In response to the post I just reblogged, I think that there’s a need for a place to express anger, but that anger cannot be the sole motivation for fighting for change. We definitely need to allow space for people to learn and grow.

I’ve certainly changed my views about privilege and social justice quite substantially in the last 10-20 years. 20 year old Odette meant well but was pretty shielded from a lot of tough truths. I sort of cringe at the way I used to think about things.

My experience as a naive but well meaning young person makes me pretty forgiving when I encounter those with those sorts of views. I did not emerge into young. Adulthood fully formed and well informed and aware. It’s been, and continues to be, a journey.

I changed by reading other points of view and constructive engagement with others, not by being yelled at. I’m still learning and growing. I fully expect to cringe at 30-something Odette when I’m 40-something. Beliefs should not be seen as static and immutable. Expecting perfection and ideological purity from everyone is not realistic. And expecting those with different POV to become more progressive by blaming them and making them feel bad is not a recipe for success.