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hi just lettin ya know that americans have a thing called 'drumsticks' and i think that's what also a cornetto is ? like it has the chocolate on the bottom too and it's an ice cream and kids love it

aye yes lots of people were telling me this, but it only compounds the issue because then what do you call these

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Adoribull, 20.

Things you said that I wasn’t meant to hear.

Bull wasn’t a heavy sleeper, but he pretended to be, because Dorian wouldn’t cuddle if he thought it was going to wake Bull up. Bull had been more years in the military than he’d been out it, and he figured he was a good decade off being able to sleep through minor disturbances. Probably more, given what he did for a living. It was what it was. 

He woke to Dorian’s phone buzzing, and Dorian easing out from under his arm. Bull kept his eye closed as Dorian flicked the lock on their balcony door and slipped outside. Bull could feel a very slight breeze in the room. Dorian hadn’t closed the door fully, behind him.

“Hello?” Dorian said, quietly. 

There was a pause, and when Dorian started speaking again, it was in Tevene.

Do you know what time this is?” Dorian said. 

Dorian sounded annoyed, but not terribly upset. Bull opened his eye a crack and saw Dorian’s back to him. He wasn’t wearing a shirt, even though it had to be cold out, and his muscles were tensed in a way that would leave him sore, if he kept it up. 

No,” Dorian said. “I said no. I don’t want to talk about it.”

Dorian sighed so deeply that his entire body shuddered.

Father, I’m with someone now. So, even if…”

That was a discussion they’d only recently had, after Bull’s counter became heavy with products he didn’t use, and Dorian’s left, top drawer magically emptied itself of all but Bull’s things. After they hit the point of being unable to willfully ignore how their lives had bled together, and how neither of them wanted to change that in any real way.

I know you love me,” Dorian said, sounding more unhappy than Bull had ever heard him. “But he likes me.”

Bull wasn’t sure what Dorian meant, but he had an idea, and it wasn’t one he wanted to be true. 

Yes it is better. He doesn’t think I need to be made me into something different.”

There was another pause. This one longer. 

No. If you don’t stop, I’m hanging up. This is hurting-”

Dorian held the phone away from his mouth and made a noise of bitter frustration. He hit his fist down on the balcony railing, which was cement, hard enough that it must’ve hurt. 

I can’t talk to you,” Dorian said. “I’m hanging up. Father, goodbye, I’m hanging up.”

Dorian pressed his finger down against the screen, and then buried his face in his hand. His shoulders shook. Bull pondered the wisdom of pretending he hadn’t seen this, whether comforting him would just drive him away, and upset him more. 

But Bull didn’t want to ignore it. Didn’t want to leave him alone. 

Bull rolled out of bed, and pushed the balcony door further open.

“Hey,” Bull said. “You ok?”

“I’m sorry for waking you,” Dorian said, not looking at him. 

“Bed got cold, is all,” Bull replied. 

Dorian turned back to him, looking cold and sad and lonely. When Bull held an arm out, Dorian folded himself in to Bull’s chest, like he belonged there.

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I'm about to leave my job so one of my coworkers stole from my register and blamed it on me. I've never been short before, but the day after I put in my two weeks my register is down 20? The same thing happened to my cousin and we both worked for the same company in different location now I'm kind of worried this is always just going to happen


Ok so @funlovehonest and myself, but mostly her, had 2 beautiful health baby boy on Feb 1. Thing 1 was 6 lbs 9 oz and 20" long, and Thing 2 was 6 lbs 9 oz and 19" long. And I have no clue 2jat to do with them or myself. I mean I have 2 old kids and so does she, but these are so small I’m worried I’ll break them or something, Lol. I couldn’t be more happy and stressed the fuck out then I am now.

20 Things You May (or May Not) Know About BBC Sherlock

As culled from various interviews, the DVD commentaries and assorted miscellany. I tried not to go with the more obvious bits of trivia (like Benedict dyes his hair) but if you’re a hardcore fan, you’ll likely still know all of these anyway:

