#Oprah Says She Received Hate Mail After Helping #EllenDeGeneres #ComeOut 20 Years Ago
Lady O sat down with DeGeneres for an episode airing next Friday, to help the daytime host celebrate the 20th anniversary of her coming out.
(The insider 🎥)
#ellen #lgbt #OprahWinfrey

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50등 but #1 in my heart ❤️

fent’s lee junwoo; 184cm cutie born on 18 october 1998 (20 y/o this year, korean age), makes this face (◠‿◠✿) when he smiles, has a cute lil’ boi dongsaeng, graduated from hanlim (also twice’s dahyun classmate), knows some english (according to his ask.fm), solo representative from a smol company, has 6 fansites, from f team to c team’s centre, pretty dance moves, mcdonald’s jingle, “aigoo-”, had too much time left on meringue time, got disgusted by chicken feet in hidden box mission, does mouth stretching exercises before doing eye contact challenge (his eye contact lasted 57 seconds + i noticed that his eyes are uneven? haha), chris brown’s kiss kiss, “last night i saw you” (mr met you that night), “tatata”, minki’s toothbrush, 꽃받침 (idk how to translate it to english sorry, but you can search it up on google images), voted for seonho for visual centre (but was also seen picking out his placard at first hahaha), “junwoo-yah”, existed in shape of you team, cringy centre position evaluation, “me and my friends at the table doing shots, drinking fast and then we talk slow”, tugs on his tie while lip biting, cleared stage 1 of 101maboy ending off with “gamsahabnida, arigatō, xìe xìe, thank you, khòob-khun-kà *muach*”, “i have this feeling that when hyeongseobbie turns 30, he will look like sungwoo hyung”, first to run out of the practice room for pizza (me tbh), part of “oh little girl” 12 members lineup, wanted 5등 but was ranked 30듬, 36등, 33등, 41등, 58등 before getting eliminated at 50등…

this is a letter dedicated to the loml, my ult bias in pd101 s2:

my birthday is actually in 4 days’ time (1 june) and my hopes and wishes were nothing more than for you to stay and not get eliminated. i wasn’t expecting to write this letter to you so soon. i wouldn’t blame it on the national producers who didn’t see the talent and ability in you. i’m sure they saw it in others instead, just like how i saw it in you. i’ve clearly seen your effort and hardwork. you’re such an amazing person, i know it ever since the moment i saw you. *coughscoughs* when i saw you tear up, not once but twice (really mnet?), it literally broke my heart. the fact that i cried so much for my other biases who got eliminated the first round, i was honestly not prepared to see someone special and dearly to me in the whole of pd101 go. i didn’t want to see the last of you. since you come from a smol company, i wouldn’t know what to expect. i’m sure your company treats you well, and by giving us fans updates of you from time to time on sns, i’m really thankful for that. i’m also grateful for the trainees and trainers who have took care and guided you throughout. i hope you had alot of memories to bring along with you from the pd101 experience. continue chasing your dreams and never give up, so that i can see a better and improved side of you in the future. the sweat and tears you shed will all be worthwhile, i promise. thank you so much for the past 2 months and 8 episodes we’ve been through together. your journey in pd101 may end here but now, it’s going to be the start of something new, so let’s carry on this journey together! watching pd101 may be meaningless without you now but i’ll also show my support for other trainees as well, esp your “oh little girl” teammates. i love you alot as much as other junwoo stans out there do, and i hope others will do the same. we will always be here by your side, cheering you on! i wish you all the best of luck in everything that you do! a cutiepie like you deserve everything sweet in life~ ♡ also, thank you to the national producers who voted for him, he wouldn’t have made it to where he is now without your precious votes.

+ i’ve never got to be mutuals with any junwoo stans out there so if you’re one, pls feel free to message me, i don’t bite ㅠㅠ💓 also, i’ll try my best to continue giving updates of junwoo everytime there’s one, even though i’m probably going back to my fandom after pd101 ends. anyways, let’s keep showering him with love and support!!

