“I…wasn’t gone…for that long.”

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- What are your names/nicknames? Skye, that’s it really. 
- Gender? Female 
- Height? 5'3" 
- Hogwarts house? Slytherin 
- Fave color? Blue, purple/violet, if I’m wearing it then navy blue and burgundy. 
- Time? 9:20
- Last thing I googled? Noonan syndrome 
- Fictional character I’d like as a sibling?
The Fosters, all of them obviously lol
- How many blankets I sleep with? Two
- favorite bands or artists? Daughtry, The Fray, The Cab, Luke Bryan, etc. 
- Dream vacation? Australia
- When did I make this blog? 2013, maybe. Not really sure, but I was inactive for long periods of time. 
- How many people do I follow? 3,954….
- Do I get asks on a regular basis? Not really, but I’ve been getting more asks recently. Sometimes because I ask for asks, other time because people are nice and leave anon messages. 
- Aesthetics? Rain, stars, books, coffee, hot chocolate.

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So…I have a lot to do…cause I have about 20 things lined up to work on over the couple weeks…  I may lose my mind in the process.  JK…I already lost it

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Uh….over a year I think…

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20 Things You May (or May Not) Know About BBC Sherlock

As culled from various interviews, the DVD commentaries and assorted miscellany. I tried not to go with the more obvious bits of trivia (like Benedict dyes his hair) but if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll likely still know all of these anyway:

  • Martin Freeman plays army doctor John Watson, formerly with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In real life, Martin’s grandfather was a medic with the 150th Field Ambulance, RAMC, during World War II. Leonard Freeman was killed in a Luftwaffe attack on May 24, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor asked to audition for the role of Sherlock, after Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue saw him in the film Atonement and Mark Gatiss, who’d worked with him on the film Starter for 10, vouched for him. Benedict’s audition was filmed in Beryl Vertue’s London flat, where she served tea and biscuits “like Mrs. Hudson.”
  • (The Great Game) In the scene where Sherlock examines Carl Powers’ shoe in the lab, his solo shots were done on a separate day than the shots with John. They had to shoot part of the scene without Martin Freeman after he was injured from slipping on the icy steps of a production trailer.
  • The pilot and A Study in Pink were filmed one year apart (in 2009 and 2010, respectively).
  • The dog in Hounds of Baskerville was named Whiskey after Mark Gatiss’ own childhood dog. Kirstie’s pet was an homage to Mark’s husband Ian’s childhood pet, a rabbit named Bluebell. 

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1: don’t let your happiness depend on other people

2: don’t fall too quickly for a person, because they won’t do it for you

3: you are stronger than you think

4: wear and do what makes you happy

5: don’t overthink, things will turn out alright in the end

6: it’s ok to be sad sometimes, just don’t let the sadness consume you

7: be nice to everyone

8: don’t set your hopes too high

9: the past is behind you, so don’t dwell on it

10: don’t hold grudges

11: smile at strangers, they might be having a bad day

12: don’t assume things about people

13: go outside every day, walk around, hug some trees

14: take lots of pictures, you’ll want to be nostalgic about them later on

15: if someone hurts you, don’t go running back to them, ever, because they aren’t worth your time

16: do something different every day, so you don’t get stuck in a rut

17: be optimistic and positive

18: love who you want to love

19: you are wonderful

20: love yourself even if no one else does

—  20 things I wish my parents told me

Seungri’s fashion senpai throwing some srs shade at him