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Remember when I said I hit the Lost Boys motherland on eBay?  Here it is.  When all was said and done I ended up with 47 different press photos and a total of 831 copies of the images.  Of the 47 I was able to add 38 of them to my collection (this is including images I may already have but in different variations).

The lot is in fantastic condition, the images are great quality (for the time) and all of the copies are studio originals (meaning all 831 prints are studio-issued copies from 1986/1987 for original distribution to media outlets, not reprints from a home printer or something printed at a drug store).  Because me and my money are tight, before I even started negotiating on this set I did the math.  The individual images in my collection now average around $13 to $15 each that I acquired over time.  Apply even the low amount to the 38 I didn’t have and watch your eyes big out.  I paid half of that for this entire lot.  No way I could pass it up.

And remember how I said it was something I was going to share?  Well, with 831 copies they have to go somewhere!  I do plan on selling some on eBay but I would like to give some away here too.  I just need to work out the logistics of that before I move forward.

This was my first attempt at picspam so it’s not the greatest but it was the easiest way to get all of the photos into one post.  I had to crop them down a little to fit but I’ll get the full scans up on Hotel Twilight soon enough.  The scans themselves are a little lighter than the images but I chalk that up to me having set the scan at 200 dpi.  It’s time for me to take a break from eBay after this.  Buying, at least.

Is already available for sale the images of girls TDI.

Each photo is 200 dpi and 2500 px for the longest side.

18 PICS OF GIRLS OF TDI FOR 30 $.You can put, make the pack with the girls you want.

Send me a Note me a NOTE if you are interested

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anonymous asked:

Hi, I have a question: do you have any advice on how to get a clean lineart? I just got I drawing tablet, and I can't do confident, clean lines, so my lines are always super sketchy... How do you get yours so clean? Thank you so much for reading, I love you and your art, and I hope someday I can draw as great as you! I'll keep on practicing! ò-ó)9

Hello! Oh wow you think my lineart is clean haha thank you! That’s still a thing I feel I struggle with - certainly a lot more with colours. Colouring is LOT easier if lineart is clean and CLOSED, so you can use the magic wand tool and/or paint bucket tool. 

Clean lineart really depends on the software used. Personally I find programs like Clip Studio and Fire Alpaca to have better pen stabilizers than Adobe Photoshop or Paint Tool SAI. Also you must have pressure sensitivity enabled with your tablet, and tweaked properly in the software itself. For the tablet, you can find that setting in the Preferences Utility or similar. In the software it’s usually under preferences or Options or something like that. 

One IMPORTANT thing is DPI (dots per inch). You should have at least 200 DPI to maintain a good resolution when zooming in really far to clean up gaps or whatever. Also when you save the file (.png file types maintain quality better than .jpg) you can print it at a big size and it’ll still look good. 

Don’t be afraid to draw really rough lineart first and then go over it. Also I find that loose strokes really make it go smoother - your wrist/hand is less shaky that way. 

Hmmmm I don’t know if that helped at all! Basically yeah just make sure you have pressure sensitivity on, and you draw at a large resolution. 

raylene-s  asked:

How big are your drawings pixel/resolution wise? I've been wanting to give line art another try (i found out you have big files so the detail of the lines aren't noticeable and you don't do all of them with one stroke!!) I do my things at 200 resolution pixels/inch

Well it’s not just the dpi that matters!  You could have a 200 dpi image that’s only 400 x 400 pixels, and you’re still going to get some pretty shitty artifacting from your strokes. :)

I work at 8.5 x 11”, 300 dpi at the least, but most of my finished pieces are 11 x 17” and up.  This is some of my lineart at 100%, par exemple:

high resolution is a must, even if you’re just downsizing it and posting it online- it allows you a sharpness and level of control that you can’t get at basic screen resolution.  You can get away with 150-200 dpi, I’m sure, but I wholly suggest upgrading to 300 and up!

It’s also awesome if you ever need to resize your work for promotional purposes- if you’re working in the 300+ dpi range, you have a lot more leeway for what’s going to look good on a giant banner. :D


hHAHa so I just had the giveaway, but if you didn’t win but really want some artwork from me, here’s some small commissions! prices are low and quality is high so, why not? B) 

- icons are shoulders up and 600 by 600 pixels at 200 dpi

- sketches are now at a lower price than before, and about 600-800 pixels wide at 200 dpi

- bgs are simple or solid colored

- paypal only

email me at scarfboyfriends@gmail.com if you’re interested or want to commission!!

Nest VanDENKEN - Untitled places #004
Serie of handmade black ink sketches. Every sketch is made on a square white paper sheet 8 inch x 8 inch (20 cm x 20 cm). Every sketch takes about 60 minutes. Every sketch has been scanned at 200 dpi, grayscale. The only digital post production is about light and contrast. Image 2400 pixel x  2400 pixel @72dpi.