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Yeah hi. Haven't kissed anybody in 20 years.

Ohh :o There is no shame in that, though. Kissing, or not kissing, sex or not having sex, there’s no shame in that at all. Life shouldn’t revolve around sexual/romantic things you’ve done in your life. Take that from a virgin who is constantly surrounded by people who are sexually active :’) As long as you’re happy, and you are living your life the way you want it to, then fuck what the rest of the world thinks or says. You do you <3 

Melodrama Album Review Pitchfork

Melodrama Album Review | Pitchfork

“Fluorescent”—has there ever been a better descriptor for first love? When Lorde sings it to the empty space beside her on “Supercut,” toward the end of her shining record Melodrama, we share a bit of her noted synesthesia: We see that bright, electrode glow of possibility, feel its siren shine on our faces. That neon is too beautiful to last, though; its buzz requires an effortful chemistry.

But when it is gone, the rest need not pale by comparison. The same could be said for one’s teenage years, which the 20-year-old Ella Yelich-O’Connor exits so graciously on this album. That formative era is a fraught time for girls, a dizzying span in which they’re most sought for beauty and cultural cachet yet their perspectives are forcefully minimized. Hear a song from a singer who taps their first euphorias, but know it’s merely real adults’ “fetishization.” Try to understand your ever-changing physiology, then have a porcine politician insist that it’s not yours to protect. And the growing pains feel endless; while it is horrible to be a teen girl who isn’t taken seriously by society, it’s even worse being a young woman unsure what to do with the autonomy that threatens it.

Melodrama is Lorde’s study of being a young woman finding her own conviction in unsteady circumstances. Sometimes, this also involves being single—a breakup and a raucous house party serve as thematic through-lines—but romance is only part of the album’s script. In the difficult, exhilarating course of the record, written largely when Lorde was 18 and 19, her true reward comes with her embrace of self. As a nod to her clearest pop forbearer, her peace is in accepting that she will, sometimes, end up dancing on her own.

Like her 2013 debut Pure Heroine, Melodrama is a work of sleek self-possession, packed with bursts of peculiar rhymes and production that confound expected song formulas. However, while Heroine cast off the trappings of materialism atop spacious trip-pop, Melodrama catches the mist off of New Wave rhythms that befit the name. (Bleachers’ Jack Antonoff, in his first production for Lorde, leaves a pliant and romantic thumbprint throughout; Heroine veteran Joel Little also returns.) Its first single and opening track, “Green Light,” casts a long shadow in its anthemic bliss. There’s a reason Max Martin called the New Zealander’s approach “incorrect songwriting”—by no Top 40 rubric should her song fire off, within its first 60 seconds, a spectral synthesizer wobble, a strident line of house piano, a subterranean vocal plunge, and an apropos-of-nothing gear shift that feels like storm clouds ebbing to the sun. Her lyrics, too, occupy an underexplored space; reams have been written about volatile breakups and last-call debauchery, but Lorde rages in a self-aware hedonism, reckless in grief yet knowing that tomorrow her heart will begin to heal. (“But I hear sounds in my mind/Brand new sounds in my mind,” she exults, after thoroughly mocking the bastard in falsetto sing-song.)

This breakup continues to provide fodder in her keening, Kate Bush falsetto warble on “Writer in the Dark” and the creaky, atonal electronic rasp of “Hard Feelings/Loveless.” When she sways alone in “Liability,” wondering if she’s too complicated to find love, it is heartrending and uncomfortably relatable. But the album is no saccharine journal entry by any means. Her party has pills, dresses rumpled on the floor, no absence of profanity, and a sense of humor, too: the moxie it takes to not only acknowledge your extravagant emotional contortions, but wink at them drolly by calling the whole thing a Melodrama.