  • Martin Freeman plays army doctor John Watson, formerly with the Royal Army Medical Corps. In real life, Martin’s grandfather was a medic with the 150th Field Ambulance, RAMC, during World War II. Leonard Freeman was killed in a Luftwaffe attack on May 24, 1940, during the Battle of Dunkirk.
  • Benedict Cumberbatch was the only actor asked to audition for the role of Sherlock, after Steven Moffat and Sue Vertue saw him in the film Atonement and Mark Gatiss, who’d worked with him on the film Starter for 10, vouched for him. Benedict’s audition was filmed in Beryl Vertue’s London flat, where she served tea and biscuits “like Mrs. Hudson.”
  • (The Great Game) In the scene where Sherlock examines Carl Powers’ shoe in the lab, his solo shots were done on a separate day than the shots with John. They had to shoot part of the scene without Martin Freeman after he was injured from slipping on the icy steps of a production trailer.
  • The pilot and A Study in Pink were filmed one year apart (in 2009 and 2010, respectively).
  • The dog in Hounds of Baskerville was named Whiskey after Mark Gatiss’ own childhood dog. Kirstie’s pet was an homage to Mark’s husband Ian’s childhood pet, a rabbit named Bluebell. 

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1: don’t let your happiness depend on other people

2: don’t fall too quickly for a person, because they won’t do it for you

3: you are stronger than you think

4: wear and do what makes you happy

5: don’t overthink, things will turn out alright in the end

6: it’s ok to be sad sometimes, just don’t let the sadness consume you

7: be nice to everyone

8: don’t set your hopes too high

9: the past is behind you, so don’t dwell on it

10: don’t hold grudges

11: smile at strangers, they might be having a bad day

12: don’t assume things about people

13: go outside every day, walk around, hug some trees

14: take lots of pictures, you’ll want to be nostalgic about them later on

15: if someone hurts you, don’t go running back to them, ever, because they aren’t worth your time

16: do something different every day, so you don’t get stuck in a rut

17: be optimistic and positive

18: love who you want to love

19: you are wonderful

20: love yourself even if no one else does

—  20 things I wish my parents told me

1. You are not perfect. You will make mistakes and they will line your mind like dominions, which will fall into each other in the middle of the night. You will feel guilt. But it is important to let those feelings go and go to sleep.

2. You will get really drunk once. Your head will hurt the next day for hours and you’ll feel stupid when you wake up in your party dress. You’ll realize that drinking didn’t make you cool.

3. You’ll try a cigarette. It will be beautiful, the way the smoke drifts in the wind on a cold winter night, watching the world from a balcony. But you’re not watching the world, you’re watching a small neighborhood where all your friends smoke. Your health is better than seeming beautifully mysterious. You can shine like the sun without smoke obscuring your face and lungs.

4. Your heart will get broken, you will break someone else’s heart. But you will heal from both, and you will find the kind of love you’ve been looking for.

5. You will look into the mirror and accept your body, and all its so called flaws. You will still have days where you feel awkward or unattractive, but you will also have days where you feel beautiful.

6. Be kind to homeless people. Talk to them and offer them a warm drink or snack from a near by shop. Get to know them and you’ll find yourself.

7. Don’t buy the shirt just because everyone else thinks it’s cool. Go with yourself.

8. If your parents are kind enough and able to pay for your education, thank them. You are eighteen it is not their responsibility, it is their gift to you.

9. Take at least one Creative Writing course in college.

10. Travel as often as you can. Even if it’s just to another city an hour away. See even the small, seemingly insignificant parts of the world.

11. Every picture looks better in black and white.

12. Buy the concert tickets. You never know if the band will break up.

13. Sometimes a weekend in your room with a good book is better than forcing yourself to go out and be social. Take time for yourself, but don’t isolate yourself from the world.

14. Get up early and watch the sunrise on the beach as often as you can.

15. Your family members will judge you, your friends will judge you, but you need to follow your moral compass and what makes you happy.

16. Dye your hair the color you want it at least once.

17. Some clothes don’t photograph well, but knowing you looked amazing in that outfit will always be worth more than the posting the picture on Instagram.

18. Your friends that you had in high school will drift from you and you will drift from them. It is a natural part of life. You are under no obligation to stay friends with people who do not uplift you.

19. You will change the most from 15-20. You won’t recognize yourself from high school. It is important to learn from the past, but do not dwell on it.

