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LGBT + happy ending

I don’t even watch or know anything about Hockey but god damn if it isn’t the wildest sport in existence.  Like, you have these huge dudes, like, over 6 feet tall, 200+ pound guys, whipping around on ice with the grace and poise of professional figure skaters, all while lugging around 10-17 pounds of padding and a fucking stick, that they use to fucking rocket this tiny puck around to each other with pinpoint accuracy.  And then in a fraction of a second they could be fucking bare-knuckle brawling, just beating the absolute shit out of each other.  And it’s all legal.  Like


Deep in the Mexican jungle, lies an underwater cave called the Angelita Cenote. The pool is 200 feet deep and even contains a separate river that runs along the bottom on the underwater cave. This is due to the different levels of salinity in the water, causing denser water to sink to the bottom.

Ben’s Fear

Growing up, it was common knowledge that my cousin was afraid of seaweed. Naturally, we terrorized him with it. Pieces in his bed, pieces in his shoes, and my favorite: pieces in his bathing suit. Every time, we were guaranteed a scream and a scramble as he tried to get the seaweed away from his delicate self.

Nothing, though, compared to what we’d do to him at the beach.

I’ll fully admit that we were bullies back then. We didn’t know what we did was wrong; we just thought it was funny. And since Ben laughed it off at the end, even if he’d cried while it was happening, we thought it was okay to continue. Kids will be kids, right?

I was the oldest, and therefore the biggest. Ben was always really skinny and small. I could manhandle him pretty effortlessly. I’d dunk him underwater, I’d toss him around; all that. But I’d also hold him still as my other cousins draped him with seaweed.

Oh, how he’d scream.

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Dania Beach Boomers and Hurricane Rollercoaster (Dania Beach, Florida) 

ADDRESS: 1700 NW 1st St, Dania Beach, FL 33004 

COORDINATES: 26.054100, -80.160171

The Dania Beach Hurricane is a wooden roller coaster at Boomers! in Dania Beach, Florida. It built by Coaster Works, Inc. and at 3,200-feet-long, 100-feet-tall, the coaster was the largest wooden roller coaster in Florida. The roller coaster closed down in 2011 due to the lack of funding for the coaster and the cost it took to maintain it. Boomers! closed down shortly after.

**There are many large bees nests surrounding this coaster if you have any allergies to such you may want to skip out on exploring this one. Also be aware that there are alligators that may live in the nearby waters. They are not known to attack humans unless provoked. ** 


Easy Ways To Create Your Own Spells...

After receiving some messages about spells, how spells work, and the different schools of magic…

I got to work…

And now I have here for you simple lists and tables to create your own custom spells for your own games…

Spells come from 1 of 8 Schools of Magic. 

Spells also have a Range, which is how far you can cast it.

Many Spells (But not ALL of them…) effect not just one person, but an entire area.

Spells also deal a specific damage type.

Some spells (But not ALL of them…) inflict a condition on the target or targets.

And finally, certain spells require those effected to make a Saving Throw to avoid Damage and to avoid being inflicted with a Condition.

So simply pick and mix the Spell School, Range, Area of Effect, Damage, Conditions and Saving Throws…

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INTP as president

Solved all the nations problems in the first week, procrastinate until the 4th year to implement them.

Use Air Force One and it’s pilots to mess with the AF, pretend to be a UFO, dive bomb to 200 feet before pulling up, stalk commercial jets and make faces out the windows.

Turn the entire oval office into a “cat room” explain to the press that kitty doesn’t like rooms with corners.

Create a bunch of new national holidays. “Star wars dress up day” “Learn Cell Biology day” “Be a mime day”. Insist that everyone must take off work/school for each one. Especially Congress.

Walk with the white house tour group incognito, mumble complaints about the president until secret service comes to remove me. Photo bomb everyone.

Only ever Pageant wave at the press. Answer their questions with questions. Learn to throw my voice without moving my lips, make rude statements, act shocked.

Say “Off with their heads!” every single chance I get.

Lock myself in my room until there’s at least 5 people begging me to come out.

Jump scare the secret service as often as possible. Hide under furniture so they think they’ve lost me. Play paintball with them. (Inside)

Bring “talking” dinosaur figurines to important meetings. Make people use them if they want to speak to me. Pretend to not understand human.

Make weed legal everywhere so anyone can get the medicine they need, yay!

Smores (Cisco Ramon x Reader)

Trigger warning: Talk of death.

Originally posted by klarolicityswan

Although Cisco had somewhat forgiven Barry Allen for the murder of his brother, Dante, the bitterness between them was still present. It was understandable to you, to be fair. Especially the part where he wouldn’t go back and save him (like he did with his parents)- that’s what made Cisco the most angry. The idea that he’d risk anything to go and save his own family but would refuse to save his friends.

Barry, however, was truly sorry. You could see the guilt eating away at him, depriving him of a full nights sleep or a genuine smile. He was trying with all of his effort to save the city and save his friendship but he just couldn’t seem to choose which one to prioritise. 