Her percussive delivery, both in her smoky lower register and lean falsetto, cuts sharpest in the bacchanalian bangers. “Sober” folds humid brass into a stutter that lightly recalls her Heroine hit “Royals,” along deft turns of phrase that suggest even in her imbibing, she’s too sharp to turn off self-scrutiny (“Midnight, lose my mind, I know you’re feeling it too/Can we keep up with the ruse?”). She’s a touch self-deprecating in the height of the party (“Homemade Dynamite”) and tenfold pensive as it wears down (“Perfect Places”). The record’s bittersweet trajectory feels not unlike Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Fever to Tell, intent on capturing both the carousing and the come-down in one breathless spree.

And the places Lorde goes on Melodrama really are special, particularly “The Louvre.” This track, in its gleaming synths and heartswell harmonies, captures an immersive bliss, a shared frequency of love just as irrepressibly grandiose as its sound. It’s the kind of connection that, even once it’s gone, lightens your bones forever. Whatever the next “Gossip Girl” is—whatever soapy serial next attempts to harness the teen zeitgeist with plush fabrics and sharp cheekbones—“The Louvre” will probably soundtrack its climactic moment. But as Lorde’s voice rises in it, awed in adoration as she whispers, “Well, summer slipped us underneath her tongue/Our days and nights are perfumed with obsession,” whatever’s onscreen can’t match her luminosity. It’s not enough to say Lorde is one in a generation. Really, it’s amazing this is the first time she was a teenager for how good she was at it.

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How would Germany/Italy/Japan/Spain react if their 20 year old s/o tells him that she is pregnant and is extremely frustrated to the point where she even considers abortion. But he wants to keep the baby and wants to raise it together with her no matter what. How would they talk to her?

Honestly, that’s a very touchy subject. I mean, they can’t force her to keep the Baby, that’s - in the end - the woman’s choice. Also, abortion is psychology-wise very difficult as you’re basically taking someone’s right to live, but what would there life be like if the mother wasn’t in the position to raise a child?
I mean, they would try to talk to her about it, but if she is absolutely sure that she couldn’t handle it, they can’t force her to do so. They also don’t want to ruin their s/o’s life by this.

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Haizaki Hanamiya Kagami and Himuro please! Their beloved daughter/son is marrying one of the GOM! The age difference! But it turns out it was a dream jajajajjaa! I love you☆

ohohohoho. that must be so awkward oh my god, the age difference would probably be like 20+ years o O o “….. THIS IS CUTE THOUGH…KNB AS DADS IS GREAT;;; aHH T - T I love you too dear.

-finally got over my writing rut after pushing myself to write-



Haizaki: Just as you and Kise were about to share a kiss, Haizaki stood up in the chapel and growled. “No way is that idiot going to marry you.” He could see sadness fill your expression as your lips quiver. He suddenly felt a hint of guilt as he watched you stare at him. “B-But…Daddy..” 
“No. I don’t want you anywhere near that guy. He’s ugly and dumb.”
“I’m not ugly yo-”
“Shut up Ryouta.” Haizaki pushed Kise aside and dragged you out of the room. He felt something wet hit his hand causing him to turn to see you crying. “Daddy…” 
“Don’t cry.” Haizaki said, he put both hands on your shoulders as he stared at you with a rare panicked expression. “Don’t cry, you can do much better okay?”
“I don’t want you to marry that idiot.”
“Please don’t marry him.”
“Daddy.” Haizaki groaned as he felt someone poke his cheek. Opening his eyes he was faced with his 5 year old daughter. She giggled before poking his cheek again. “Daddy!” Sighing he sat up, pulling his daughter up and hugging her. Haizaki felt relieved as he realized that it was a dream and his daughter was not marrying Kise. Looking down at her, he smiled softly as he was met with confused eyes. “Daddy what’s wrong?”
“Nothing princess.” He kissed the top of her head and smirked. “Nothing at all.”

