Canon Clone Wars

Here is the 5th and final ficlet for my 200 Follower Celebration. @punsbulletsandpointythings wanted to see her Light!Xan ending up in the canon universe during the Clone Wars. I can’t say I’m at all sure how he got there, but regardless, here it is: Light!Xan, arriving in a universe where things have gone very, very differently.

It probably doesn’t speak well for Xan’s powers of observation that it’s Anakin who first clues him in that something is actually wrong. The fact that he is lying in the mud with his head aching like it’s been run over by a speeder should, most likely, have clued him in. Or possible the fact he can’t remember how he got here. The fact that Obi-Wan has a lightsaber pointed at him should definitely have been a hint. But really, he’s had enough head wounds in this war that the first two aren’t particularly uncommon. And he has to admit, it’s not exactly unheard of for him to irritate his brother-Padawan to the point where the lightsabers come out.

“Alright,” Xan groans, “what have I done this time?”

He tries to struggle upright, but stops when Obi-Wan brings the tip of his lightsaber right to Xan’s throat.

“I suggest,” his brother Padawan say, his voice oddly cold and biting, “that you remain where you are until you have explained yourself.”

Xan gives up and flops back down. The mud isn’t so bad, really. Sort of cozy, in a  way. “Wish I could, little brother, but whatever knocked me in the head has me a touch scrambled right now. Why don’t you just tell me what I’ve done so I can apologize, and then we can go find a medic to yell at me?”

Obi-Wan just stares down at him and says nothing. Xan is starting to wonder if maybe he has a head injury too that Xan just can’t see, when Anakin comes over to mutter something into Obi-Wan’s ear.

“Ani,” Xan says, a little plaintively. “Go and get your Master will you? Obi’s acting weird. He seems to be out for my blood, and he won’t even tell me what I’ve done to piss him off.”

Then Anakin turns to face him fully, and Xan’s breath catches in his throat. Because he could swear that’s Anakin, but at the same time, there’s no way it’s his little brother Ani. There’s a scar running over the right side of his face that Xan is sure he’s never seen before, and …sweet Force, has his braid been cut? That…that just can’t be. Even it there’s a remote possibility that Qui-Gon could have forgotten to tell Xan that Ani had been injured, if it was healed quickly and cleanly enough, here’s no way he would have neglected to mention if Anakin had been KNIGHTED.

“Obi-Wan,” this man who is and is not Anakin says, “who the hell is that?”

“I’m not exactly sure,” Obi-Wan replies, his voice tight. “It LOOKS like Xanatos of Telos IV. But as I know for a fact that Xanatos both Fell and died before you were born, and this…individual seem to be neither dead nor Dark, I’m quite at a loss.”

Xan looks between the two of them, his stomach twisting horribly. “This is isn’t funny, guys. Seriously, now. Where’s Qui-Gon?”

Obi-Wan’s eyes narrow, and his voice sounds impossibly colder when he says, “Master Qui-Gon Jinn has been dead for over decade. As has the man whose face you are wearing. Now, would you care to tell us who you really are, and what in all the hells you are doing here?”

Xan’s ears are ringing, and his head is spinning. That’s…that’s impossible. Qui-Gon CAN’T be dead. Xan had talked to him just last week! But then, Anakin can’t have a long healed scar running over his eye. Anakin can’t be a KNIGHT. And Obi-Wan, his brother and former partner and dearest friend, can’t be looking at Xan with with such loathing in his eyes.

“I…” Xan looks up at them both, feeling more lost than he’s ever felt in his life. “I’m…not really sure.”

Champagne And Tea

This is the last request left coming from my 200 followers celebration! Thank you so much for your request, dear anon. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

Thank you as well dear @haritini2000, I’m stealing this idea of yours we talked about a few weeks ago, and here again I hope you won’t be disappointed.

So this is about our dear Ben, and the prompts that were asked are :

55. “You’re drunk.”

56. “I’m drunk. Like… very drunk.”

60. “Take my jacket, it’s cold here.”

63. “Are you flirting with me?”

So here we go for the final imagine of this event!

Hope you all like this!

Gif not mine.

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This imagine is part of the 200 followers celebration. Thank you so much @drinix for your request. I hope you won’t be disappointed.