You and the group attempted to help him out and make amends with Cisco- to finally get the group back together again but nothing worked. It was like he could see right through you, he knew exactly what you were doing.

 You hated seeing Cisco, the excitable, movie loving, beautifully nerdy bio-engineer, upset. But he was broken, torn apart by his brothers death and, due to the messed up timeline, the responsibility was Barry’s. If Barry wasn’t so selfish, Dante would still be alive. For the safety and the sanity of the team, they needed to make up.

That’s why, when everything with the Dominators was over, Barry arranged for a group road trip to the beach. He hoped that it would lift the tension and lighten the mood. 

So that’s what happened. Barry hired an ironically red mini-van and gathered up the team (including HR and Joe), for a trip to the coast. You had somehow bribed your aunt to lend you her beach house for a few days. It was a beautiful, spacious house on the coast with six bedrooms and an uplifting aura.

“Everyone give it up for America’s favourite fighting Frenchman!” You, along with Iris, Barry and even HR, shouted out, a large grin on your face.

 You were around an hour into the journey, only coping by singing along to the Hamilton soundtrack and laughing at anything and everything.

Joe, as self-proclaimed father of the group, was the designated driver, with HR riding shotgun and being in control of the music. The middle row was Barry, Iris and Caitlin. You rode with Cisco and Wally in the back of the van. 

Whilst the majority of the group were laughing and messing around, Cisco didn’t bare one smile. Secondly to you, Wally noticed the mans discomfort and nudged him with his elbow. Cisco frowned.

“C’mon man, this is your favourite song!” Wally pointed out, his wide smile fading.

“Excuse me if i’m not jumping for joy,” Replied Cisco, in a low murmur. Annoyed, he folded his arms and frowned.

Iris glanced back for a moment, looking over Barry’s arm that was over the back of her seat, “At least try and be happy, Cisco,” She said, her voice drowned in sympathy, “Barry arranged the whole trip.”

“Which is why i’m not happy.”

You could only imagine the upset from on Barrys face from the last statement and, Caitlin obviously did, spinning around with a little frown, “Cisco..”

“Hey, HR?” you called from the your seat, leaning over to be closer to him, 

“Yes, (Y/N)? HR Wells at your merry service!” He shuffled around in his seat, bearing his large grin at you.

“Switch the disc and play Cabinet Battle number one!” As he obliged, you leaned your chin onto Cisco’s shoulder and murmured to him, “You’re gonna have to take the part of Hamilton in this. Otherwise, i’ll be left in a rap battle with Caitlin and we all know how well that went last time.”

He glanced at you with a pleading look but the wall eventually dropped as you pouted your lower lip. The pair of you put on quite the performance.

Four hours after you had arrived at the beach house, you were still at the beach. A blanket of black had taken over the bright blue of the sky, sparkling freckles littering its complexion. Bar Cisco, you had all gathered around a campfire with HR giving you all a step by step tutorial on how to make smores. It’s not like you didn’t already know, but it kept him happy. 

Your eyes couldn’t stop flickering over to the man who’s smile you craved. Cisco was sat alone maybe 200 feet from the rest of the group, glancing out across the water. You decided to put an end to his sorrow. Handing your smore to Joe, you stood and quietly walked over to the Bio-engineer before sitting down next to him, bringing your knees up to your chest and tugging your, his, hoodie over your hands.

“I hope you don’t mind that i took this. It was on the sofa and i just grabbed it. To be fair it could’ve been Barry’s.”

Cisco scoffed and shook his head. You could see his watery eyes in the gentle moonlight, “Enough about Barry!” He was irritated and upset, you could tell through his shaky voice and small posture, “Everything’s always about Barry! Sure, he’s The Flash, but it’s always about him! Everyone is always so in love with Barry! Yeah, well news flash, he’s not such a big hero, is he?!”

You raised to your knees, kneeling in front of him and cupping a side of his face, your thumb running over his cheekbone, smudging a tear drop, “I know. Okay? I know, and i’m just as upset at him as you are.”

Cisco leaned back to take a good look at you. Your hair was all textured and wavy from the sea, thrown up into a messy bun. Your face lacked makeup but it was gorgeous anyway. On your body was your white summer dress, but with his Navy STAR labs zip-up over the top, “Your brother didn’t die because of him, (Y/N).”

You stayed silent for a moment, lightly tracing your fingernails over his scalp as you combed his hair back, feeling his hands grip your hips. 

“I hate seeing you like this, Francisco,” You eventually said, laying your forehead down on his, “and i’m sure Dante would never want you to be this torn up.”

“I-” Cisco was about to speak before he shook his head and closed his mouth.

“This is me, Francisco. You can talk to me. Talk to me please. i wont allow you to grieve alone.”

“It just doesn’t feel real. I feel like he’s just gonna come home and take over mama’s heart again. Instead she’s just crying, she doesn’t do anything but cry. Dante made us all so happy, even if he was a bit of an ass.” Cisco sighed, rubbing his thumbs in circles on your hips.

