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I just wanted to say i read your practical magic one shot thing and i absolutely loved it!! that is 200% my favorite movie and has been since i was a kid bc i would watch it with my mom!! Not too many people i've met even know about that movie! i didn't understand what the spell young sally was casting with the flower petals in the night but i'd go out to my back yard and pull petals off of my moms flowers and be discouraged bc they didn't float away!

I’m shocked people don’t know that movie. I mean it’s witches…Stevie Nicks sings on the soundtrack. It’s a treasure!

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1.The Outsiders

Why:I’ve said it a million times but I’ll say it again,this movie is my childhood I watched this so many times when I was growing up,I watched it multiple times a day for weeks on end,I have this whole thing memorized top to bottom and I know every single scene by heart. I have also watched the commentaries for this film so many times that I even have them pretty much memorized,this film is just the most amazing thing to ever happen in my life.



36/200 Favorite Movies → Reality Bites (1994)

“Es todo tan sólo una… una azarosa lotería de tragedia sin sentido y una serie de breves evasiones. Así que obtengo placer en los detalles.”

-Pensaba que iba a ser alguien para cuando tuviese 23.
-Lo único que tienes que ser cuando cumplas 23 es tú misma.
- Ya no sé quién es esa persona.
- Yo sí lo sé. Y todos la queremos. Yo la quiero.
Me rompe el corazón una y otra vez…
..pero la quiero.