The prompts that were asked for Caspian are :

49. “I can’t live without you.”

66. “I like the way you say ‘pancake’.”

69. “You make me want to stay in this bed forever.”

Watch out, the following imagine is… cute.

Gif not mine.

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All About You

So this is a request from my 200 followers celebration! Thank you so much to the anon who asked for this.

So this is about Logan, and the prompts that were asked are :

16. “Leave me the fuck alone!”

18. “You’re more important to me than my own life.”

19. “How could you think for just a second that I meant to hurt you?”

20. “Nice hair.”

It’s the first time that I write about Logan, and I’m a bit nervous about this to be honest….

I hope you like it :)

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Apparently my links don’t work for everyone on my masterlist page. And as the problem seems to be persistent, here’s my complete masterlist!


Imagine : Catching Sirius preparing a surprise for you for Valentine’s Day

Imagine : Sirius confessing that he loves you as the two of you are having a fight

Five things Sirius would do to convince you to date him

Imagine : Seeing Sirius right after he ran away from home

Imagine : Seeing Sirius right after he ran away from home (II)

Imagine : Sirius celebrating your birthday


Stormy Nights (200 followers event : prompts 13-17-49-52)

Snowflakes (200 followers event : prompts 17-19-22)

Mistletoe (200 followers event : prompts 4-11-13-49)

Sirius Taking Care Of You When You’re Sick Would Include…

Trees And Firewhiskey series :

- Part 1 : Mistake

- Part 2 : Fight For Life

- Part 3 : Words You Can’t Take Back


Imagine : Caspian worrying sick about you after you fell from your horse

Imagine : Caspian celebrating your birthday

Farewells Or Goodbyes

Pancakes (200 followers event : prompts 49-66-69)

Oceans (200 followers event : prompts 19-40-48-30)

Narnian Liquors


Lioness series (series complete):

- Part 1 : Sword Fighting

- Part 2 : Dances

- Part 3 : Travelling Lights

- Part 4 : Falling

- Part 5 : The Tide

- Part 6 : Betrayal

Starry Nights series (series complete):

- Part 1 : Dreams

- Part 2 : Struggles

- Part 3 : Coral Hearts

- Part 4 : Everlasting



Imagine : Surprising Ben for his birthday

Red Carpet

Imagine : Having a fight with Ben

Imagine : Meeting Ben’s parents

Imagine : Ben taking care of you when you’re sick

Imagine : Ben being jealous

Watching TV With Ben Would Include…

Going To A Party With Ben Would Include…

Morning Lights (200 followers event : prompt 66)

Brown Traps (200 followers event : prompts 3-22-30-69)

Hidden Strengths (200 followers event : prompts 28-50)

Ben Being Tipsy Would Include…

Clair de Lune (200 followers event : prompts 5-12-32-45-51)

Imagine : Ben Meeting Your Parents

The Wrong Pirate (200 followers event : prompts 4-18-35-42-45-49-52)

Champagne And Tea (200 followers event : prompts 55-56-60-63)

Personal Nurse

Destiny Strikes By Accident series (series complete): 

- Part 1 : Car Accident

-Part 2 : Rain Accident

- Part 3 : Flour Accident

- Part 4 : Interview Accident

- Part 5 : Plane Accident

Double Dates Mean Trouble series (series complete) :

- Date n°1

- Date n°2

- Date n°3

- Date n°4

Sunlight And Flashes series (series complete): 

- Part 1 : Surprises

- Part 2 : The trouble with fame

Little One series :

- Part 1 : The News

Ryan Brenner

Soft Pillows (200 followers event : prompts 18-38-48-53)

Song For Tomorrows

Nick Tortano

Guns And Pastas (200 followers event : prompts 18-22-27-45)

Sam Adams                                                                                           

Calculated Risks (200 followers event : prompts 8-18-28-30)


All About You (200 followers event : prompts 16-18-19-20)






Vulnerability (200 followers event : prompts 9-12-24)

200 follower event voting!!

The options we have for this event are:
Kid!Nanna: |
Gumshoe sleuthing event
Personalityswap (if you vote for this one, mention whose personality Jane swaps with)
No Sburb au
Wickedstuck: |

You can keep voting until I get to 200, so send me a message and let me know which one you want!