“I know, mi amor. Dante would still want you to smile. If not for him, please try for me. Come have fun with us, i’m sure HR saved you a smore.”

Cisco ran his hands over his face, a breathy chuckle coming from his mouth, “I know one thing that would make me smile.”


“Yeah,” He walked you closer to him so that you were straddling his lap, craning his neck up to press his lips softly against yours. You instantly kissed him back, arms wrapping around his neck. His touch on your hips was so gentle, and his kiss awoke all of the butterflies in your stomach, making your tummy do flips and turns.

“I’m sorry to interrupt, but i think we may have over-smored your smore,” You heard HR’s voice, forcing you to pull away from the kiss that you could stay in all night. Cisco pushed his face into your neck, a light laugh shaking his body against yours. And oh, how you loved that noise.

House on HGTV: *5,200 square feet, vaulted ceilings, chic modern kitchen and pool*
Couple on HGTV: Oh :( The kitchen is just….a bit dated…..these counters look maybe two years old already :/

Roll with the Punches

Fandom: Katekyo Hitman Reborn

Pairings:  N/A

Triggers:  N/A

Important Stuff:  check the post that inspired this fic for @leinbow

Summary: Takeshi, not Tsuna, is the straight man, the sane one of the series. This changes everything (and yet nothing at all).

ff.net | ao3

Takeshi met Tsuna when they were just seven years old. It wasn’t hard to miss Tsuna, short and fluffy looking. Tsuna was a shy kid, the only other boy not partnered up for their small gardening project.

“I wish I was a gardening robot,” Tsuna said as he looked at the limp looking plant he was holding. A week of taking care of plant with Takeshi and this was what was produced.

“I don’t think that’s going to help,” Takeshi said, wincing as a leaf fell off. The poor plant didn’t look very good. Maybe they overwater it?

“It might have!”

Frankly, Takeshi found Tsuna to be a little odd. Not that Takeshi would ever tell Tsuna that. It was rude according to his mother. But strange indeed. Takeshi couldn’t really describe exactly how Tsuna was strange, it was like his head was screwed on just a little too much to the left.

But strange as Tsuna was, he was very nice and Takeshi found himself a friend in Tsuna.


“Takeshi help!”

Takeshi stared up the tree. There in the highest branches was Tsuna, staring down at him. Takeshi had only gone to the bathroom! “How did you even get up there?”

Tsuna scowled. “There was this puppy. One day I’m going to smite them all.”

Takeshi felt a brief wave of horror wash over them. “But they’re puppies!” Puppies were the best things ever. How could Tsuna think of smiting them? (How did Tsuna even know the word smite? Takeshi made a mental note to ask his mother about the word. He didn’t know the exact meaning but it sounded bad.)

“Still agents of evil!”

Tsuna was so strange.

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Dating Remus Lupin would include...

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  • lots of cuddles
  • like, everywhere
  • in the common room
  • on his bed
  • in the library
  • he just needs some love
  • also forehead kisses
  • from you and from him
  • but mostly from him because height difference makes him like 200 feet  taller 
  • when he falls asleep in the common room late at night doing homework or studying or planning a prank you would go down and pull a blanket over him and kiss him on the forehead
  • eventually he tells you that he’s a werewolf and you don’t miss a beat
  • because you’ve known for a little while (it’s really not that hard to figure out, especially with James and Sirius calling him Moony)
  • but you were waiting for him to be ready
  • and when he is just kissing him and saying “it doesn’t make a difference to me, Remus”
  • and he loves you even more
  • when he goes out to the Shrieking Shack on full moons you wait up for him because he doesn’t want you to go with and get hurt
  • so when he comes back early in the morning, all beat up and tired, you take care of him and make sure he’s not too badly hurt
  • him calling you “love”
  • lightly tracing his scars with your fingers and telling him that you’re not going anywhere, and that he’s perfect the way he is
  • playing with his hair while you guys are reading together
  • exchanging books and leaving little notes and hearts in the margins so when the other gets it back they can read what you thought about it and smile
  • taking his sweaters and wearing them because they smell like him
  • making him blush because he thinks you’re so cute
  • “are you gonna give those back?”
  • “nope”
  • stealing from his chocolate stash
  • helping him plan pranks with the other marauders (and sometimes against them)
  • constantly holding hands
  • he just loves to be in contact with you
  • cheek kisses
  • going down into the kitchens to have hot chocolate or tea in the middle of the night when one of you can’t sleep
  • talking for hours
  • about nothing, really
  • just how your day was, homework, Quidditch, pranks and stuff
  • writing each other notes in the middle of class with little hearts in the corners
  • McGonagall sees it but just keeps going with her lesson
  • because she knows how happy you make each other and loves for her students to be happy
  • especially because she knows how hard it is for Remus to find someone who accepts him and makes him really happy
  • just being in a great, comfortable relationship with the most loving boyfriend ever