200 caps


sprites so far!

I’ve been working really hard on these for the last couple of weeks and it’s been a lot of fun!! I’m pretty much done with all of the housing and town assets, and next is the dungeons and misc stuff. I’m so happy that I decided to downsize the sprites cuz for what I had done I’ve been able to redo better and faster than my previous ones.


All of you bitching about ashlyn letting that goal in. She’s only had the opportunity to play for the USA as a starter 11 times now. Match experience and learning from it can only be done in… You guessed it. A match. Until a player is actually out on the pitch, against different opponents they can’t grow and learn. Sure training and watching helps but nothing beats getting those valuable minutes and experience that comes with it. Would hope solo have made that mistake? Most likely not because she has 200+ caps and experience. If Jill had played her two alternate keepers more in all those Friendly’s this year and last after the world Cup, both of them would have grown more exponentially. So did ashlyn make a bad judgment call? Yes. Is she going to learn and grow from that mistake? Yes she will, and she will become even better. That’s how world class players are made.


Whitney hooded cylinder vest percussion revolver

Manufactured by Eli Whitney Jr. after his Colt Dragoon contract c.1850-53 USA, serial number 154 (out of about 200).
.28 cap and ball, six shots engraved cylinder, transitional revolver configuration.

That’s one elegant revolving gun.