20. You will be happy, scared, and ready to take on the rest of your life.


Twenty things I learned before twenty

Colleen Michele 

1. Everyone is different, so your life path will never be like anyone else’s.

2. Some people are just going to be more successful than you.

3. Don’t be scared of getting letters of recommendations.

4. If you don’t try drugs, alcohol, sex, or smoking, you’ll never know what they’re like.

5. There are some bad people disguised as good people and waiting to pounce.

6. You will keep falling in love with people that are either not good for you or don’t like you the way you like them.

7. You need to be educated, in the book way and the street way.

8. Your parents are eventually going to die.

9. There is going to be a lull in your life where you accomplish nothing and feel awful.

10. Exercise and eating healthy is key.

11. There will come a time when you look in the mirror and be like “Holy shit, I am ugly!”

12. The internet is the next big thing.

13. It’s OK to cry.

14. You shouldn’t be ashamed to move back in with your parents after college.

15. Traveling ain’t all that.

16. Religion and politics need to be discussed.

17. You don’t need to be famous to have an impact.

18. If you want to move, do it now.

19. Learn something every day.

20. Don’t be afraid.

1. i fell in love with you before i even realized i did

2. i once dreamt of kissing you, and it almost felt real

3. you made me cry a lot… and you still do

4. i don’t know what pains me more: the fact that you cannot love me back or you love me but only as a friend

5. even if you keep telling me that i matter to you because i’m your friend and you care about me, i still have doubts

6. the scars you caused me when you left are still bleeding

7. your eyes are my favorite shade of brown

8. your smile hurts me the way the sun hurts my eyes, but i’d still stare at the beauty of it

9. i will never regret falling in love with you

10. i love seeing you happy, but i hate how you could be happy even without me

11. sometimes i wish i was him, because i know that there will always be a part of you that’s always going to be his

12. i honestly feel worthless when you ignore me

13. i feel like i’m not good enough, because no matter what i do, you would never love me the way i love you

14. i dedicate coldplay’s ‘yellow’ and 'ink’ to you

15. i actually made a playlist of songs that say the words i’m afraid to tell you for you, and it saddens me that you’ll never get to hear it

16. it amazes me how just the thought of you could hold my demons back

17. you are my painful happiness and my beautiful sadness

18. you’re the first girl i cried over

19. i’m mad at him, but not because i love you and you love him. i’m mad at him because i love you, you love him, and he doesn’t love you

20. darling you hurt me so bad, and the pain you caused me almost killed me, but i would do it all over again even if it means getting hurt all over again

—  20 things i’ll never tell you (via lost-with-alaskayoung)

20 things that american horror story has taught me

1) don’t masturbate in front of windows, because creepy men might be watching you and then later kill your mistress.

2)  if your first impression of a boy includes him giving you suicide advice, you probably shouldn’t fall in love with him, because he will have sex with your mother, and she will get pregnant, and die.

3) don’t cheat on your wife with your neighbor, because they just might set themselves and your children on fire.

4) it’s okay to kill your classmates as long as you pretend you didn’t do it, but don’t ever rape your significant other’s mother. that’s just sick.

5) if your psychotic patient talks to you  in sessions about fucking your daughter, then, chances are, he’s probably going to fuck your daughter.

6) suicide by SWAT team is the most honorable type of suicide there is. it is the american seppuku.

7) always lock your ipod when leaving it unattended. you don’t want your murdering ghost boyfriend to play music randomly while you’re being surrounded by gore-covered spirits and accidentally push you over the edge of sanity.

8) become a vegetarian. you never know when you might walk outside, wanting a big, juicy steak, and instead get killed by a shovel to the head. if you’d wanted a tofu burger, well, you’d still be alive.

9) studying for exams will get you killed. always go to that concert or party, because you never know when somebody will make you put on a nurse’s outfit and then stab you in the back with a knife multiple times.

10) free camaros and great sex does not equal a gunshot to the eye and being damned to the murder house for all of eternity.

11) always check the man behind the mask before having sex with him. he just might impregnate you with the antichrist.

12) always google your potential boyfriends. it might not seem like it, but school shootings should be brought up on the first date.

13) if you meet someone with a big dick, he might fuck your whole family!

14) don’t eat cupcakes off the floor.

15) if you’re trying to win her over, axe her would-be murderer in the stomach. bitches love axes.

16) if you don’t like someone, you should set them on fire!

17) screaming “GO AWAY!” will, surprisingly, actually make someone go away.

18) if your daughter cuts herself, rarely eats or talks, has no friends, stays inside her room all day, and overall lives in a dark cloud of melancholy, then she just might be -drum roll please- depressed.

19) always recycle your rubber suits. you never know what kind of weirdos may rummage through your garbage bins and then rape your wife.

20) if somebody tells you you’re going to die in there, then, lo and behold, there is a possibility that you should get the fuck out of there because you just might actually die in there.