Hanamiya: Sitting in front, Hanamiya felt his wife restrain him as he tried to get up from his seat. He wasn’t going to let his little girl marry Kuroko. Nope. No. No way in hell. Glaring at the boy, it seemed that Hanamiya couldn’t seem to make him reconsider marrying his daughter. Just as the priest started to speak, Hanamiya stood up and walked over. He pushed Kuroko and his daughter apart; putting his daughter behind him. “I’m not letting this happen.” He snarled. “Why would I allow some weak guy to marry my daughter?”
“Dad stop!” He heard a cry from behind him. Swatting your hand away, he watched you shrink as he glared at you. “I won’t let you marry him.” Just as Hanamiya moved to take his daughter’s hand, he felt a sudden weight fall on his chest. He coughed as his vision suddenly became hazy. Waking up he, saw his daughter swinging her legs above his arms as she sat happily on his chest. “What are you doing?” He groaned as he moved to sit up. 
“I wanted to sit with Papa!” She said sweetly. Hanamiya sighed; he couldn’t say anything back to someone so cute. He grinned at her, patting her head. “Hey now, this isn’t sitting with Papa. This is sitting on papa.” Teasing his daughter, Hanamiya let a breath of relief escape him-his daughter was not getting married and definitely was not tying the knot with one of those generation of miracle idiots.

Kagami: Eye twitching, he couldn’t believe what he was seeing, Kagami tried to formulate words as he watched his daughter hold hands with Aomine. “This isn’t happening.” He heard someone giggle next to him and turned to see you smiling. “Well it is.”
“No this is no-” His words were cut off as the priest raised his hands up into the air.
“Now the couple will share their kiss, as husband and wi-” The priest turned to see Kagami standing up and breathing heavily. Aomine looked over with lazy eyes and smirked at him. “Need something baka?”
“I need you to leave.”
“Dad you’re joking right?” His glare softened as he heard your voice. He rubbed his head awkwardly, trying to say something, but failing to do so. Watching his daughter walk over to him, he choked as the bouquet of flowers was hit into his face. It felt soft, like fur almost. “Dad you better be joking!” he heard you say.
Eyes flying open he shifted away from the bed just as he felt another furry thing smother his face. Sitting up, he saw his daughter holding her teddy bear with an angry expression. “Daddy.” She pointed to her and the bear’s stomach. “Hungry.” 
“What?” He nodded off a bit. Looking over at the dress to see the time, Kagami smiled at his daughter as she grumpily stared at him. “Well, I guess I have to make some breakfast for you and Mr. Pinky don’t I?” He suppressed a laugh as he watched her nod her head excitedly.  Picking her up he put her on his shoulders, Kagami sighed. “Food for three and not four thank god.”

Tatsuya: This was not happening. Tatsuya stared at his daughter in a white dress smiling. Sure he was excited that his little girl was getting married, but he was in no way prepared to see who she was marrying. Mursakibara. His old teammate and friend. He had to stop this wedding. As his arm was locked with yours, he suppressed his immediate guilt as you looked at him. “Dad? Are you okay?”
He gave her a nervous smile before speaking. “Not really.”
“Why? Aren’t you happy I’m getting married.” 
“Not to him.” Tatsuya said as he nodded to the closed doors where Mursakibara was waiting behind. 
“But…” She looked taken aback. Tatsuya watched his daughter’s eyes flutter from place to place as she try to say something. “I-I love him dad..”
“He’s my age though…” He said gently. “Can’t you find someone younger..and more suited for you?”
Looking furious his daughter glared at him. “I. Love. Him.”
Just as he was about to speak, he felt something pull at his legs. Waking up, Tatsuya rubbed his eyes. He looked down sleepily only to see his daughter trying to climb up. He had been seated in the living room writing a report for his job. He chuckled. “What are you doing little one?” He said before picking his daughter up.”
“Trying to climb the mountain!” She shouted excitedly. Throwing her hands in the air, she giggled. “I climbed it! I climbed Daddy Everest!”
Looking at his daughter with a doting expression, he poked her nose and then nuzzled her. “I guess you did!” Turning away he closed his eyes for a second. Good thing you didn’t climb another mountain-Mount Murasakibara.

Bold whats true about you

You just learned a bit about me:

o    I am a cuddler.

o    I am a morning person.

o    I am an only child.

o    I am currently in my pajamas.

o    I am currently pregnant.

o    I am left handed.

o    l am right handed.

o    I am ambidextrous.

o    I am a little shy around another gender.

o    I bite my nails.

o    I can be paranoid at times.

o    I enjoy country music.

o    I enjoy smoothies.

o    I enjoy talking on the phone.

o    I have a car.

o    I have/had a hard time paying attention at school.

o    I have a hidden talent.

o    I have a pet.

o    I have a tendency to fall for the “wrong” person.

o    I have all my grandparents.

o    I have been to another country.

o    I have been told that I have an unusual sense of humor.

o    I have caller I.D. on my phone.

o    I have bathed someone.

o    I have changed a diaper.

o    I have changed a lot over the past year.

o    I have friends who have never seen my natural hair color.

o    I have had major/minor surgery.

o    I have killed another person.

o    I have had my hair cut within the last week. (I hate it)

o    I have mood swings.

o    I have no idea what I want to do for the rest of my life.

o    I have rejected someone before.

o    I like the taste of blood.

o    I love Michael Jackson.

o    I love sleeping.

o    I love to shop.

o    I own 100 CDs or more.

o    I own and use a library card.

o    I read books for pleasure in my spare time. (does fanfiction count)

o    I sleep a lot during the day.

o    I watch soap operas on a regular basis.

o    I work at a job that I enjoy.

o    I would get plastic surgery if it were 100% safe, free of cost, and scar-free.

o    I am wearing socks.

o    I am tired.

o    I love to paint/draw/sketch/sculpt.

o    I consume at least one alcoholic drink every month.

I have/had:

o    Finished college.

o    Smoked cigarettes.

o    Ridden every ride at an amusement park.

o    Collected something really stupid.

o    Gone to a concert.

o    Helped someone.

o    Spun turn tables.

o    Watched four movies in one night.

o    Been broken up with.

o    Taken a college level course.

o    Been in a car accident.

o    Been in a tornado.

o    Watched someone die.

o    Been to a funeral.

o    Burned yourself.

o    Ran a marathon.

o    Your parents got divorced.

o    Cried yourself to sleep.

o    Spent over $200 in one day.

o    Cheated on someone.

o    Been cheated on.

o    Written a 10 page letter.

o    Had a best friend.

o    Lost someone you loved.

o    Skipped school.

o    Gotten in trouble for something you didn’t do.

o    Stolen books from the library.

o    Been in a mental hospital.

o    Watched the “Harry Potter” movies.

o    Fired a gun.

o    Been in a school play.

o    Been fired from a job.

o    Taken a lie detector test.

o    Swam with dolphins.

o    Attempted suicide.

o    Written poetry.

o    Read more than 20 books a year.

o    Gone to Europe

o    Loved someone you couldn’t have.

o    Used a colouring book over age 12.

o    Had surgery.

o    Had stitches.

o    Taken a taxi.

o    Had more than 5 online conversations going at once.

o    Had a hamster.

o    Dyed your hair.

o    Had something pierced.

o    Gotten straight A’s.

o    Been handcuffed.

My hair is naturally the color:

o    Light brown

o    Medium brown

o    Dark brown

o    Blonde

o    Black

o    Dirty blonde

o    Strawberry blonde

o    Multicoloured

o    Ginger

My eyes are:

o    Brown

o    Dark Brown

o    Blue

o    Green

o    Hazel

o    Light brown

o    A combination of things

o    Ice Blue

o    Grey

People sometimes label me as:

o    Slut

o    Girly

o    Ugly

o    Nerd

o    Other (quiet)

Some of my biggest fears are:

o    Spiders/other insects

o    Slimy things

o    Dying

o    Doctor/Dentist appointments

o    Hospitals

o    Needles

o    Disease

o    Being alone in the dark

o    Heights

o    Small spaces

o    Oceans/large bodies of water

o    Holes

o    Large animals

o    Small animals

o    Open spaces

o    Lightning

o    Tornadoes

I have:

o    A friend with benefits

o    A laptop in my room

o    A television in my room

o    Good grades

o    My own car

o    Married parents